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Meeting at various beautiful outdoor locations in nature in Singapore to share a short story of a new Earth Deity each week.

Dawn Dreaming Outdoor Charity Meditations Wheel of the Year

The atmosphere at the point of dawn is considered to be highly charged with Vital Life Force. It is a palpable field of energy that facilitates beautiful meditative states and is a liminal window to create change in ourselves and our lives.

In 2024, our Dawn Dreaming meditations will be less frequent, and more ceremonial. We will follow the Wheel of the Year Pagan feasts and gather on these potent dates to work with the elemental energies available to create positive change in our lives. The registered group will be set up in a WhatsApp group a few days prior to gathering with preparation instructions and exact meeting points.

Sessions are $40 each. All proceeds will be donated to our monthly goodwill cause.

6.30am – 8am on the Friday morning closest to the feast days and always in a beautiful natural outdoor location.

dawn dreaming outdoor charity meditations wheel of the year danielle van de velde

Mabon: Release

Friday 20th September
Botanic Gardens

Samhain: Sacred Death & Spiritual New Year

Friday 25th October
Fort Canning

Please note I will be traveling for the Summer Solstice feast Litha/Midsummer, in June

The energies of the dawn are powerful, uplifting and transformative. I wrote about my experience and learnings through greeting over 400 consecutive dawns here.

Practices vary with each session and include breathwork, elemental connection, sky gazing and simple energy practices. No previous experience required and all welcome.

A couple of guidelines:

  • The peak energies we are engaging with are at the true point of dawn – so timing is key. If you are joining any of the sessions, set your alarm and factor travel time to the meeting point. The group won’t wait for you. We will meet at 6.30am.
  • No refunds or carry-overs. If sleep kidnaps you on the day of your meditation, that’s probably what your body needs, and your $40 will gratefully be donated anyway.
  • When registering you will be asked for your phone number and be included on a WhatsApp group for weather notifications and confirmation of the meeting points.

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