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How to Converse with the Universe

The Spirit language of symbol, synchronicity and sensation


Yesterday I stepped over these two jigsaw puzzle pieces that sat in the middle of the doormat outside the front door of the boutique hotel I am staying in for a few days in Swiss Cottage, London. Two pretty pieces of sky. When they caught my attention, I felt a high sensation in my body, what I call ‘the fizzies’. 

Why would such a seemingly mundane sight create such a strong response in my energy body? Because only an hour before, in a café around the corner from the hotel, I was writing in my journal, my intentions for this trip in the UK.

I had quite specifically written, “I call in the missing jigsaw pieces to fill out the emerging picture of my life…”. Within one beautiful movement, I had received a clear and undeniable communication from Spirit – in potent symbolism, and synchronous timing that held high sensation. 

In my courses and with clients, understanding how to engage with the ‘language of Spirit’ is key to Spirited Living. The renowned phrase “As above, so below; As within, so without; As the universe, so my soul” is commonly attributed to Wiccan witchcraft, however, the meaning can be identified in all esoteric teachings. Modern Magic works on the premise that everything within our experienced phenomenal lives, everything, is issuing from the weave of resonances that we are holding and emanating, from within. And therefore, the key to mastery over our experienced reality, it to gain mastery over our mind and energy bodies, within. 

I think most of us have had the experience of observing synchronous patterns of repeating numbers, or ‘coincidental’ repeated suggestions for content, or encounters with animals, or recurring dreams, for example. And we can so easily dismiss them or get into a loop of Google-searching for meaning. Every now and then, the veil of the mundane parts and we gain a glimpse of a greater organising pattern of information and energy at play around us. However, when you live a spirited life, this not only normalises, but becomes highly useful; it becomes the lens through which you engage with everything. 

To master the language of Spirit, a couple of important dynamics need to be cultivated in our lives.

Daily introspection through journaling

Firstly, daily introspection. It is no secret that I am a huge advocate of daily journaling, and spiritual journaling is an element in all my courses. Journaling from a psychological viewpoint is fabulous for making the subjective, objective, to help determine any biases or blind spots I may be holding within any given situation. This is critical for my ability to take full responsibility and to determine what aspects I can change and grow from. 

However, from a magical viewpoint, it’s through journaling that we can create a container which gives the language of Spirit context. Without the inner coordinates set, we lose the deeper meaning and heart-humming affirmation that synchronous symbols bring. If I hadn’t written that intention in my diary, for example, I possibly wouldn’t have noticed the puzzle pieces or maybe clocked a vague symbolism, but not felt the sensation of Spirit when I came across them. 

I practice intention setting every month with the lunation and especially when I set out on a spirited adventure, like the one I’m on now. Laying down my bearings and soul desires creates a set of coordinates that are useful references, even if the experience opens pathways unperceived at the outset. A spiritual expedition is always marked with way-finders, and way-finders that we have illuminated, firstly in our intention setting and journaling, are far more identifiable in the busy hologram of life.

Daily (at least) connection with the energy body and present-awareness

Meditation, breathwork, qigong, yoga, time in nature, intentional somatic practices, ritual…whatever your jam is, commit to it every day. When we make space in our lives to tap into that immeasurable, undefinable, felt sense of wonder and awe, then there’s room for it to move through our awareness. And, we have a familiarity with the sensation of it, to take notice. It’s that simple. In my book Spirited, I reframe meditation and ritual in exactly this way. Yes, of course, these practices reduce stress, make us healthier, reduce reactivity and expand our emotional resonance, but that’s not the end-game, that’s the starting gate. What we’re actually doing is retraining our sensory perception to far more subtle dynamics of consciousness, both within and without, above and below. In my Psychic Development Circles, the focus is on this perspective of our sensory range, and over half of every lesson is spent altering our consciousness to gain access to the psychic information – all easily achievable through certain meditation techniques.

The Mythic (Mage’s) lens and a magic mirror

If I was to describe yesterday’s conversation with the Universe in the following terms, you might think I’m living in a virtual reality game and have lost my senses:

“Yesterday, as I embarked on my quest in a foreign land, I used my much-loved talisman to issue a command into the causal spheres. I called to the Keeper of the Keys to place the keys along my path, so I might unlock the mystery of my quest.
As I crossed the threshold of my adventure, a message was delivered beneath my feet, two keys will be given,openings into a vivid new reality…”

Through a mythic lens, the magical wonder of the symbols, synchronicity and sensation can be clocked, and fully felt….and it’s super fun to look at life this way. Because the reality is, we are living myths, operating in a virtual-reality universe which is woven in archetypes. I see people on a spiritual path locking down this poetry with such serious attitudes. For some, having magical experiences is some kind of badge to be earned, validation of worth, or worse, makes them ‘better than’ the other.  Piffle I say! That’s the superb paradox in living a spirited life, the best access is gained through play. And the only way to play, is within a playful crew. Spiritual community is essential. Having people in your life, who also see life through a Mythic (Mage’s) lens, or as Caroline Myss puts it, ‘Symbolic Sight’, not only creates a sounding board for your personal myth, but also becomes a conduit for a deeper conversation with the universe.

The day following this gorgeous encounter, I had a long and lovely lunch under a very large old willow tree with three established and highly magical psychic mediums, in what has now become a treasured annual catch-up. This type of connection is highly nourishing for all involved. We can immediately move into the mythic, observe and share the multi-layers of synchronous patterning and symbolism in our lives, and moreover, generate new ones. 

Community is also a key feature of my courses. Our magical reality is highly subjective, even though it operates through the collective. Having a trusted and safe magic mirror through a like-spirited community enables mythic sight…and it’s my preferred social crew! It is also the intention within my Spirited Living membership, launching this September.

There are already so many other encounters with Spirit that I have captured in my journal, that have delivered some serious ‘fizzies’ since arriving in the UK two days ago, including a random and unmissable Hecatean Wheel installed at the exit of the Swiss Cottage tube station –  a very important magical symbol for me and my business, and my membership logo! 

Needless to say, the adventure is on and all the symbols, synchronicities and sensations are pointing towards an incredible and enabled adventure of discovery. And if this sharing has given you a touch of the fizzies too, then register your interest in the Spirited Living membership on my website homepage, and together, we will explore more of this magical life and how to engage with it.

If you have any questions or thoughts about how to talk to the Universe, get in touch. Please visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. Wonderful new offerings are coming in 2023. Subscribe at for notifications. 

If you would like to explore more about a spirited life, my book, ‘Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life’, is now available. See stockists here.

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