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Spirit Biz

Six surprising synergies between spiritual practice and successful business

Within the range of clients that engage me privately and attend my esoteric courses, there’s a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. These are people who are seeking to work with the energetic dynamics that create success in their business endeavours. It’s a form of engagement that I call ‘Generative Magic’. 

The word ‘Magic’ has all sorts of connotations and misconceptions surrounding it. For many, there is very little in common between what they perceive magical practice to be, and hard-nosed, on the ground, measurable ‘business’. However, the dynamics of business and magic have a lot more in common than what may be understood and it’s a growing area of interest in my world and offering that yields incredible results.

So what am I talking about when I say ‘Magic’? The understanding of ‘Magic’ is so often skewed by its trappings, the rituals, the objects, the famous characters and the encoded language that has developed to keep its secrets safe from persecution. However, at its heart, ‘Magic’ is a state of being and a way to engage from an expanded perspective on what the human system actually is and the true energetic nature of life. There’s a third aspect to the human physical/psyche system, which is the spiritual aspect, and the disruption of 2020 has more and more people seeking to connect with it.   

When we operate from our full, integrated self in our personal lives and also in business, a whole new program uploads where we consciously create our experiences. All forms of ‘Magic’, at their core, hold a process of ‘inner alchemy’, an alignment between all aspects of the self – the mental/emotional field, the body and actions, and the energy/spirit field. When this inner alignment is achieved and applied to a given goal, change is generated.

This happens because the magical perspective on self and life is that our inner terrain and our experienced terrain are actually one self-organising system. The well-known axiom ‘as above, so below, as within so without, as the universe so the soul’ is worked with as a literal set-up. Understanding this, changes the rules of engagement completely. And, rather than experiencing life, relationships, business, events, opportunities as ‘happening to us’, instead we are put right back in the driver’s seat and work with experience as ‘issuing from us’ and ‘happening for us’. 

Magic is about consciously aligning the engine of self – Intent, Desire and Will, and from that central state, generating patterns that our outer experience then rhymes with or reflects back to us. It’s the only way to roll! It requires work and taking full responsibility for everything…but Magic or not, isn’t that the truth of each of our lives?

So how does magical practice work in a business context? Here are six key synergies (of many) that can help illuminate the dynamic.

Business Vision AKA Field of Intent

In typical business practice, the translation of Vision to Action is largely a linear one. The founding team will gather and define the vision for the business, which then translates to the strategic plan, which translates to the business plan, which translates to the action plan, measures, accountabilities, and KPIs. Yet within the linear translation, so often, the passion for the original vision can get diluted and become somewhat disconnected to the activity, until the next team away day when the vision is resurrected and redefined.

The requirement for a vision is key in any magical working, however, with one major difference. The vision is generated as a living Field of Intent. That is, it is activated energetically and becomes a governing field of influence over every thought, feeling, word, action, and choice. Rather than a linear process, the Field of Intent sets up the hologram of activity and energy that influences all activity and brings the result to bear. It is the end result, in etheric form.

Alignment AKA Core Intent Discovery

Finding and connecting with the key motivational force of the vision in business is fundamental, and often misaligned. This step is in the arena of what Simon Sinek beautifully teaches, about ‘finding your why’. The ‘why’ is where the passion engine resides. And I often see entrepreneurs state their ‘whys’ according to what they feel might be acceptable or in line with the latest buzz thinking in their sectors. But the ‘why’ is deeply personal to the founders of the business or practitioner. It’s not how it appears that’s important, it’s how it feels and whether it is tapping the key motivational force for all activity. It’s the lifeline that keeps the energy moving through the company and the working.

When working with business clients, I give them the license to state their truth in this area. For some, their start-up is all about giving back, making a difference, changing the world. If there’s a strong 100% voltage in this, they’re ready to roll. However, so often when this wonderful altruistic-sounding ‘why’ feels misaligned, I will guide them through a process called Core Intent Discovery. Very often they will find that what they thought was their key motivation is actually one of several measures of their success, and their Core Intent is far more basic and raw, like, to make a six-figure turnover within the first year of operation, or to dominate the sector for their offering, or to satisfy a long-held desire to personally succeed. 

Our inner dimensions of Intent, Desire and Will are a lot like different teams within a business. If the visionaries, passionate creatives and action-oriented doers are out of alignment, productivity falters and conflict arises. It is the same with our minds, hearts and wills internally. These require alignment, collusion and mutual space and respect to fire on all energetic cylinders.

Whatever the individual core intent for the vision is, it has to be honest and on the mark. When it is found, the Field of Intent is connected with its power source and this generates movement towards the goal.

Accountability AKA Uniting the Will

Accepting full responsibility for all experienced events, whether they be personal or in business, is perhaps the area of Spirit Biz that requires the most introspection and work. In businesses, accountability is mandated through linking KPIs and performance reviews to reward; a kind of carrot and stick approach. In spiritual practice, a ‘United Will’ is the only state through which generative patterns can be strongly emanated to affect change. This process, in esoteric practice, is known as Metanoia – to ‘reverse the flow’. It is a form of inner alignment and transmutation of beliefs and fears in relation to the experience of our goal that has inhibited its realisation to date.

We may have a well-crafted vision of bringing a new and unique offering to the market. However, if somewhere within our system we are buying into a belief that we may not have the ability to do so, or we may not be ‘that unique’ or perhaps we hold a fear that success will expose us to the public or disrupt our lives, then the pattern we emanate into the Field of Intent is dysmorphic and will yield less than optimal results. Metanoia requires the practitioner to jettison stories of ‘why’ their desired field has not manifested, to jettison blame or victimhood, and accept fully their ultimate creative capacity, even if they have been creating less desirable results to date. 

