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the changing nature of spirit discovery danielle van de velde

The Changing Nature of Spiritual Discovery

The reasons why I created the Spirited Living Membership

There’s no doubt we live in a fabulous era for spiritual enquiry. We can access great minds easily as well as new and ancient spiritual content. We can compare ideas and gain insights into worldviews that we would have been excluded from by virtue of location or culture, less than a hundred years ago.

Research into the energy dynamics of the mind/body/energy system, the vehicle for our spirits, is becoming more and more refined, and science and esotericism are combining in new and wonderful ways. Mainstream awareness of foundational spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness and energy management is growing.

“Inner practice is enjoying an unprecedented resurgence. In particular,…practices that keep the centre of command firmly in the hands of the practitioner and not a third party or agent.”

(Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life)

The way we are going about our spiritual discovery and practice is rapidly changing. The most common feedback I receive from clients, students and groups is the desire to synergise their spiritual practice into their day-to-day lives. People want their spirituality to be centred in their lives, rather than it being a ‘nice to have’, which requires a trade-off on time and attention.

It’s for these reasons I have created the Spirited Living Membership. 

Here are five dynamics of today’s modern spirit-seeker, who I am seeking to support through Spirited Living.

the changing nature of spirit discovery danielle van de velde

  1. The power of community 

Belonging to a community of like-spirited people is key to spiritual discovery for a few reasons. There is an energy dynamic that rises within the group which comes together with shared intention, to live a spirited life. Insights, revelations, synchronicities and aha! moments happen in patterns within a spiritual community. Over years of holding space for the global communities of Shape Shifting and Intuitive Healing, I have come to accept that Spirit moves through a collective mind in ways that are simply unattainable in our solo practice. A community generates an ‘intention field’ which facilitates breakthroughs and healing. Story sharing and soundboarding with others who are sharing the same process are hugely efficient ways to transform and heal. We are communal beings, and when people contact me for the first time for either a session or to join a circle, nearly everyone says something to the effect of, “I’m searching for my spirit-tribe.” 

For a community to work this way, it must be a safe space, managed with clear guidelines, all of which I am committed to with Spirited Living. Each member will be agreeing to Membership Guidelines that make crystal clear how we will roll together in safety and mutual support.

  1. The importance of choice 

Making spiritual enquiry flexible and accessible is key in our busy modern lives. Some people like the motivation and connection of curated journeys that we undertake together; and others prefer to come to content in their own timing and explore solo. And many of us change these preferences depending on what’s happening in our lives. Spirited Living will provide both live and static content, of varied duration and complexity. Beautiful online resources will be within your library for when you want to explore, and there will be fun and accessible curated experiences that you can choose to explore with other members as well. 

  1. Access to wisdom and wise ones 

If you have already participated in a course, circle and session with me, you will know my fascination with following similar threads of wisdom and practices that are evident across varied world traditions, science and religions. I make a point of seeking out experts and elders in their fields and each year I travel to them for my personal spiritual development, many of whom I talk with in The Modern Crone podcast. These threads are what I follow and explore and they form the basis of the membership content. In addition, there will be live masterclasses available to members, with elders and experts from around the world who can add their own stories and wisdom to what we are exploring.  

live coaching danielle van de velde

  1. Live coaching 

Essential to spiritual discovery is the opportunity to talk through our journeys with access to a seasoned spiritual coach to go deeper, interpret signs, sensations, dreams and synchronicities, to find our blindspots, and try on different perspectives and approaches to transmute and transform. Each month, members will be able to access live group coaching with me to do just that.

  1. Ways to measure transformation

Spiritual transformation is a subjective art and in the busyness of life, the subtle shifts that certain practices create need a clear lens to perceive so we can measure how our systems and lives respond to our spiritual practice. For this reason, I have ensured that the group practices, journeys and modules have pre and post-measurement surveys, so you are better able to observe the shifts you are generating beyond the felt experiences. With measurement, we can determine what works for us and we become more confident with our practices and perspectives.

As we journey together in Spirited Living, I will be asking members to help steer the direction of the experiences and what content they would like to explore. We will build the experiences together and this is perhaps the most exciting aspect of Spirited Living – to follow the patterns of the collective spirit and meet it with open hearts and minds.

Spirited Living opens in September. If the ideas here are stirring your spirit, please register your interest for notification of the registration process when it’s ready. 

If you have any questions or thoughts on spiritual discovery or the Spirited Living Membership, get in touch. Please visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. Subscribe at for notifications on wonderful new forthcoming offerings. 

If you would like to explore more about a spirited life, my book, ‘Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life’, is now available. See stockists here.


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