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the magical mindset danielle van de velde

An Ancestral Revelation

My recent psychic experience with a fabulous rowdy hoard of ancestors

I recently had one of the most profound experiences in all my years of meditating. One that has deeply emboldened my understanding of self, my purpose and the spirit realm. I had an extraordinary, lucid and healing interaction with my ancestors.

Through my shamanic studies, I have come to understand that for us to step fully into our own destiny for this life, we must first connect with where we hail from. To properly honour our ancestors, we must be open to acknowledging them and forgiving them unconditionally, because only through their pardon and healing can we liberate our negative inheritance and step into the gifts and talents they have given us. 

As we seek to express our spiritual purpose in this modern time, we have also inherited all the smarts, insights, and talents required to do so. If you are feeling drawn towards a particular pursuit, expression or offering, or if you have a particular talent, it is because, within your lineage, others have lived similar purposes and manifested similar expressions. 

On my morning rides this month, I have been listening to Take Back the Magic by Perdita Finn, and relishing every single word. This beautiful book which interweaves the author’s own story with deep wisdom about ‘the dead’ and our ancestral lineages has inspired a whole new understanding of my own lineage. One morning, inspired by the audiobook, I decided to dedicate my daily morning meditation to my ancestors. I set up my space by the water, near my special magical tree. I lit incense for the resident nature spirits and other beings who dwell there and I started with about twenty minutes of breathwork.

the magical mindset danielle van de velde

With my mind softened, calm and receptive and my energy body buzzing with the predawn sky, gentle hum of crickets and rhythmic waves, I called out loudly, ‘I wish to acknowledge my ancestors.’

My goodness, I did not at all anticipate what happened next. Almost immediately, the sea wall where I was perched came alive with what felt like a throng of invisible people. They sat in lines on either side of me and filled the nature-space behind me, for as far back as I could sense. And there was a very palpable and raucous vibe in the air. It felt as if the crickets and sea waves were suspended, and the soundscape was filled with thousands of voices, laughing, joking, cheering and singing. And I was left in absolutely no doubt that this was my living field of ancestors, my tribe, my blood, and they were delighted that I had called them. It was intensely mind-altering and exciting, all at the same time.

The experience then turned into an incredible call and response event. 

I called out,

‘I acknowledge the mothers in my line, thank you for giving me fertility, strong birthing, fierce maternal instincts and the initiation of motherhood.’ Quite distinctly and immediately from the din of voices around me, a chorus of female voices rose up in a harmonic mantra and then subsided. 

Amazed and excited, I called again,

‘I acknowledge the hunters and foragers in my line, thank you for giving me a strong body that heals quickly, a good appetite, a love of food and nourishment, and the skill to generate resources and provide for my family and communities.’ And again, in a clear audible chorus, male and female voices rose up, some making clicking sounds, others sounding like wolf howls and others like the beautiful ululations we hear today from women in Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East. 

With this second, very enthusiastic response from my ancestors, I let it rip. I acknowledged and thanked the pathfinders, the seers, the healers, the mages, the philosophers, the writers, the singers, the truth-seekers, the mediums, the artisans, the farmers and the rebels. And in choruses of very different calls and sounds, they each responded. 

I called each distinct group of ancestors spontaneously from my heart. It was an instinctive flowing prayer of gratitude, to the people of my tribe, who have blessed me with their DNA, honed by their life experiences and choices in the past. It was like an interactive gratitude meditation on steroids, and it was exhilarating. 

When the movement of energy and raucous revelry eventually softened and then stilled, and the sounds of the waking island returned to my senses, I sat for a very long time, humming with energy, stunned and healed. I felt different, expanded, accepted, unconditionally loved and supported. For the first time in my life, even after a lot of ancestral ‘work’ over the years, I recognised myself to be the embodied representative of this vast living field of extraordinary people; a carnate point within a continuum of consciousness that I uniquely belong to and one which is vested in my wellbeing, happiness and success. 

When I was finally grounded enough to jump on my bike and ride home to start my day with clients, it dawned on me what a ‘theoretical’ idea of ‘my ancestors’ I had held until that morning. Somehow, I had fallen into a habit of connecting with ‘my ancestors’ as a concept, rather than an actual, vibrant, rowdy hoard of fabulous people, even more so now, when they have returned to our summerlands in spirit. 

After pondering the experience, I feel that it is my continued development as a psychic medium which has allowed me to perceive them this way for the first time. And then, in a beautiful synchronicity, when home and checking my messages and socials, this post flashed up on my feed:

the magical mindset danielle van de velde
Artist unknown, but thank you!

And this is exactly how I’m walking around now. I know it within my bones, blood and breath. 

In my mediumship sessions when someone in spirit draws near to communicate, the initial sensation I have and how I know that they’re there, is a distinct feeling of excitement in my heart. I used to think this was my own excitement, but now I know it’s theirs. Through a medium, they are finally seen and have a conduit for communicating their love and guidance. Yet as Perdita Finn so beautifully reminds us, there was a time in our ancient past when honouring our ancestors with offerings, song and celebration, with lit candles and setting places for them at our tables, was as natural and commonplace as the way we honour and celebrate our living families. 

Mediumship heals us from the fear and finality of death and expands our understanding of consciousness. Moreover, it connects us with our vast and love-filled spirit tribes. It removes the crushing modern curse of isolation and loneliness. It is by far, the most extraordinary and liberating gift, and it is our birthright.

Are you ready to reconnect with the huge family that brought you to bear and that guides your life’s passions and direction? Join us in our Wonder of Spirit events from May 13-18 in Singapore, when my amazing teacher, Christine Morgan (who I am sure I was led to by my ancestors) will teach us and help us find that beautiful connection again.

If you have any questions or thoughts about a psychic experience with your ancestors, or messaging between people in life and their loved ones or significant others, who are in the spirit realm, get in touch

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