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What is Intuitive Healing?

How does it work and why is it so effective?

There are many varied reasons why people book me for a private session. For some, it is to lift them from depression or anxiety, low vitality, or lack of mental clarity. For others, it is to find ways to bring love and joy into their relationships and family dynamics. Many clients use the sessions to treat all manner of physical complaints, from autoimmune disorders and unexplained physical pain to low immune function, digestive issues or cancer. Or, to navigate through a particularly intense life experience like divorce, grief, trauma, or preparation for death. I support a lot of women to conceive and journey into motherhood. Many others book in whenever they feel like a lift and expanded perspective, even though life is going smoothly and they are well. 

The biggest shift my new clients make, in their healing journeys, is into the realisation that nothing is ‘wrong’ or ‘blocked’ – even when they present with physical conditions or mental unrest, or difficult and repetitive life experiences that are challenging. I often say that perspectives alone act as either ‘cages’ that keep us in a current unwanted reality or ‘keycodes’ that unlock new possibilities.

The basic premise that I work with and teach in these sessions is that every single, experienced event and situation is generated from us, is happening for us and has an energetic cause. It is this shift in perspective that unlocks the momentum to becoming whole, and keeps us moving forward. 

To get there, it helps to have an alternative understanding of what healing actually is. Our modern view of healing and illness is largely formed by scientific materialism and serious conditioning towards synthetic medication. What this means is that our accepted paradigms of health and healing go something like this:

  • We view health and healing from the perspective of the physical and mental system only. Treatment is either focused on symptoms, or causes that can only be scientifically observed and measured. 
  • ‘Illness’ indicates that something, somehow is broken or wrong with the human system and needs to be fixed, and this creates a fear of illness and intolerance of discomfort.. 
  • Healing of the mind and the body is done so in a mechanistic way.

However, in the world of energy healing, almost the opposite understanding applies. With energy healing we see the human system as an individuated expression of consciousness that has aspects which cannot currently be observed or measured by modern medical or psychological sciences. We see the human system having finer layers of existence, beyond the body and mind, including energetic and spiritual dimensions. We view illness as an expression of a proper functioning system that is signalling a misalignment in a state of consciousness. We see the human system as self-organising and constantly reaching for harmony and alignment. We see and accept that the human system comes from, is animated by, maintains wellness and harmony, and is held within vital life force. And we see that human beings, at their core nature, are creative, that is, rather than the experience of illness happening to us, it is being created by us and for us.

At the most basic level, all disease – which is made up of two words ‘dis – ease’ – is the product of separation consciousness. What that means is that we are believing in and operating from a paradigm:

  • that we and our experienced reality are separate
  • that we and our bodies, minds, feelings and spirits are separate
  • that disease and healing are separate, when in fact they are poles on the same continuum – disease is part of the process of becoming whole and well.

Dis-ease or dissonance triggers or signals when a person holds beliefs or paradigms of separation which go against our true divine nature of oneness. Separation causes a feeling of dissonance, resistance, contraction, hardening, chaos, interrupted flow, and stagnation, in varying degrees. It does this to catch our attention; to signal that something is off or something is out within our view of life and self. This can present as pain, defined illnesses, mental disquiet, anxiety or depression, or simply strong urges for greater, wider understanding.

The system is working perfectly fine with dissonance, as it is signalling a misalignment or a limited perspective for us to place our awareness onto. There are many reasons for the presentation of dissonance. These can be for example, past trauma, familial beliefs, held fear, shame, or guilt, and in some cases karmic. The causal root of the dissonance is always reliably communicated through the client’s physical body and energy system. It’s just that we are no longer taught how to read this signalling for ourselves. Having said that, when the guidance is relayed to the client at the end of the session, more often than not, the information is not at all a surprise, and with the connections made,  the focus then turns to what can be done to shift the pattern. 

A major aspect of my offering is working with individuals to read this messaging and expand their perspective to allow healing to occur. My private energy sessions create the space and focus so people can not only experience the healing capabilities of their system, but also be enabled to work with them on their own. 

