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Instruction and practices to help you return to calm, balance, self.


Aim of the sessions:

To provide a basic introduction to a modern approach to meditation and mindfulness and the benefits it offers physically, psychologically and emotionally.

To give instruction in a variety of techniques aimed at generating calm, balance and restoration in the mind/body/energy system and to enable a deeper inner practice.

Course material will draw from current research into the effects of proper meditation practice and traditional techniques.

Students are encouraged to establish a 10-minute daily practice in between sessions and to journal their experiences.

Course Outline:

Lesson Set 1:

  • What is meditation…really?
  • Why do it? Physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual perspectives
  • The transformative process from Reactive to Creative living
  • Practices for immediate physical benefit – stress reduction, deeper sleep, calm‑at‑will:
    •  Nadi Shodhana
    • Ratio Breathing for calm and sleep
    • Counting Breath
    • Yoga Nidra

Lesson Set 2:

  • Emotional mindfulness and transmutation
  • Practices:
    • Kapalbhati Breath
    • EFT practice

Lesson Set 3:

  • Somatic meditations to expand the heart-field
  • Practices:
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • Simple Sushumna activation
    • Unity Breath

Lesson Set 4:

  • Guided visualization for creative living
  • Practices:
    • Brahmavihara for the self
    • AUM breath

Format, cost, registration

The course content is delivered via a combination of video guidance, course reminder notes and a menu of beautiful guided meditation recordings with each lesson set.

We connect via a private Facebook group for sharing, feedback, questions and additional research into meditation, its benefits and techniques

Four lesson sets with Instruction, notes, a total of ten guided meditations for $350.

Try the first two Lesson Sets for $100 and come back for the remainder when you’re ready.

I hope you can join us!

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I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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