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Beautiful curated experiences that take you out of the daily grind and into experiences and places to stir your spirit and advance your practice.

Wonder of Spirit returns to Singapore 13th - 18th May, 2024

I am thrilled to be hosting world renowned Psychic Medium, Christine Morgan in Singapore again May 13th – 18th. This is our third Wonder of Spirit in Singapore and we have a fabulous program of events and retreats suited to all levels.

Monday 13th May: Tea Leaf Reading Workshops | Private & Public


Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, is said to have origins in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece, with Middle Eastern cultures typically using coffee. However, modern tea leaf reading began in the 17th century, when tea was introduced from China to Europe. 

Tea leaf readers interpret the symbols and patterns found in the leaves. Typically, this is done with a black loose leaf tea drunk out of a light colored cup in order to see the tea leaves more clearly.

Privately hosted daytime workshop | 11am - 2pm

Get your friends together in your own home for a wonderful way to bond, get to know each other better and read the leaves!

$100 per person | Minimum of 8 guests

Public Workshop | 6pm - 9pm | The Gramercy Park ClubHouse

Keen to connect with like-minded people, make new friends and explore Tasseography?

$100 per person, maximum 20 guests

– Incl light supper, tea leaves and Paypal processing fee

* Cancelation more than 10 days prior to event, 75% refunded.
* Cancelation within 10 days of event, no refund issued.

1-Day Esoteric Workshop

Thursday May 16th
9.30am - 4.30pm
Cinnamon Room, Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa
2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa, 099891

Limited to 40 people

Esoteric knowledge and practices continued to evolve throughout history and may still be found in various forms today. Mysticism, alternative healing practices, spiritualism, exist in all cultures and belief-systems.

In this exciting mystical day we will receive instruction and practice with various forms of esoteric tools, including:

  • Colour scrying 
  • Sand reading
  • Symbology
  • Crystal Ball reading 
  • Texture Sensing
  • Elements of nature
  • Assorted oracle cards

Take your psychic ability to new heights by understanding and using the hidden senses through interpretation of various tools.

Exciting, mysterious and thought provoking!

Price: SGD550 per person

    • Incl morning & afternoon teas, a yummy lunch and Paypal processing fee
    • Limited to 40 people
* Cancelation more than 10 days prior to event, $400 refunded.
* Cancelation within 10 days of event, no refund issued.

2-Day Retreat: Progressive Journey with Spirit

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May
9.30am – 4.30pm each day

Cinnamon Room,
Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa

2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa | Singapore 099891

1 day participation open

2 day participation recommended

In this 2 day forum we will explore more of our talents with the wonderful spirit world, by deeper blending & working with your information to deepen the communication and its accuracy. Enriching and informative, this forum will help you deepen all areas of your ability by moving yourself into deeper connections and truly bringing the voice of the spirit to life. 

We are their story, we are their mediums and we need to continue to deepen and practise our art to bring the best out of our ability. This class will strengthen your connections, give clarity with clairvoyance and clairaudience to help you become the best  medium you can be.! 

Looking at new ways of working to facilitate to challenge & strengthen yourself.

Work from your true Soul and be the Medium!

Education & practical exercises to guide you to get the best from your abilities.

Price: $750 per day

  • Incl morning & afternoon teas, a yummy lunch and paypal processing fee
  • Limited to 40 people
  • Payment plans available upon request. Please email Dani at
* Cancelation more than 10 days prior to event, 75% refunded.
* Cancelation within 10 days of event, no refund issued.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancelation more than 10 days before event, SGD150 retained.
  • Cancelation within 10 days of event, no refund given.
  • Payment plans available upon request. Please email Dani at

About Christine

Christine Morgan CSNU is one of Australia’s foremost Spiritual Mediums and teachers of the Spiritual Arts, based in Sydney Australia.  

Her natural mediumistic ability stems from a long line of natural intuitives and a heritage of mediumship which has been honed through classical training.  

Christine is also a Certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Evidential Mediumship (CSNU), as well as a Tutor and Course Organiser at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of psychic science and spiritual mediumship in the UK. 

Christine has worked for 32 years in the field of Spiritual Mediumship and the Intuitive Arts, throughout Australia as well as internationally, including the USA, Canada, Europe and England. Through teaching and demonstrating, Christine endeavours to achieve and maintain the standard of true Spiritual Mediumship as defined by the great pioneers of Spiritualism bringing a contemporary approach to the work.

In high demand for her knowledge and talents by various and diverse organisations, as well as the business community, Christine is available for educational workshops, seminars, as a guest speaker, demonstrations of mediumship, as well as private consultations, grief support and personal coaching.

Useful links: 

My chat with Christine on The Modern Crone

Blog post on Mediumship


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