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Intuitive Healing Level 1

Audio Lessons Outline:

Week 1

  • An expanded view of ‘healing’ and ‘illness’
  • How healing happens
  • The role of the Intuitive Healer
  • What is Intuition?
  • The seven Hermetic Principles as axioms for Intuitive Healing
  • The nature of the true Mind and the Principle of Mentalism
  • Suggested Home Practices


Week 2

  • The Principle of Correspondence
  • The Chakras
  • Other correspondences in the human system
  • Suggested Home Practices

Week 3

  • The Principle of Vibration
  • Reiki as a Vibratory Force
  • The eight Intuitive Senses and how to develop them
  • Suggested Home Practices

Week 4

  • Permission as a Conduit for Healing
  • Compassion vs Pity
  • Divination Tools
  • Suggested Home Practices



What is Reiki; Attunements; Reiki Symbols; History
The Human System: Chakras; Koshas; Nadis
The Five Reiki Ideals
Gassho Meditation
Kenyoku Technique
Self-Treatment Steps
Self-Treatment Practice
Treating others – Steps
Treating Others Practice – pure Reiki flow
Byosen Technique
Joshin Kokyuu-Ho Technique
Hatsurei-Ho Technique
This traditional Usui Reiki material will be broken up with meditation, discussion and energy
practices and you will receive 4 attunements over the workshop.

Get to know Dani

I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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