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What is ‘Sitting in the Power’?

The super juice of the universe

I had my very first Zoom call with my mediumship tutor,
Christine Morgan, over two years ago. I had contacted her after seeking referrals from my network for a solid, experienced and proven teacher in the psychic arts and mediumship. Before assigning me to one of her weekly development groups, she wanted to assess my understanding of mediumship and psychic awareness. 

On the call, Christine instructed me to ‘Sit in the Power’, a term that drew a blank on the call, but which has now become a staple daily practice for me as I walk the path of a medium. 

So what is ’Sitting in the Power’ and why is it so important for Psychics, Mediums and Healers (and I would argue all human beings)?

For both psychic awareness and mediumship, we need to slightly alter our awareness, away from the single-pointed focus on the external, mundane considerations of day-to-day life, and into the inner and finer dimensions of the mind. We need to ‘get ourselves out of the way’ in many regards as we move the mind into the vibrating informational field of consciousness. It is here that we are able to perceive finer, more subtle information and contact from the spirit realm. This altered state is accompanied by a raised vibration in the energy body which assists in the detection of information and contact. To do this, we ‘Sit in the Power’.

If you ask a hundred different mediums, you will receive a hundred different descriptions of this beautiful practice of ‘Sitting in the Power’, as the experience of it is subjective and deeply felt. So I am going to offer four different aspects of The Power as I experience it, to date.

The Power is the pure energy that emanates from Creation itself.

Some mediums refer to The Power as ‘God-Force’, however not in the context of any dogma or religious construct, but rather, the pure, crystalline energy of the Source of all creation. When meditating and sitting in The Power, I perceive it in my mind’s eye and body as a pure, intense white light that envelops and interpenetrates my body, mind, heart and spirit. As the Power builds in and around me, there is a loosening and lifting of my state of being. Worries, persistent thoughts, and denser emotions evaporate, as does my sense of an individual self. In a good sit, I feel myself melt into the whole, and with that feeling, comes a very beautiful rush of ‘eu-feelings’ akin to bliss, awe, euphoria and unabated gratitude. It nourishes my soul. It feels like coming home.

the power is irresistibly drawn to the practitioner when they settle into stillness danielle van de velde

The Power is irresistibly drawn to the practitioner when they settle into stillness.

Sometimes, I use guided tracks to sit in The Power. Two of my favourites are Tony Stockwell’s guidance, and another slightly longer and beautiful version from Helen DaVita. (Thank you to my friend and superb medium Kerry Alderuccio for sharing these with me). What’s both interesting and divine about these tracks – and also just the simple exercise we do each week in circle with Christine, is that once we settle into presence, focussing on the breath, and locating the light within us (our own sensed spirit), then the spirit in all, the God-Force, rushes in, lifting the sensation of energy and expanding the mind. I’m so grateful to Lyn Probert for reminding me of the natural simplicity of it during my studies this year at Arthur Findlay College. I like to think of it as the Divine in each of us meeting itself within and around us, once we allow our spirit the space and stillness to rise. 

The Power is natural, accessible, and our birthright.

How is it that this incredible ‘super juice’ is so easily accessible once you have developed the practice? I believe it is because it is the universal creative principle in process, of which we are all beautiful unique refractions. The Power is the essence of all things and when we connect with it intentionally, it opens our awareness to all things, including beautiful conversations with our guides and passed loved ones in the spirit realm. As Tony Stockwell says in his guided practice,
“[Sitting in the Power] is so simple an exercise that at first it seems almost too easy and it needs more input on your behalf. But trust me, there is nothing so wonderful than to receive that which is so freely given.”


Sitting in the Power opens access and brings clarity.

When starting out on the mediumship path, I found it challenging to discern between psychic information, my own thoughts, and actually, contact with a living mind in spirit. Christine had to (and continues to) help me develop a keener, more accurate discernment as I work. However, when I started exploring The Power and adding this to my daily meditation practice, the game changed for me. Whilst in reality, we are always ‘in the Power’, in truth, we ‘are the Power’. Our modern hectic lives and paradigms have us believing that we are outside and far away from the Great Spirit. When I am operating at this ground-level consciousness, the psychic waters get muddy and I need to settle into stillness and remember the simplicity and truth of how this game of life is designed. When I return to The Power, clarity returns to my psychic landscape and the Spirit Realm can make contact with my awareness.

In our upcoming Wonder of Spirit events from 27th November to 3rd December in Singapore, Christine’s programs and events have an intentional emphasis on why and how to ‘Sit in the Power’ coupled with a lot of practice and guidance.

christines program danielle van de velde

I hope you can join us to learn this lifeward and healing technique, to open space in your awareness for your true nature and the utter beauty of creation. 

“What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.”
— Alan Watts

If you have any questions or thoughts about Sitting in the Power and the Wonder of Spirit, do get in touch. And, if you are keen to join a like-spirited community, join us at and/or

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