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making magic shape shifting danielle van de velde

Making Magic

Ah! The beautiful, evocative, mysterious word, ‘Magic’. Its meaning and interpretation are as varied as us human beings. For some, the word invokes images of rabbits being pulled from hats; for others, teenage girls in the forest chanting ‘so mote it be’; for still others, the dark arts and something to be feared and swerved from at all costs.

Professor Chris Gosden, in his spectacular book ‘The History of Magic’ describes ‘the three great strands of practice and belief that run through human history – science, religion and magic.’ And although each strand has sought to dominate human enquiry through different eras, usually by denigrating and attempting to debunk the other, these three forms of enquiry have endured throughout time. I love this ‘triple helix’ of human enquiry as we, as a species, seek to understand, master and measure the dimensions of our natural and supernatural domains, as well as the visible and invisible aspects of ourselves. ‘Magic preceded religion and science, and it has been with us from the ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish Magic, to the Shamanistic traditions of Eurasia, indigenous America and Africa, the alchemy of the Renaissance’, and re-emerging today through quantum physics, ‘where magic and science converge’.

The word “magic” derives from the Latin, the Greek, the Old Persian, and, ultimately, the Proto-Indo-European magh, “to help, to be able, to be powerful.” (Psychology Today). Now more than ever, with disillusionment in many of the dogmatic religious structures of the world, and distrust in the commercial agendas behind science, a curiosity and draw to Magic is on the rise.

75 percent of the adult population of the Western world holds some belief in Magic. And whilst there are many forms and expressions of Magic, at its very essence it accepts that we have a connection with the Universe, and that the Universe responds.

making magic danielle van de velde

With the growing understanding and practice of meditation, energy healing and the energetic nature of the human system within the chakras and nadis, the existence and effects of which can now be measured by Western science, the idea that we are inextricably linked and participate within the hologram of vibrating energy and information, that is our universe, is starting to make a lot of sense, to a lot of people.

And, certainly for me and my community of energy healers and magic makers, the empowerment that comes with this knowledge and the results that are yielded when we dare to engage from this paradigm are undeniable. To know and operate with self-determination and oneness, rather than feel separate from everything and passively take the hits from some unseen force that may or may not have your back, yields incredible effects on the system and life.

The former enables consciously living from a state of Love. The latter entraps us in a constant unconscious state of Fear. And our inner state influences our phenomenal experiences. There’s a kind of funnelling that happens as we see evidence of the state we hold and therefore take it as ‘real’ and happening ‘to us’, forgetting that we are and always have been causal to it. Yep – the old Magic Mirror of life. So, to move into collusion with universal forces, we need a serious paradigm flip, and that’s what Shape Shifting – An Experience of Conscious Creation is all about.

It’s a stepped journey to enable that ‘flip’; to understand ways to bring collusion within, between intention, desire and choice, mind and heart, energy and matter, conscious and subconscious. And when this alignment is achieved, we emanate a coordinated, collusive vibrational pattern into the field of life, which by its very nature, mirrors it back through experiences.

When the first Shape Shift for the year opened on the March Equinox, many joined who have been Shape Shifting for several years, and we were also joined by many who were feeling this curiosity, this draw to understand the third thread of their triple helix, Magic. They worked at it, with the support of the materials, member support team and community and especially their will to change their lives, and the results have been both spectacular and a privilege to witness.

There are too many testimonials to add to this blog post, but here are a few excerpts from our March Magic Makers to give a taste of the possibilities when we reclaim our magic:

“With the benefit of the beautiful guidance and tools Dani provided and the support of the Shape Shifting community she has gathered together, my life has turned 180 degrees. I was able to face challenges that have haunted and controlled me for years. In doing so, I have travelled through layers of my self, my past, my future and come to a much greater understanding of my place as a creator of this life.

I have found “home” for the first time in my life, a physical house to call my own, a loving home within my authentic self, and a sense of belonging with others, ‘a tribe’. I now taste a magical richness in each day and have connected with many like-minded beautiful souls around the world.

Big hugs and sincere thanks for Dani and the Shape Shift community, my heart is full.”


“Having just completed my third Shape Shift since 2019 I would like to thank you, Dani, for your generous guidance and sharing of knowledge. I have always believed that it is important to learn from a Master until I can fly on my own and lately, I have felt my wings growing in ways that are most unexpected. The Shape Shift content is dynamic, highly creative, fun and super interesting. In addition to the weekly video and audio lessons, I have loved learning about runes, sigils, planetary deities, crystal and plant energies. The meditations, breath work and musical tracks created for the community are incredible. I now understand how I create my reality and can Shape Shift whatever I desire using the tools I have learnt. I can now sense that my major goals have landed, I am less anxious, healthier, my relationships have improved and I am able to maintain an open heart. The ongoing support between shifts, including our wonderful private Facebook page are the icing on the cake. I cannot recommend this life-changing course highly enough. Namaste.”


“…During my shift I found that opportunities came fluttering towards me like butterflies. Beautiful beings walked straight up to me, offering me chances to heal and to lift myself up out of the cloud I felt I was in. I took them all, feeling ready and empowered by my experiences in the meditations and rituals and my life has altered itself. We always have a choice, I realised, and when we don’t know what to choose, there is always a voice to answer when you ask. SS taught me to listen to it. As for the knowledge, it is highly magical and extremely sacred. I felt my jaw drop at the realisation that I had access to such phenomena as zone rights and medicine wheels and that it was all there for me to grasp.”


“…I encourage everyone from any walk of life to join this Shape Shifting journey, especially during these ever-changing turbulent times. This opportunity came at exactly the right time for me. It was time to shed my stagnant self-limiting beliefs, conditioned thinking, release trauma and start living life to the full…no longer placing my life on hold, often dictated by circumstances within or out of my control. It has been a true realisation that each day I have choices as to how I react or respond to life and the people I choose to spend time with.

I have emerged from this Shape Shifting journey with a much greater sense of compassion, more meaningful and loving relationships, clarity, purpose, creativity, uninhibited authenticity and self love. I have a true appreciation for each day and the beauty and abundance in nature, a passion for rituals and a more peaceful and contented heart. My heartfelt gratitude, Dani…”


If you’re drawn to rediscovering your magical self, this beautiful ancient art, your intuition and self-empowerment, join us for the September Shape Shift. Registrations are now open and close on September 14th. The journey commences on the Equinox, September 21st.

If you have any questions or thoughts about Magic and the Shape Shifting experience, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to share it, I request that you please credit Danielle Van de Velde as the author. I do not authorise repurposing or republishing without my written permission. You may email me for the same.

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