This process creates an inner alignment and recentering into the power of the self and the Field of Intent. When Intent, Desire and Will are working in collusion, in equal measure and emanation, a highly magnetic force is generated which shifts reality. 

Networks of Influence AKA Fields of Influence

When starting any new business venture or start-up, networking and associations with like-minded, successful commentators, operators and influencers in the related field and markets of the business, are essential. All savvy entrepreneurs know and do this. A very similar synergy is worked with in spiritual business practice, in the external relational networks, but also, and more importantly, with energetic Fields of Influence.

The existence of large energetic morphic Fields of Influence is acknowledged in most spiritual frameworks. In Shamanism, they are acknowledged through the elemental and animal medicines. In religions, they are represented through pantheons of gods and goddesses, saints and prophets. In Western Magic traditions, they present in planetary deities and nature spirits; in Eastern traditions, they appear in Core Fields, avatars and spirit guides.

Fields of Influence are like living repositories of expertise that can be connected with, for guidance and influence of affairs. They are accessed within, through the deep mind in certain forms of meditative practice. Some examples of Fields of Influence I have personally worked with to reinvent my business offering during 2020 have been: Creativity, Expansion and Reach, Enablement, Activated Communications, Deals and Contracts. Working with Fields of Influence wakes up latent expertise within and can vastly affect connections, collaborations and the emergence of new pathways.

Logo AKA Sigil/Seal

The development of the symbolic representation of any business is, for me, one of the most enjoyable processes of any new venture. Brand architecture and the resultant logo design is in itself a wonderfully clarifying process and there are some incredible brand outfits who have mastered the art.

At the outset of a new business venture, it is often an outlay that requires a commitment of faith before revenues can justify the spend. And for this reason, the symbolic representation of the vision can so often get short-changed. However, in the world of Spirit Biz, the logo takes on a whole new dynamic. 

The word ‘sigil’ is an old English word that derives from its Latin root ‘sigillum’ which means sign or seal. Sigils marked the banners, wax seals and castles of the ancient world and not only represented lineages and tribal cultures, but held within them the power of the sovereigns that owned them. They are regarded as activated representations of the power of their originators, a force within themselves. They are evident in every spiritual framework around the world. Hieroglyphs, yantras, runes, planetary symbols, religious symbols, even our alphabet and symbolic art are all forms of Sigils. 

In spiritual practice, Sigils are creative enfoldments of intent, energy and correspondences which, when activated, generate energetic shifts in our lives. They are one of my favourite tools for creating change and magnetising outcomes, especially in business. When a logo is understood in a spiritual context, it gives a whole new impetus to branding.

Responsiveness and adaptability AKA Flow

If 2020 has taught the business world anything, it has been that agility and adaptability in strategy, direction and momentum are paramount for success. All of us, in many ways, have had to assess what elements of our business needed rerouting or changed formats to keep operating and retain existing client bases and perhaps access new ones. 

For my business, it has meant shifting offerings on-line, into new creative formats and across varied platforms. It has also required a massive and swift upscaling of my website, content, rankings and social media presence. All of which, I engaged with through Generative Magic.

In a year that has seen the sad demise or shelving of many new businesses, my small business has gone online, gone global, jumped in rankings, nearly tripled its client base and managed an increase in revenues. And this is despite the larger paying work of in-house corporate and school programs, retreats and large group gatherings being suspended for the most part of the year. My offerings are now listed on Spotify and InsightTimer app and I was approached and signed by one of the biggest spiritual trade publishers in the world for a four-book deal recently. 

In periods of high uncertainty, Spirit Biz works best, because from a magical perspective, when everything is uncertain, everything is possible. The energy of wholesale disruption can be leveraged and directed with greater power. The key to working with this dynamic is to remain entirely in energetic flow. And to do this, a perspective of command and ultimate trust in the axioms of Magic must be embodied. It takes some work, as very often it’s a deconditioning of well-carved reactive patterns as to what we previously would have perceived as ‘a dead end’, ‘a block’, ‘an obstacle’.  Once the process is imbued with Spirit, every single event is within the process, even if it appears to counter it. Our ability to maintain positive energy, to welcome all events, to perceive changes in direction as necessary new pathways, ‘obstacles’ as necessary redirections, and deadends as invitations to choose alternatives that are in line with the vision, helps us maintain a strong energetic field that holds the manifestation potential of the goal.

Another tried and true spiritual aspect of successful business flow is in active altruism. The spiritual perspective on giving also takes on a whole new dynamic when we engage in giving as an aligning, abundance-generating activity. I have written more about how this works here.

If you are a female entrepreneur, embarking on a new business venture, or reinventing an existing one, and you’re drawn to understand how to spiritually engage in the dynamics, you can join me and a suite of incredible speakers at this year’s Online Spectacular Business Symposium 2020 from the 10th-12th November, hosted by The Daisy Chain Group. I will be talking more in depth about Generative Magic and I am in great company with speakers from around the world who will impart:

  • what you need to create passive income
  • how to turn your knowledge into an online course
  • the power to have a podcast with a punch 
  • understanding legacy and purpose
  • how to shift your money mindset to wealth and growth
  • How to achieve and build an engaged community that trusts your brand; all whilst following you.
  • the 8 traits of successful women!

If you have any questions about the synergies between Spiritual Practice and Successful Business, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

If you enjoyed this post and would like to share it, I request that you please credit Danielle Van de Velde as the author. I do not authorise repurposing or republishing without my written permission. You may email me for the same.

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