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I have a fabulous line up of Lodges and other Spirited events for 2024. See what’s coming up, and watch for further details on upcoming dates in my newsletter.

alchemical-transformation ceremony new moon lodge danielle van de velde

Alchemical Transformation Ceremony with Marie and Martin Richtsfeld

In the pursuit of Marie and Martin to restore humanity’s connection to their hearts, they utilize the ancient wisdom of inner Alchemy, along with touching live music, rituals and sounds in their Alchemical Transformation Ceremony. They take you on a journey of personal transformation to discover your True Essence through the three phases of Alchemy.

Marie and Martin accompany the phases of this journey with self-composed songs to emphasize your transformation process. Energy, frequency, and vibration are the rediscovered tools of healing that touch your body and soul on a profound level. As New Moon is seen as a symbol of heightened energies to manifest new beginnings, we are using the power of the whole group to let go of the old, set intentions and manifest the next steps to open up to your true potential. This way we are inviting courage to make the necessary changes in your life.

Date: Monday 13 November 2023
Time: 7.00-9.30pm
Singapura Room, Hollandse Club
22 Camden Park Singapore 299814


marie and martin alchemical transformation ceremony new moon lodge danielle van de velde

About Marie and Martin:

“In our Sacred Union, we support each other to live up to our highest potential.” Martin and Marie Richtsfeld from Austria, first met when Martin was 22, and Marie was only 14 years old. For her, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she knew, “One day, this will be my husband.” Fast-forward six years, they met again and started dating. They have been a couple for 12 years, married for more than six years, and are living in Bali. They are practitioners of inner Alchemy and facilitators of worldwide Alchemical Transformation Retreats.

Marie and Martin’s Website:

Marie and Martin’s Instagram:

new moon lodge spring equinox gathering danielle van de velde

Spring Equinox Gathering – Group Ritual

The Vernal Equinox (Ostara) is perhaps the most evident Sabbbath, in the wild field. Warmth returns to the sun, ice and snow melt and rivers start to run. Green shoots emerge, both in the wilderness and in our spirits, there’s a stirring, an impetus to action, a window to forage in the fields of possibility. Traditionally, all these beautiful energies were woven together in ritual to align the communities with the initial and powerful Spring-Surge.

In our March Lodge, I will hold space for a ceremonial Spring Equinox Ritual. We will draw from traditional wisdom and sympathetic magic, to recycle latent energy into the spring surge.

Date: Monday March 11th
Time: 7.30-10.00pm
Hollandse Club, 
22 Camden Park Singapore 299814


new moon lodge an evening with spirit with hitomi sano and dani danielle van de velde

An Evening with Spirit with Hitomi Sano and Dani

Trance Speaking is a form of mediumship whereby the spirit realm impresses the medium’s mind to voice messages to individuals and groups. The messages are always relevant and uplift the spirits of those present. It’s fascinating to experience.

For our October Lodge I am thrilled to invite Japanese Medium, Hitomi Sano to join me for an Evening with Spirit.

We will meditate together, Hitomi will share her story and we will demonstrate Trance Speaking through Hitomi and Evidential Mediumship through me.

Date: Thursday May 9th
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Venue: Hollandse Club,
22 Camden Park Singapore 299814


About Hitomi

hitomi sano danielle van de velde

HITOMI SANO is an SNU Accredited Healing Medium Spiritualist Medium & Teacher

She holds a Master of Counselling (CBT, SFBT, MSC) (Monash University) and is a Tutor of Spiritual Healing Course with the SNU.

After moving to Singapore in 2008, Hitomi discovered mediumship and started her practice two years later. She left her career in the financial industry in 2017 to dedicate her life to mediumship, spiritual healing and teaching, to advance Spiritualism.

Hitomi’s first book, “Spiritualism – Seven Principles” was published (in Japanese) in May 2023

100% net proceeds going to Hitomi’s cause: NuLife Social Care & Counseling – providing mental and social support to Singapore’s low-income families.

new moon lodge tales from arthur findlay college and mediumship demonstration danielle van de velde

Tales from Arthur Findlay College and Mediumship Demonstration

After the summer break we’re back under the August new moon, for story-share of what I learnt and observed during my annual trip to the Arthur Findlay College Of Psychic Science. We will enter meditation and a psychic group exercise followed by a mediumship demonstration. These post-pilgrimage shares have become so popular every year, we’re doing it again!

Date: Sunday August  4th
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Venue: Dani’s Garden Room, Chatsworth Road


Save the Dates:
Mon Sept 2nd – Psychic Supper
Mon Oct 7th – Guest facilitator TBC
Fri Nov 1st – Halloween Special – Ancestral Healing
Sat Nov 30th – Healing Circle

The New Moon Lodges are a long-held and much-loved monthly women’s gathering under each new moon.