My private sessions allow a deeper, personalised and intuitively guided experience to understand the energetic and karmic patterns at play within the client’s current life experiences, sense of wellbeing and body. The sessions also provide specific bespoke meditations, rituals, introspection tools and perspective shifts to lift, heal, resolve and expand. I call this ‘Spirit Homework’.  Many of my clients around the world prefer this more personalised approach to their transformative inner work through private Intuitive Healing and Mentoring sessions.

I combine the modalities of Usui Reiki energy flow and intuitive reading. During the sessions, the client will draw Reiki energy through their system to ease dissonance, and useful information – both thematic and practical, will be received from their etheric field. This is then relayed in a recording with suggested meditations and inner practices to generate self-healing.

Healing happens in four key ways, through:

  • an increased flow of life force
  • the vibratory presence of the healer and the space
  • the perspective, desire and choice of the one seeking healing 
  • expanded paradigms, beliefs and actions of the seeker

Usui Reiki is one of the many finely-tuned proven modalities to increase the vibratory flow of life force. It works on dissonance in amazing, measurable and felt ways. Also, the increase in flow enables clear guidance to understand the underlying separation paradigm, and release it, therefore releasing the requirement for the system to signal dissonance in the first place.

So, both the modality of Reiki and Intuitive Guidance are equally important for healing. I also collaborate with a small but excellent group of alternative practitioners who I can recommend if other approaches may support the healing process more fully, like psychotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, and movement and sound experts.

If the client is ready and has been on a journey of inner enquiry, the dissonance heals during the session or in the days following. There is a clear relationship between inner enquiry and our ability to heal. Which is why I teach these tools in my other courses and sessions. And for these clients, often, a mentoring session is all that is required to adjust perspective and be coached in alternative energy practices to unlock the situation they are experiencing.

Very often I will intuitively read events that are yet to be experienced, which gives the appearance of the sessions being predictive or psychic. I admit, I love getting the feedback from clients when something ‘seen’ in the session, which was at the time outside of their own boundary of awareness, comes to pass. However, in my view, nothing is fixed. Nothing is fated or predestined. Everything, all the time is vibrating and moving and we determine what we experience.

We live in a giant animated field of potential, and it is what we give energy to, whether unconsciously or consciously that collects and arrives into our experience-field. Often, what I will perceive arriving for the client is that field of potentiality being moved and arranged into possibility and then probability, given what lifeforce they are feeding it. And this is where the Spirit Homework comes in. To change the resultant experience, we must first change the emanating patterns from what we think, intend, feel and choose. When the client applies the tools and activities given to them, a different reality is experienced, whether that be relief from pain, conception of a longed-for child, a house sale or new job offer, or a return from anxiety to presence and joy. If the probable experience arriving is what is desired and intended, then we work on methods and practices to bring it through with grace and ease.

Nearly every new client asks when they can come back and experience another session. These are of course the words I love to hear. However, with everyone, my suggestion is that they let the energy integrate, listen back to the guidance, make the changes suggested and notice the shifts they are able to generate. Then, once they have started to generate change, and they would like to keep moving or feel they need further support, to come back in.

The biggest delight for me is when regular clients make the shift from needing a session, to booking-in for excited and motivated spiritual exploration. This is when I know they are back in their own power and these sessions are great fun. 

The reality is that we are designed to be well, thriving, fulfilled, loving and abundant. It is our sovereign right and our entire mind/body/energy system is able to create these states. Yet sadly, due to our modern state of non-presence, stress, and conditioned beliefs around abundance, worth, limited supply and life as something to be feared, we disrupt the natural rhythm and harmony of our systems and life experience. A good intuitive healer can illuminate where and why this is happening and give you the tools to bring it about. 

If you would like to learn the art of Intuitive Healing you can start with the Intuitive Healing Level 1 course. However, if you would like to experience Intuitive Healing you can book a one-to-one session here. For Singapore-based clients, you have the option to attend private, in-person sessions on a Monday or Thursday. If you are based outside of Singapore, and want a mentoring session, these are available on Wednesdays via remote sessions.

If you have any questions about Intuitive Healing and Meditation, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore other courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

If you enjoyed this post and would like to share it, I request that you please credit Danielle Van de Velde as the author. I do not authorise repurposing or republishing without my written permission. You may email me for the same. 

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