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We are designed for vitality, love, abundance and to lead a purpose-centered life. In energy healing frameworks, when we experience a physical illness or dissonance/block in our mental, emotional or energetic fields, it is our system messaging the requirement to change perspectives and take action to allow a movement into wholeness.




Sometimes we perceive this messaging internally or in the body and other times we perceive it within our lives as a repeated negative pattern in relationships or situations. Once the messaging has been received and the inner shift created, then the illness or dissonance is no longer required and the system realigns into wellness.

A major aspect of my offering is working with individuals to read this messaging and expand their perspectives to allow healing and transformation to occur. My private sessions are a safe space where you can experience healing and find direction along your journey. You will deepen your understanding of your transformative capabilities and gain new tools and perspectives.


Intuitive Healing combines Usui Reiki and Intuitive Coaching 

My private sessions are offered in-person for Singapore-based clients and remotely for international clients.

All sessions start with a pre-chat to establish the intent for the session, followed by your chosen combination of Energy Healing and Coaching. After the session you will be sent a voice recording of the guidance that comes through for you as well as tools, practices and rituals to support your ongoing journey.



Coaching sessions involve deep listening and intuitive guidance and are conducted in-person for Singapore-based clients or via Zoom for other locations.

In these sessions, we work together to understand the causal patterns at play with your particular situation that you are seeking guidance for. We talk through alternative spiritual perspectives and ways to engage. Tools, rituals and practices are often provided as part of your ongoing journey.

I support people in a broad range of enquiries, from love, and abundance, to physical and mental wellbeing, life purpose, fertility, transitions, parenting, career progression and leadership.

My international client base ranges from C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, spiritual practitioners, parents, couples, and individuals seeking to generate change and to open new pathways in their lives.


Our perspectives on death and dying have an enormous impact on our lives and how we behave and engage, from devastating grief, to feeling unsafe, to feeling as if we are in a race against time and debilitating attachment to relationships and situations. 

As a psychic medium, I facilitate connection with your loved ones in spirit, relaying their messages of love and especially evidencing their continued presence and guidance. Just knowing they are still with us, and loving us is enormously healing, and in most sessions our loved ones pass on beautiful messages of guidance and affirmation.

Sessions can be via Zoom or in-person, and involve a brief chat about how psychic mediumship works, intention setting and then contact. They will usually also involve some coaching to assist in assimilating the messages to move forward.

What my clients are saying…

Get to know Dani

I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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