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The Shield Maiden workshops are created for women to enable a reconnection with their inner spiritual ground and to equip them with the wisdom, practical know-how and spiritual life-skills that Modern Magic offers.

I am so happy to continue these beautiful afternoons exploring Modern Magic. The workshops are open again, monthly on Sunday afternoons, to all women in Singapore.

If you are not based in Singapore and interested in joining or forming your own Shield Maiden Group, get in touch.

3pm-5pm. $90 workshop, Garuda Room, Crane 148 Joo Chiat Road.

Smudging for Vitality

Sunday 16th April

The practice of smudging dates back to prehistoric times. Traditional herbs and incense are used combined with intentional meditation and visualisation to clear either physical spaces in preparation for energy work, special objects, or to clear the personal etheric space of imprints and unwanted energies.

Recent research also attests to the anti-bacterial and cleansing properties of smudging with particular herbs, especially white sage, lavender and Palo Santo.

We all hold an instinct to smudge/clear space and the act of smudging is reflected in nearly all structured religions e.g. Holy Water blessing and incense of Christian churches, Sandalwood ash anointing of the third eye in Hinduism, incense drums of Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism, the witch’s broom in Witchcraft traditions are just to name a few.

When we acknowledge this instinct and transfer it into simple ritual, with intention and reverence, smudging can have a very powerful effect.

In this Shield Maiden workshop we will cover:

  • When and how to smudge
  • Typical and effective smudging herbs, mists and sounds
  • Cleansing energy practices for psychic cleansing
  • Salt Bathing
  • Why and how to cleanse crystals and power objects
  • How to make a herbal smudging stick and smudging mist

Materials, notes and take-home kit provided.

Spellcasting Abundance with Sigils

Sunday 7th May

The word ‘Sigil’ means a seal. In ancient times family lineages and power structures were represented by Sigils that were regarded as holding all the power of whom they represented. Oaths were sworn on them, and they were treated as if they were a living being.

In magical practice, Sigil Magic is a popular and very effective form of spellcasting. It involves enfolding a ‘statement of will’ into symbolic form and then activating it to hold the power of your spirit and United Will.

In this Shield Maiden workshop we will cover:

  • Different forms of Sigil Magick
  • The United Will & Statement of Will
  • Enfoldments & Activations
  • Casting & Completion
  • Common Sigils

Materials, notes and take-home kit provided.


Mirror Scrying

Sunday 4th June

Scrying, also known by various names such as “seeing” or “peeping”, is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions. The objective might be personal guidance, prophecy, revelation or inspiration. Divination is a general term used for accessing information which is beyond the reach of our mundane senses. Through the ages and across different world traditions, scrying and divination have developed in various ways and using various tools. However, all methods make use of the practitioner’s psychic senses and energy body.

In this Shield Maiden workshop we will cover:

  • The origins of scrying and divination
  • Mirrors Scrying techniques
  • Vision interpretation

Materials, notes and take-home kit provided.

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