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Creative Fear

Five effective ways to transmute Fear into Possibility

2020 has started in epic proportions, as large-scale collective rebalancing takes place. The Australian bushfires, increase in widespread volcanic and seismic activity and now the CoronaVirus spreading at speed throughout Asia and further afield, is enough in itself for many to retreat from community and connection and lay very low. I won’t even touch on the additional anxiety that the global political environment is adding to this heady mix! People are afraid and that fear is fuelled by distrust in media reporting, leadership and the true underlying causes for these incredible world events. There’s an apocalyptic-feel to them and the images in the news are the stuff of nightmares.

By the first week in January my private energy and mentoring sessions were booked through to March. I get it! Without a spiritual framework, these events can be overwhelming for many. In the last few days I have seen twelve clients and many of them are spiralling down into ‘what ifs’, for some, to the point of obsession and generating fear-fuelled sickness in the body. Of course, from one perspective this is very understandable, especially for people whose livelihoods depends on travel and interactions with large groups. I am also needing to rethink my larger gatherings. The New Moon Lodge on Feb 23rd, The Alpha Male, in Singapore, has attracted a huge response with close to forty people registered already, which has taken us over the definition of a ‘large gathering’ and if the Singapore Govt raises the warning code from ‘yellow’ to ‘orange’ which is quite possible in coming days, I will also be looking to deliver my first virtual Lodges via the internet. The meditation courses and talks also planned for this month are ‘on watch’ too. And I have had to cancel two business trips to Shanghai recently.

From a spiritual perspective all highly-charged repeated thoughts loops are generative, that is, they influence out experienced reality, they are creative. Fear-based thought patterns are no exception. Fear has an intense psychic-weight. It is contracting to the body and energetic field and when it is expressed through repeated worry, talk, thought-loops it becomes an organising pattern. The old idiom, ‘you attract what you fear’ is not without an energetic basis. However, conversely, highly-charged positive thought loops have the same generative effect. The emotional voltage of gratitude, awe and wonder, loving kindness and compassion for example have long been universally recognised as powerful vibratory states that heal, release psychic entanglements and manifest outcomes and this is the energetic basis of creative visualisation, visioning, prayer and spell-casting.

As intense as the start to this decade is for all of us, it is also an invitation to mastery. To ride it through with some elegance and grace, here is a summary of some my top-tips for transmuting fear and fear-based thinking, into positive life-ward patterns. These are inner-energy practices, that shift the vibration of your inner state, and as our inner state and outer experienced reality are actually one self-organising system, when you consciously engage in the directorship of what vibrations and thoughts you are entertaining within, you are able to influence your life experience. These of course do not replace the sensible precautions advised by the health authorities in light of the Coronavirus, however they absolutely play a huge role in how we experience this extreme start to the year and they are  accessible energy practices for both the novice and seasoned practitioner.


Our bodies respond to a fearful thought in the same way that they respond to an actual threat. The body doesn’t know the difference. Perspective is key.

Perspective can act as either a cage or a key-code to expansion.

One exercise I have been giving clients is to audit and affirm their current reality each evening before slipping off into sleep. Each night simply run through the current reality of your state and softly repeat aspects as statements of truth. ‘I am well’, ‘I am strong’, ‘my home is safe’, ‘my family is well and happy’, ‘my body feels good’, ‘my mind is calm’. Hearing statements of truth stated with clarity and presence in your own voice has an enormous evocative effect on the psyche, that shifts the inner state into truth and out of conjecture. This is an excellent circuit-breaker to habitual fear loops and can also be done throughout the day when you catch yourself freaking out.


Thought-loops carve tracks in the mind that we mindlessly follow when not present. They become habitual and constantly flood the body with stress hormones and tighten the muscles of the body, all the while contributing to a sense of dis-ease and vibrating chaotic patterns into our fields. And all habits can be reprogrammed. The first step is to consciously break the habit. Keeping it real is one way. Another beautiful circuit-breaker I use is again with a statement of command. When I catch myself spiralling to the worst possible scenario, usually about my children, I stop the thought-track and simply say to myself….’that’s a story that doesn’t have to happen!’. This is again a statement of truth. In reality anything and everything is possible. The experience field gathers, organises and collects around the energetic patterns we emanate…morphing from potentiality, to possibility into probability, the stronger and more repeated the emanation pattern.

