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reversing the flow danielle van de velde

Reversing the Flow

How the act of giving amps your spiritual game

Many of us, at this time of year, quite simply run out of fuel. As the holiday season approaches, most of us need to call on the last of our reserves to navigate the end-of-year whirlwind with work, book-keeping, school activities, a tsunami of requests for catch-ups, gifting and in Singapore especially, farewells.  

In the ‘Season of Giving’ we can so easily lose our connection with a sense of flow, as we lurch from one activity to the next, feel weary and crave silence. Many of us, especially sensitive empaths, have a strong impulse to pull away, isolate and conserve. 

However, what I have learnt is that reversing those impulses and stepping into ‘flow’, taps us into a much larger field of energy and movement. And the best way to do this, is to give. 

Flow is when our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits are aligned and connected with our life field, consciously. When we are in a state of flow, we are happy and, in my observation, people who operate in flow are well, vital, grateful, successful and fulfilled.  Being in flow doesn’t mean we don’t experience challenges; this is simply the nature of life. But it does mean that we move through them quite differently – with presence and grace. Flow allows a momentum which steers us into higher possibilities, because flow brings the realisation that we, our life field, our relationships and all that we experience are inextricably linked. 

Flow also enables greater flow. Just like how a healthy flowing river shapes and widens its banks, flow expands our awareness and capacity and vastly changes our inner landscape and connection with life.

When we are disconnected with flow, we are disconnected with life.

reversing the flow image danielle van de velde

Vitality, love, abundance and fulfillment operate on energetic dynamics of flow and giving. When we give them unconditionally and consciously, this giving triggers their movement into and through our life experiences, and it has a multiplier effect.

Giving generates the flow of these energies not only through us, but also through those we give to. Just like how rivers join with other rivers and all converge in the sea.

Here are some simple ways to give and generate flow. Remember, this is energy work and so it’s the conscious expression that holds all the power.

If you are feeling a lack of love or acknowledgment:

  • Send a message or make a call to someone you love when they pop through your mind or when you dream of them.
  • Say ‘I love you’ to loved ones when they say or do something that stirs your heart. Just say it more often anyway.
  • Consciously express gratitude when you are touched by someone else or given a gift and don’t leave it until too late – return that energy in full.
  • Once a week do something caring for someone without any reason, fanfare or expectation of reciprocation.
  • Practice Brahmavihara meditation

If you are feeling a lack of abundance in your life:

Nurture gratitude for the things you have and enjoy around you. A gratitude journal is great for this, as is Gratitude Cultivation in meditation. 

  • Be generous whenever you can. Shout your friend that coffee. Invite friends to share a meal at your table.
  • Recycle unused items in your home. Even if it is your favourite outfit, but you haven’t worn it in two years, give it to someone who will.
  • Regularly encourage your children to do the same with outgrown toys and books
  • Volunteer your time to people in need. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but the action itself will trigger a flow of abundance. Just try it and see!

 If you are feeling a lack of vitality or illness in your life:

  • Give your body the rest, nutrients and sunshine it needs.
  • Give your soundscape positive energy. Stop complaining and use the mantra: “I am healthy and vital by design and sovereign right”.
  • Nurture a positive attitude towards your body and your body will start to express it.
  • Recognize the health and vitality in others around you and express it to them.
  • Gift your home with symbols of vitality. Bring in fresh flowers, herbs and fruits.
  • Make one small change to your daily habit that improves the health of the Earth. Recycle, take your cloth bags for grocery shopping, remove single-use plastics from the home, and switch to biodegradables where possible. Our vitality is linked directly to the vitality of the Earth.
  • Give vitality-related gifts to your friends. Bake an organic cake. If you see some beautiful mangoes at the market, buy an extra for your work colleague.
  • Practice body-based meditations like Yoga Nidra and Renewal Breath.
reversing the flow image danielle van de velde

If you are feeling a lack of purpose:

  • Give yourself time to pursue activities that make your heart sing, that you love. The clues to these lie in what inspires you and makes you vibrate and also what drew your attention as a child. 

Practice meditation to draw into presence and to know yourself and your design and talents.

  • Give your attention to other purpose-led people around you and acknowledge that aspect in them.

 These small simple acts of giving generate flow and engage us consciously with life and others.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

If you have any questions or thoughts about the act of giving and how it can generate flow, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. Wonderful new offerings are coming in 2023. Subscribe at for notifications. 

If you would like to explore more about a spirited life, my book, ‘Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life’, is now available. See stockists here

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