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Intuitive Healers Directory

I am delighted to offer this directory of other Intuitive Healers who have graduated from my Intuitive Healing Course and are attuned to second degree Usui Reiki.

Each of them has combined the Intuitive Healing wisdom with their already established offerings in supporting people to find wholeness, wellness and freedom.

If you are unable to find a timely session with me, please feel free to contact any of these healers directly. Rates and approach are at their discretion.

bonnie d haas healer daniellevandevelde

Bonnie D. Haas

I combine the modalities of Reiki energy flow with intuitive reading, sound healing and breathwork. During my personalised sessions Reiki energy is drawn intuitively through your system to ease dissonance, bring relaxation and healing from understanding the wisdom of your body. Acknowledging the response to the Reiki session can help you to become more powerful by reconnecting to your own healer within.

Based in Switzerland (remote sessions available)

Carla Henry

Carla hosts 90-minute Spirit Sessions which are combination of Reiki Healing & Intuitive Coaching Sessions. Carla blends her Coaching Psychology with Usui Reiki Intuitive Healing. Maybe you are going through a life transition and wanting to reconnect to yourself, maybe you are searching for some purpose and to have a greater sense of meaning in your life, whereever you are at these sessions can help! Carla has a 23+ year career in corporate business consulting and coaching psychology. In-person In Singapore.

celine fontaine healer daniellevandevelde

Celine Fontaine

Reiki is an integral part of my life and my offering to clients. My in-person or remote sessions involve deep listening at the start, to find out what you need, some gentle touch and loving presence, as I run the Reiki through you and a powerful conversation, after the treatment, to discuss your experience and find some tips and suggestions on how to sustain the benefits of the session.

Based in Phuket, Thailand


Diana Ng

I am a body-oriented coach, somatic touch therapist and movement spaceholder, deeply inspired by the wisdom of nature and five element theory.
As we all need different pathways to connect at each moment, each session uniquely draws on over two decades of personal exploration and training in yoga, qigong, meditation, sound, craniosacral therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, TRE, various somatic trauma-integration modalities and of course reiki! I especially enjoy supporting people who identify as being highly sensitive, or anyone desiring to trust and reconnect with their body, emotions and boundaries. Dedicated reiki sessions or in combination with various modalities are available in person or online.
Based in Singapore

emily hill healer daniellevandevelde

Emily Hill

Emily offers heart-led sessions centred around your innate healing wisdom. Weaving reiki, ritual and sacred Cacao into beautiful bespoke one-on-one or group ceremony. Her intention is to deeply nourish and support you in times of celebration, integration, challenge and change. In-person in Singapore

ezan shah healer daniellevandevelde

Ezan Shah

I am a Reiki Healer & an Aroma Yoga teacher where I incorporate the Tibetan Singing Bowl(s) and Essential Oils in my Reiki sessions and Yoga classes. The combination of the singing bowl and essential oils can support you to discover your inner peace, unconditional love, compassion and joy.

farida brouwer danielle van de velde

Farida Brouwer

As an intuitive energy practitioner, and Healing & Wellness coach, Farida’s innate skills and abilities assist you on your path to healing, transformation and growth. In a session, Farida uses various energy healing tools, including Reiki, and her Insightful Conversations where she offers grounded guidance focused on helping you to reconnect with yourself, allow more clarity, and enabling self-awakening and self-empowerment to support your own ability to change and move forward. You can book your session with Farida via Zoom or in-person when she is in Singapore, Phuket or Spain.

dr glenn graves danielle van de velde

Dr. Glen Graves

I have been following my intuitive calling and compassion since early youth and seek to help others heal through reconnecting with the unique resources within our body and spirit. As a pyschologist, life coach and Reiki practitioner, I hope to bring a renewed sense of freedom in the intuitive healing experience.
jane hewett healer daniellevandevelde

Jane Hewett

I am on a mission to help others feel and experience their best life, connecting with their own wisdom to forge a path to healing. I combine coaching and reikii to help unlock and unblock what’s needed to find balance and flow again.

Remote only (unless you are in Darwin, Australia!)

jessy maher healer daniellevandevelde

Jessy Maher

I’m a Reiki Master, and tapped the intuitive healing side guided by Dani last year. I incorporate Bowen Therapy in my sessions. I find the link between Reiki, Intuitive Guidance and Bowen therapy opens a nurturing, balance and peace within.

I am currently only offering distance healing due to Covid and being currently based in Australia indefinitely.

Laura Antonia Abbott

Laura is an Usui Reiki practitioner and photographic artist. Laura combines her modalities with an open heart, listening to the inner language of the soul with the use of intuitive guidance to cultivate healing. Laura’s practice brings peace to the body, restoring clarity of mind and better connectivity to your world. Laura is available for appointments in person in Lisbon, Portugal or online.
leigh-ann dam danielle van de velde

Leigh-Ann Dam

I am a Spiritual Intuitive Coach. In my private sessions, I aim to provide you with a safe and supportive environment where you can confront your biggest challenges and explore your greatest potential. Together, we will work on navigating unresolved issues, revealing your dreams and desires, and taking steps towards achieving your life goals. Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and may include Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Angel Healing, Angel Card Readings and Intuitive Insights.

