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The Magical Mindset

The Role of Our Minds in Effective Magic

Mind & Magic of Manifesting is ready to launch for Spirited Living members in early April. This is a newly revised version of a much loved earlier process called Shape Shifting – A Course in Conscious Creation which I ran for nine years, and that has changed hundreds of lives over this time. 

As my own understanding and practice of magic evolves, so does this course, and this new version is powerful. It is a curated stepped journey through the foundational principles of modern magic – replete with audio lessons, referencing materials, journaling and ritual prompts, and fabulous newly created guided tracks. What makes this experience so special is that we undertake the journey into magic together, with defined manifestation goals and measures and group coaching all the way. This is not a drill practice…but a real, live experience of magic in action, in a sealed container, with others exploring and manifesting along with you. 

Magic is the oldest form of human enquiry in the search for meaning and transformation. 

“Magic preceded religion and science, and it has been with us from the ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish Magic, to the Shamanistic traditions of Eurasia, indigenous America and Africa, the alchemy of the Renaissance, and re-emerging today through quantum physics, ‘where magic and science converge’”.
— Professor Chris Gosden, ‘The History of Magic’

75 per cent of the adult population of the Western world holds some belief in Magic. And whilst there are many forms and expressions of Magic, at its very essence, it accepts that we have a profound connection with the Universe, and that the Universe responds.

With the growing understanding and practice of meditation, energy healing and the energetic nature of the human system, the existence and effects of which can now be measured by Western science, the idea that we are inextricably linked and participate within the hologram of vibrating energy and information, that is our universe, is starting to make a lot of sense to a lot of people. Magic is once again, on the rise!

And, certainly for me and my community of energy healers and magic makers, the empowerment that comes with this knowledge and the results that are yielded when we dare to engage from this paradigm, are undeniable. Knowing and operating with self-determination and oneness, rather than feeling separate from everything and passively taking hits from some unseen force that may or may not have our backs, yields incredible effects on our wellbeing and our lives.

You could be forgiven for thinking that ‘magic’ is all about the trappings, altars, candles, spells, and weird symbols coming to us from ‘the witches of Instagram’. However, all the ‘so mote it be’s’ in the world amount to naught, unless the practitioner can adopt, stabilise and grow a ‘magical mindset.’ And this is what Mind & Magic of Manifesting is all about.

The common understanding of ‘the mind’ relates to our thoughts and is associated solely with our brain. However, for the purposes of magical practice, it is worth expanding our understanding of the mind as an integrated dynamic of consciousness that encompasses our bodies, thoughts, feelings, auric fields and our spirit. 

Within each of these areas of the mind, there are layers – those that we ‘know’ and are obvious, or our ‘conscious’; others that we are unaware of or ‘unconscious’ and still others that remain hidden to our everyday awareness, or, ‘subconscious’. And we know that our subconscious aspect operates very differently from our conscious aspect – dreams, intuition, and psychic awareness generated through the subconscious aspect and into our conscious awareness (often with the requirement for interpretation of their pneumonic language of signs, symbols and sensations). 

non magical reality to magical reality danielle van de velde

Phenomena like precognition, dreams, contact with the spirit realm and guides, and spontaneous revelation, suggest that our subconscious mind is connected to a much wider field of information and energy – as it delivers into our awareness information that is often outside the boundaries of our mundane awareness, senses and timing. 

Some (but not all) of the key aspects of this magical mindset that we will be working with in Mind & Magic of Manifestation are:

  1. The ability to accept ‘magical axioms’. An axiom is a dynamic that can’t be proven but can be observed in action. Most magical axioms seem counter to what we’ve been taught about ourselves and life. The primary one being that life is happening for us, not to us, and it is being generated by us.
  2. The ability to gently and naturally alter states of consciousness to access deeper, more useful guidance from wider fields of information.
  3. Accessible tools for introspection and uncovering beliefs and fears that are distorting our resonance and attracting experiences that aren’t what we want, or that are keeping our desires at bay. And to ally with our complexes and governing archetypes.
  4. The ability to hold several perspectives simultaneously – both the mundane and the magical.
  5. Cultivation of secondary intelligence – to observe synchronous patterns that guide and inform us, whilst at the same time, experiencing them as a series of separate moments and events.
  6. The ability to visualise and generate powerful thought forms that affect experienced reality.

Some of you may be thinking…’Hold the phone, synchronicities, complexes, shadows, archetypes, patterns.. isn’t this Jungian depth psychology?’ You bet…but with a difference. The steps are combined with ritual, reversal and attraction magic, and spellcraft. Did you know that Jung was an avid alchemist and astrologer? Yep…he practised magic!

The Mind & Magic of Manifesting will be launched for Spirited Living members on April 11th. It is organised to support a global community with group coaching arranged for differing time zones. If reading this blog post resonates with you, and you’re keen to join a like-spirited community to have a real, and wondrous experience of what your ‘mind’ is capable of, join us here.

Join the membership now and gain access to a fabulous resource library of Meditation Courses, free MasterClasses, Booster Modules in Self Esteem and Grounding, MiniPods exploring world archetypes and monthly group coaching, plus so much more.

If you have any questions or thoughts on the role of our minds in effective magic, do get in touch

Please visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. You could also explore more about a spirited life in my book, ‘Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life’, which is now available. See stockists here

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