Our ancestors would gather in caves, around fires, and on the high ridges during the birth of the new lunation. The night sky was too dark to hunt or perceive threats, so fires were lit and people gathered within the power of circle.

For women particularly, the new moon is a sacred time of turning in and becoming still, to gather with like-spirited women and nourish your spirit. Women’s monthly cycle is synced to the moon and normally at either the full or dark moons. Women feel a strong draw on the new moon to gather, enter ritual, meditate, share story and spiritual wisdom. When women gather, following the draw of the new moon and all the potential within the coming lunation, very deep healing, transformation and revelation is experienced.

I have been holding space for the Lodges for many years and it is a delightful and sacred privilege. Some I host, and others I invite amazing women who have wonderful spiritual wisdom to share. All net proceeds are donated each month to the facilitator’s cause of choice. Over the years, the Lodges have generated tens of thousands of donations for the vulnerable, and enabled many beautiful connections, friendships and collaborations.

new moon lodge nurture your nature danielle van de velde

May 19th | Nurture Your Nature with the craft of Kokedama Making with Balan Gopal

In our month of honoring Mother Nature, I am delighted to invite Balan Wolfy to lead us in May. This Nurture your Nature workshop takes participants on an inner exploratory journey with the craft of  Kokedama making. The journey demonstrates and translates how our words, thoughts, actions and emotions play a vital part in shaping possible outcomes, and how the use of our 5 senses can curate and register better life experiences. 

In this workshop participants learn the following:

Learning outcomes

  1. What is growth Mindset and how can we understand and apply it
  2. What is learnt Helplessness and Learned Optimism
  3. Discovery Based Learning 
  4.  Cognitive Framing with the craft of Kokedama 
  5. What is Thought Inflammation and Chronic familiarity 
  6. How to become an Emotional pathfinder / Navigator 


Hollandse Club, 22 Camden Park, 299814

All net proceeds donated to Singapore Cancer Society

balan gopal new moon lodge danielle van de velde

About Balan:

Balan, describes himself as a curious person who is passionate about people, environments, behaviours and nature. He believes in moving beyond the confinement of standards, towards exploring opportunities and possibilities in areas of growth development that bring awareness and clarity into our daily lives. He is a personal and group fitness trainer, facilitator and coach who conducts fitness classes, and well-being workshops to share the importance of self-empowerment and self-care. A firm believer in curating experiences through our five internal states, namely our Emotional-Mental-Physical-Nutritional and Rest states, whilst writing our chemistry into our minds and bodies because our words, thoughts, actions and emotions are crucial towards living empowering lives Always Learning, Never Graduating.

You can follow Balan on instagram at:

stepping into spirit new moon lodge danielle van de velde

Stepping into Spirit

During my visit to Arthur Findlay College this year I experienced a significant paradigm shift. My awareness moved from ‘developing my mediumship’ to ‘being a medium’. 

In other words, my identity assumed the gambit, that I am a person who lives in an active conscious relationship with the spirit realm. 

Join me under the August New Moon for story share, meditation and a mini demonstration. We will explore what it is to be a medium; the different forms of mediumship; what mediumship is not; and commune with our loved ones in spirit.

Wed 16th Aug 7.30 – 9.30pm
Venue: Dani’s Garden Room

stepping into spirit new moon lodge danielle van de velde

Numbers limited to 20 women. $40
100% net proceeds going to CARE Singapore.

sacred cycles with camilla knights danielle van de velde

Sacred Cycles with Camilla Knight

We are cyclical beings, as is our universe. All of creation rotates through cycles: the life cycle, seasons, phases of the moon, the breath, the body.  

Much of our physical and emotional tension, conflict, dis-ease within our bodies and minds comes from a disconnect from our natural cycles. And this disconnect is perhaps most evident in a woman’s mensa cycle.

Women are galactic vessels, deeply influenced by the moon and seasons. With awareness of the body’s messaging and beautiful approaches to ally with our cyclical nature, we can reinstate our mensa as a sacred and powerful aspect of our being.

All women welcome regardless of where they are in their life cycle, including daughters. Gentle Asana involved, no yoga experience necessary.

Date: Thursday 14 September 2023
Time: 7.30-9.30pm
Hollandse Club
22 Camden Park, Singapore. 299814


About Camilla:
Camilla has been teaching yoga and leading retreats since 2012. Camilla is passionate about guiding women to listen to their body to access their wisdom and intuition through yoga and intuitive processes. Using breathing techniques, movement and guided meditation clients release physical and emotional tension enabling a deep connection to their authentic nature and full expression.

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