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Networking with synergistic voices in the Spirited Living Universe, is a super exciting and fun part of my content offering. Often in these podcasts or social lives, the discussion itself opens up new insights and ‘AHA’ moments. Articles, Features, Podcasts and Social Streams. 


Believe in the magic of Spirit | May 2024

How to Live| May 2024

The Honeycombers | Apr 2024


podcast interview with stephanie naudo danielle van de velde

Interview with Stephanie Naudo on It’s A Journey podcast

shoutout atlanta book media danielle van de velde

Shoutout Atlanta

instagram live session danielle van de velde

Author talk with Launchpad’s Megha Singh

we are crane book media danielle van de velde

We Are Crane

spiritual talk 1 book media danielle van de velde

Spiritual Talk

honeycombers book media danielle van de velde


apple podcast book media danielle van de velde

Making Sense of Work with Jean Balfour

street insider book media danielle van de velde

Street Insider

benzinga book media danielle van de velde


yahoo finance book media danielle van de velde

Yahoo Finance News


Bumpwise Talk | October 2023

Holistic Therapies for Loss.

OmnyStudio | July 2023

Living A Spirited Life With Dani Van De Velde

PeDon't Step On The Bluebells | Mar 2024​

In this episode, Reiki master teacher Dani Van de Velde dives deep into the transformative power of Reiki energy healing

HoneyCombers | Nov 2023

Are you lacking self-esteem and need tips to unlock confidence?

Spotify | Nov 2023​

Accessing Another Form of Intelligence: Spirituality for Rational People with Danielle Van De Velde

four women who had musical awakening during lockdown danielle van de velde

Peak | May 2023

Why music is the latest wellness and mental health trend

world anxiety signs tips honeycombers danielle van de velde

HoneyCombers | Feb 2023

When global events are overwhelming: The subtle signs of world anxiety and how to manage it

danielle van de velde story danielle van de velde

VoyageATL | Apr 2022

Check Out Danielle Van de Velde’s Story

breathwork india danielle van de velde

Breathwork India | Sep 2021

Note 6: Truth Is A Lie

wisecrack danielle van de velde

Wisecrack | Aug 2021

Word from the Wise: Dani Van de Velde

the whole kitchen danielle van de velde

The Whole Kitchen | Aug 2021

Interview with Anne Swaine

four women who had musical awakening during lockdown danielle van de velde

Expat Choice | Jun 2021

Four Women Who Had a Musical Awakening During Lockdown

Isabel Galliano | Apr 2021

A conversation with Isabel Galliano, founder of The Cancer Coach, on cancer and energy healing.

isabel galliano founder of the cancer coach danielle van de velde

Isabel Galliano | Mar 2021

A conversation with Isabel Galliano, founder of The Cancer Coach, on the importance of positive mindset for the healing journey.

Creative Mornings Singapore Danielle Van De Velde

Creative Mornings Singapore | Mar 2021

The art of getting lost

unlocking your spiritual power become the creator of your life alice bowmaker danielle van de velde

Alice Bowmaker | Dec 2020

Interview with Alice Bowmaker…Unlocking your spiritual power: Become the creator of your life

Feed Earth Spirit Post | Dec 2020

Reconnecting with Our Innate Intuition

its time to master the ancient art of meditation

Honeycombers | Dec 2020

Is it time to master the ancient art of meditation?

mindful meditation and breathwork for anti aging skin danielle van de velde

The Soothe | Nov 2020

Anti-aging skin: How mindful meditation and breathwork can help

what is earthing and can it improve your health danielle van de velde

The Soothe | Nov 2020

What is Earthing & can it improve your health?

covid 19 raising the vibration of humankind danielle van de velde


Covid-19: Raising the Vibration of Humankind

DOYOU Post | Sep 2020

10 Meditation Teachers That Are Making a Difference in Singapore

Alex Loh Seng Yue | Jul 2020

Interview with Alex Loh…for Community Builders Speak Series – ‘Building Community through an Abundance Mindset’

South China Morning Post | Apr 2020

Guest contributor for article on how to meditate your coronavirus fears away during lockdown, from breathing techniques to looking at nature

Dana’s Tips For Parents | Mar 2020

Interview on the simple yet magical benefits of meditation and our Chakras

Feed Earth Spirit Post | Jan 2020

Bridging Food, The Environment & Consciousness – Let Your Fingers do the Eating

Eudaemonia | Dec 2019

Ritual, with Dani van de Velde. Holistic well-being educator, Kim Forrester, interviews world-leading researchers, experts and ‘inspiring examples’.

Willow Mattress | Jun 2019

Webinar on Lucid Dreaming. Co-sponsored by Singapore Expat Living.

Get to know Dani

I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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