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I have a fabulous line up of Lodges and other Spirited events for 2023. See what’s coming up, and watch for further details on upcoming dates in my newsletter.

The New Moon Lodges are a long-held and much-loved monthly women’s gathering under each new moon.

Our ancestors would gather in caves, around fires, and on the high ridges during the birth of the new lunation. The night sky was too dark to hunt or perceive threats, so fires were lit and people gathered within the power of circle.

For women particularly, the new moon is a sacred time of turning in and becoming still, to gather with like-spirited women and nourish your spirit. Women’s monthly cycle is synced to the moon and normally at either the full or dark moons. Women feel a strong draw on the new moon to gather, enter ritual, meditate, share story and spiritual wisdom. When women gather, following the draw of the new moon and all the potential within the coming lunation, very deep healing, transformation and revelation is experienced.

I have been holding space for the Lodges for many years and it is a delightful and sacred privilege. Some I host, and others I invite amazing women who have wonderful spiritual wisdom to share. All net proceeds are donated each month to the facilitator’s cause of choice. Over the years, the Lodges have generated tens of thousands of donations for the vulnerable, and enabled many beautiful connections, friendships and collaborations.

March 21st | Spring Equinox Gathering Group | Ritual in modernised pagan style

The Vernal Equinox is perhaps the most evident in the wild field than all other Sabbaths. Warmth returns to the sun, ice and snow melt and rivers start to run. Green shoots emerge, and both in the wilderness and in our spirits, there’s a stirring, an impetus to action, a window to forage in the fields of possibility. Traditionally, all these beautiful energies were woven together in ritual to align the communities with the initial and powerful Spring-Surge.

7.30-10pm: Dani’s Garden Room

new moon lodge embracing the empty nest danielle van de velde

April 20th | Embracing the Empty Nest

For many of us, “being a mother” is our primary identity and purpose. Our children have grown under our loving care and so has our connection to them. Then one day, just as our relationship with them is evolving, the realisation dawns, that soon they are gone. The busyness of juggling family, maybe work and a household is gone in a blink and our identity as women undergoes a radical change.

It is a life changing event in our lives, and an experience seldom shared with our partners or even with close friends who have not gone through it. 

Change can be hard for many and the empty nest is very personal and can be difficult to navigate alone. We can experience waves of ‘messy’ emotions, questions and fear. 

Who am I now? How long will I feel like this? What will my life look like now? What am I going to do? What is the meaning of life now and what is my part in it? What should I as a parent look like now? How will my relationship with my partner change when the children are gone?

Come and join us for a talk and sharing on what we can do to make the transition from a full-time mother to an empty nester a smooth, positive and nurturing experience for you as a woman, your children, and the family unit as a whole. Together we will explore how to embrace the Empty Nest.


Dani’s Garden Room

margareta new moon lodge danielle van de velde

About Margareta

Margareta is an Expat Empty Nester herself and has run seminars and coaching for women for over ten years. She has had several careers, as a lawyer, a journalist/writer, mindfulness and meditation coach and yoga teacher before becoming a coach twelve years ago.  She has been there, done it and got the empty nester t-shirt. Through her coaching work she has seen most of the issues that rise from being an empty nester. She is also living proof that there is a way through and that the other side is bright and a wonderful new chapter for women.

You can contact Margareta at:

new moon lodge nurture your nature danielle van de velde

May 19th | Nurture Your Nature with the craft of Kokedama Making with Balan Gopal

In our month of honoring Mother Nature, I am delighted to invite Balan Wolfy to lead us in May. This Nurture your Nature workshop takes participants on an inner exploratory journey with the craft of  Kokedama making. The journey demonstrates and translates how our words, thoughts, actions and emotions play a vital part in shaping possible outcomes, and how the use of our 5 senses can curate and register better life experiences. 

In this workshop participants learn the following:

Learning outcomes

  1. What is growth Mindset and how can we understand and apply it
  2. What is learnt Helplessness and Learned Optimism
  3. Discovery Based Learning 
  4.  Cognitive Framing with the craft of Kokedama 
  5. What is Thought Inflammation and Chronic familiarity 
  6. How to become an Emotional pathfinder / Navigator 


Hollandse Club, 22 Camden Park, 299814

All net proceeds donated to Singapore Cancer Society

balan gopal new moon lodge danielle van de velde

About Balan:

Balan, describes himself as a curious person who is passionate about people, environments, behaviours and nature. He believes in moving beyond the confinement of standards, towards exploring opportunities and possibilities in areas of growth development that bring awareness and clarity into our daily lives. He is a personal and group fitness trainer, facilitator and coach who conducts fitness classes, and well-being workshops to share the importance of self-empowerment and self-care. A firm believer in curating experiences through our five internal states, namely our Emotional-Mental-Physical-Nutritional and Rest states, whilst writing our chemistry into our minds and bodies because our words, thoughts, actions and emotions are crucial towards living empowering lives Always Learning, Never Graduating.

You can follow Balan on instagram at:

Mark your diaries! Details of upcoming Lodges out soon.
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