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Passion’s Lead

Four reasons why passion is a spiritual superpower

Earlier this month I hosted Singapore’s first-ever developmental retreat and public demonstration in Western Psychic Mediumship. I’m not going to lie, it was a risky business and personal move, for a few reasons.

Firstly, in South East Asia, there are several different views of mediumship in general and many of them are unfavourable and highly superstitious in nature. Ideas of ‘irritating the dead’, spiritual attachments and attacks, possession and hauntings abound in the East. 

Secondly, as much as I admire and love my tutor from the last two years, also our retreat facilitator, Christine Morgan, we hadn’t actually met in person until I collected her from Changi airport the day before the retreat. 

Thirdly, whilst I enjoy a solid reputation as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, it is only this year that I have communicated my explorations into mediumship and opened up sessions for connection with the spirit realm. 

There was no benchmarking on pricing or format here in Singapore for such an event, and the market generally is somewhat subdued with a lot of uncertainty and people being conservative about where they choose to spend their money. 

As a businesswoman, I could have easily parked the idea or organised a ‘safer’ alternative, like a series of online tutorials for example. But I didn’t. In fact, I couldn’t, because I am so filled with passion for what the beautiful world of mediumship offers: proof of an afterlife, proof of the loving presence of our loved ones, and for me personally, brave new explorations into the capabilities of the human mind and the nature of consciousness. 

My passion eclipsed my risk aversion, and I am so happy I followed this passion’s lead. The retreat and demonstration filled, Christine was dazzling to witness, and the experience has shifted paradigms and changed the lives of the many people involved. 

Here are my recent takeaways on passion as a spiritual superpower:

passion danielle van de velde

Passion as a way finder to purpose

I often say to clients, that the best way to move your life and activities towards your purpose, is to ‘follow the delight’, and passion is ‘delight on steroids’. Even if we are not sure how our passions will take form, we are able, at the outset, to identify in our lives what it is we are passionate about. When we engage in an activity, meet a person, take in content that has elements of what we are passionate about, we feel it. We are drawn, we want more, and we are impelled to express it. This can be a great journaling prompt. 

Make some time, unrushed, and do a simple audit of all the things, people, and experiences in your life currently, that incite felt passion within you. Then distil the theming from each and you will find patterns which you can then transpose into activities and project ideas. Very often, what we were passionate about as children, holds the clues to our purpose as adults. I write about this in my book Spirited: A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life

find your passion danielle van de velde

Passion opens pathways

Passion is a magnetic and powerful vibration that unites mind, heart and will. This alignment opens tracks within for energy and possibility to follow, inspiring ideas, solving problems…and it’s contagious. I experienced so much enablement for the events from the venue, leave approvals for attendees, the combination of personalities and so much more. Pathways flew open for The Wonder of Spirit in May and the shared passion for psychic and mediumship exploration was expressed by all attendees before the event and so much so after the event that we are planning the next one for November this year. 

Passion is present

If you’re fortunate enough to have experienced romantic passion in your life, you will know the time-arresting effect it has on the mind. Being with someone who you love with your entire body, mind and spirit can very often make ‘time stand still’. Yet we can so easily attribute that experience to the object of our passion, and not passion itself. Passion eclipses our attachment to the passage of time. It plunges us into ‘the deep now’. And we know from the fabulous research into mindfulness and meditation, that it is in the deep now that we operate at our best, access deeper states of intelligence and heal. 

passion empowers danielle van de velde

Passion empowers

My passion for psychic and mediumship explorations emboldened my resolve to bring Christine and Western mediumship to Singapore. It empowered action into unchartered territory, which resulted in so much more than what we anticipated. Moreover, passion engendered trust. My spiritual community in Singapore was empowered to trust my passion, I trust Christine’s passion, and as was evidenced over and over again during the retreat and demonstration, the spirit realm trusted us. Leaning into what you’re passionate about is a fabulous exercise in life generally. 

Are you engaging with your passion as a spiritual superpower?

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