Based in Switzerland

lexie rodriguez healer danielle van de velde

Lexie Rodriguez

Based in Singapore, I’m a Mama of two gorgeous boys, married to my best friend and deeply passionate about embodying soul-full living. My Soul Care offerings come from over a decade of experience as a professional dancer and yogi, incorporated with Usui reiki, meditation and medical Qigong training. It involves energy clearing, movement, sound vibrations, breathwork and creativity so you can cultivate harmony in your body, mind and spirit. Life is constantly changing, and often these changes are out of our control. The one thing we do have control of, is how we nurture ourselves.
liana wee healer daniellevandevelde

Liana Wee

As a post rehab therapist, Liana believes that when one’s mind, body and emotions are aligned, the journey of healing begins. Through intuitive healing with the use of Reiki, she will work with you to rediscover and reconnect to your true inner self.
maggie sinclair healer danielle van de velde

Maggie Sinclair

Maggie is Reiki Practitioner, and she has deepened her practice in recent years to incorporate intuitive healing. With a clinical background as a nurse, Maggie is passionate about holistic health. This has also led her to become an ICF Certified Coach, and Hatha Yoga Instructor. Maggie often combines Reiki with coaching, and she teaches meditation and breathing practices as follow-up self-care, empowering individuals to support their innate healing. Maggie is available for in person consultations in Singapore, as well as remotely.
manon swaving healer daniellevandevelde

Manon Swaving

I combine Reiki with coaching and feminine embodiment work. The combination of the energy healing and the coaching process allows you to tap into your inner knowing and the wisdom of your body. We’ll start the session with setting your intention. After the Reiki flow, we’ll exchange experiences and design ways together to integrate your insights and to continue your healing in daily life. In person or remotely.

Based in Bali, Indonesia

marina kalkum healer daniellevandevelde

Marina Kalkum

Marina Kalkum is an Intuitive Artist, Tarot and Oracle reader and certified Reiki Healer. Marina has been studying the art of Tarot and Oracle cards for over 10 years. She draws the cards intuitively based on the individuals energy, and most recently has developed her own Tarot Deck. Reads are available in person or via Zoom.

Based in Switzerland

megha choksi intuitive healer danielle van de velde

Megha Choksi

I am a Reiki healer and Ayurveda Wellness Coach. During my private sessions, I combine my knowledge of energy healing and Ayurveda to help you release stress, find balance and inspire healing. I love supporting people who want to live a more harmonious and holistic life in alignment with nature. In person sessions are available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I also provide distance healing sessions.

morgan angrove intuitive healer danielle van de velde

Morgan Angrove

I am a certified Reiki healer and Health Coach, dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being through the power of Reiki and holistic coaching. My approach is unique in that I combine the healing power of Reiki with practical coaching strategies to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. While supporting my clients and through my journey with healing, I have learnt that we have the power to heal ourselves. There is wisdom held within our bodies that tell us exactly what is needed to rebalance our system into a state of wellness and ease. Reiki is a powerful energy that can heal the physical, emotional, and energetic body.
Based in Montreal, Canada (distance healing also available)


natalia ize danielle van de velde

Natalia Ize

I’m a professional ICF certified coach, energy healer with love of nature, animals, people, and healthy eating. My background is in Management and Communications. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Management and started my career working for Andersen Consulting in Change Management. 11 years ago, I transitioned to biofield therapies and have been training and practicing different healing modalities since then. 5 years ago I became a professional certified coach. I’m educated in the RAI Method, the Yuen Method, Reiki Level II, Positive Intelligence and Hypnosis. I give in person Reiki sessions in Singapore and distance sessions worldwide.


sarah grigsby healer daniellevandevelde

Sarah Grigsby

Reset. Reenergize. Create. With the combination of Reiki, sound, knowledge of the emotional body, intuitive readings and coaching, I hold space to ease dissonance in your system and gain insight on your intention of the session. You’ll come out feeling lighter, more relaxed and with greater clarity. Practical suggestions of inner practices will be offered, empowering you to generate self-healing and manifesting the life you want. I look forward to helping you cultivate wholeness from within
tara gelhaus healer danielle van de velde

Tarah Gelhous

My journey in the healing arts started with a degree in Counselling Psychology and today includes a combination of Reiki, Intuitive Healing, counselling, MAP Coaching, Homeopathy and alternative medicine. I love working with people of all ages and also enjoy helping our friends from the animal kingdom. I am based in Switzerland and offer sessions in person (in Switzerland) as well as remotely.