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Relationship Alchemy

Why bringing awareness to our relational field is essential to wellbeing

Our entire interface with life, and the ability to learn, expand, forgive and rise, depends on two key dynamics: our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.

Imagine for a moment that you could ‘see’ the energetic and informational exchanges between you and all the different relationships in your life currently. Imagine your relational field as glowing filaments, like a complex tapestry of light. 

What is the state of your web of light as you step into 2024? Is it balanced and bright? Are there some areas of your life that could benefit from new relationships? Are there other relationships that have run their course or need to realign?

Whilst it’s easy to assign our wellbeing to our life experience, we perceive those events and people out there – in our experiences and our relationships, as the source of our wellbeing. The truth is that our wellbeing is entirely predicated on our relationship with ourselves – our perspectives, behavioural patterns, fears, reactions and desires. How well we know and love ourselves governs our choices and the health of our relational field.

Do we love ourselves enough to look after our bodies, to cease self-judgement, to speak our truth or to be kind and walk away?

And, our wellbeing is scientifically proven to depend on our relationships with others and how we extend our inner relationships into the collective. 

The more aligned, joyful and safe we feel within our relational field, the better we are on all fronts – physically well, emotionally nourished, mentally stimulated and inspired, and spiritually engaged.

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We are communal beings, designed for tribe and mutual benefit.

Our relational fields deliver possibly the most intense, challenging and beautiful experiences in our lives, laden with opportunities for accelerated transmutation and healing. 

It’s in our relationships that we see reflections of the unconscious complexes that we project onto others. And it’s in relationships that we experience the top notes of the human heart – compassion, forgiveness, connection, kindness and love.

Given our relational nature, it makes sense to include the consideration of our own relational fields, in our spiritual enquiry. 

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To bring awareness to our relationships, we need to know the central role of the heart in all relationships and the absolute healing power of ‘the spiritual heart’.  

This is why I created Relationship Alchemy.

Relationship Alchemy is a process where we take a look at our relational fields and put our attention on those key relationships that could be better. Relationships can be from the past, estranged, intimate, tumultuous, comfortable or changing, for example.

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Relationship Alchemy is not prescriptive, but rather, offers a gentle focus on three key relationships in our lives, and the intentional daily practice of a different Tibetan heart-centred meditation each week to heal and grow the relationships, from within. 

We will embark together and share what we are experiencing in the live Group Coaching and Quest calls over the three weeks.

The process includes a series of exercises and journaling prompts for you to map your Relational Field and identify where you might want to cultivate or initiate relationships. We will also explore and prioritise your relationship values.

Combining this focus with a commitment to the daily practice of three of the oldest and most enduring heart-centred practices from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we will intentionally alchemise three important relationships in our lives.

What we will gain:

  • Journaling tools to help us observe our relational fields, identify our relationship values and key relationships we would like to improve
  • Instruction and guided tracks in three powerful Tibetan Buddhist practices applied to specific relationships each week
  • Group support and sharing as we embark together
  • A felt and observable understanding of the power of the Spiritual Heart.

Relationship Alchemy starts on Wednesday, January 17th, with the live Welcome Call. The recording will be available in Members’ Resources. 

Join us for this 3-module journey to alchemise important relationships in our lives, through heart-centred meditations. 

Available in the Spirited Living Membership:

Check out what’s coming up in the next two months including amazing MasterClasses, a Grounding module and live group coaching. Join us today and gain immediate access to Members’ Resources and the vibrant Members’ FB community. 

If you have any questions or thoughts on Relationship Alchemy and how bringing awareness to our relational field is essential to wellbeing, do get in touch

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