Another slightly stronger circuit-breaker is the Buddhist Fire Mudra, which is quite simply raising the right hand in a ‘stop’ sign. This Mudra is associated with protection from low-vibe patterns and transmutation of their energy into higher states within. Again, it simply involves catching yourself in the downward thought/emotional spiral, raising the right hand upwards, outstretched arm, left hand on the heart or resting palm facing up and state with authority…’Enough! This pattern does not belong within me!’ These circuit-breakers make for a few classic scenes in the workplace or at the book club meets, but they work. To amp the effect even more, you can slip away into a bathroom and make the decree to your reflection in the mirror. The feeling of empowerment and central personal will is palpable and puts you right back into the driver’s seat of your life.

The more often we circuit-break the pattern, the weaker it gets.


Our ability to ‘keep it real’ and ‘circuit-break’ unhelpful emanation patterns, depends largely on our state of presence and inner observation. Without a cultivated ability to dwell in present awareness we can spend up to 42% of our waking day running our mental tracks, and the psychologists conclude we tend to run the not so happy tracks. Meditation, in whatever form you choose cultivates an inner space between our interface with experienced reality and our response to it. It shifts us from reactive living to responsive and ultimately creative living. It keeps us well and vital, which naturally engenders a greater sense of wellbeing and stability. Breath meditation and pranayama techniques have an additional effect of cleansing the front brain, synchronising the central nervous system and running higher levels of vital life force through the energy body, which in turn bolsters immune function, enables higher vibratory states and intuition. The stronger Pranayamas of Kapalbhati and Bastrika Breath are excellent for transmuting fear. Heart-centred meditations like Gratitude Contemplation, Metta and Tonglen, to name a few of my favourites, are proven to boost immune function and transmute dense lower vibrations into high harmonious emanations. (Refs at the end of this article).


The ancient act of smudging is known for its cleansing and protective qualities. Certain botanicals when burnt emit anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties into the environment. Perhaps the best known of these is sage. In esoteric practice, smoke is a liminal substance, that is, it plays both a physical and spiritual cleansing role. It works on both sides of ‘the veil’ – the mundane and the spiritual, the particle and the wave, the inner and the outer. The act of smudging is often associate with cleansing of spaces and objects, yet in my experience it is a powerful transformer of inner-states too. Our home space particularly is a powerful metaphor and extension of our inner state. We all instinctively know this, by how we experience inner shifts with the annual Spring clean-out, or introducing new colour threads through our space, or introduce scent, plants and order.

The home, is quite literally, where the heart is; and the heart is the seat of our Spirits. Of course, just with any magical workings, if it’s done from a state of fear and panic, it does nothing more than consolidate the unhelpful inner state. However, when it is done as a sacred act from a place of sovereign command, it vastly alters everything. It harmonises chaos patterns which so often present in the home space in sickness, turbulent sleep, low depressive moods, unsettled children and what we might perceive as ‘bad luck’. (Downloadable smudging guidelines at the end of this article).


I have enormous respect for the clients that recognise they need some help to transmute fear patterns and book-in for a session. Intuitive Healing and Mentoring with a solid practitioner can have an immediate effect. The energy work circuit-breaks and resets emanation patterns and the intuitive read and mentoring can help to establish a new paradigm based on spiritual principles that raises the inner state and vibration into a life-ward force. Very often our fear-patterns are based in belief systems that we have inherited from our tribal culture and early experiences and observations. Once the root of the fear tendency is brought to light in the session, our awareness alone can be enough to dissolve it and replace it with an expanded belief based in knowledge and if necessary I always suggest a simple home ritual to ‘close the loop’ on the shift and establish it as a new foundation.

Beautiful, sacred, powerful…just as we are designed to operate.

2020 is calling us to raise our game, to choose what we stand for and believe in and to come into as fuller lived understanding of our true nature. It’s a lot like an intense tutorial in Spirit-school! We have the choice, always. I’m choosing mastery…are you in?

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