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Research-based, entertaining and experiential enrichment workshops and talks on meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing


Schools & Education

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The changing landscape of talent and capital markets, modes of operation and workplaces, is requiring new ways to collaborate, innovate and deliver. The ‘human’ aspect of leadership and employee enrichment and development  programs is an essential element of organisational wellness, loyalty and performance. 

Self-agency, greater choice and flexibility to explore wellness are the main requirements for attracting and retaining the best talent and peak performance. When teams and leaders are empowered with knowledge and practices, performance and a positive culture can grow.

Stress management is one of the greatest challenges for work teams and individuals in the workplace. 24/7 accessibility, travel, information overload across digital platforms, all contribute to prolonged tension, poor sleep patterns and team fractures. Stress and absenteeism is costing businesses billions every year.

Intentionally cultivating wellbeing is proving to be a competitive advantage in business. Studies prove the positive impact of regular meditation and mindfulness skills on executive skills such as emotional regulation, cognitive function, lateral thinking and problem solving.

Dani offers:
  • Research-based, entertaining and experiential workshops and talks to raise awareness and give direct experience of the principles covered – suited to employee welfare/enrichment programs, team building and senior executive teams
  • Bespoke workplace meditation programs, either in-person, online or hybrid
  • Snr Executive Mindfulness programs and one-to-one coaching

Aimed at:

  • Enhancing performance, productivity and Resilience
  • Reducing stress and burnout
  • Increasing attention and innovation
  • Enriching organisational and team culture

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Popular Meditation Talks/Workshop Topics

Politicians, celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs are all coming out as ‘avid’ meditators these days. Times Magazine in 2015 coined the movement ‘The Mindfulness Revolution’. This workshop explores what all the fuss is about. We go back to basics – what is meditation and mindfulness? Is there a difference? What is the most current research saying about its effects on mind, body and emotional health? Can anyone do it? How do you get started?

“ You will never be able to escape your heart, so you may as well listen to what it has to say…” raises a lot of lovely questions about the true nature of the human heart.

In ‘Messages from the Heart’ workshop we discuss what recent research has uncovered about the miracle of the human heart, its vibrational nature and its intelligence. We will chat about how the heart responds physically and energetically to heart-based meditation techniques and we will practice a beautiful heart-based meditation (incorporating visualisation, breath work and vibrational sound) to close.

Eastern traditions identify the breath as ‘the bridge’ to our inner landscape and the means to taming the mind and coming into the present moment.

The breath is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that we can control. When we are stressed or not mindful, our breath becomes shallow and quick. Placing our full concentrated awareness onto the act of breathing is called ‘mindful-breathing’. Mindful breathing naturally produces deeper inhalations and longer exhalations and triggers a change in brainwave activity.

We now know that regular meditators have better memory and recall functions, mental clarity and concentration for mental and physical tasks, creative and inspired thinking, insight and problem solving – a calm brain is an efficient brain.

This workshop explores the three main intelligence centres of the body – the head-brain, heart-brain and brain in the belly and how our locum of command is actually not in the head-brain. We will look at how the other intelligence systems of the body act and communicate, and experience a series of visualisation practices to acknowledge these centres and connect with our inner wisdom.

In this workshop we explore the ancient techniques of Pranayama and how they are proving to directly impact brainwave activity and function, synchronisation in the central nervous system and vitality.

What is resonance? How does it serve us? How does it affect others? What behaviours and influences deplete our resonant field?  And how can we raise our resonance through our bodies and our minds?  This fascinating workshop explores the energetic field of the mind/body system and how it can be accessed and utilised through meditation.

There’s a surprising link between beauty and brains. Our Western culture (sadly and oh so wrongly) has traditionally presented these two attributes as almost mutually exclusive in a woman…however they are inextricably linked. The top ten foods that promote cognitive function and brain health are also the top ten foods for radiant skin, hair and vitality. The top four elements that erode brain function also erode beauty and radiance…the terrible Ts: Tension, Tiredness, Toxins, and Time…
In this workshop we discuss recent research that shows how meditation, specifically mindful breathing, tackles the terrible Ts head-on – restoring mental balance and clarity, recall and cognitive function as well as revitalising physical radiance…yes….it can even slow the effects of passing time!!

What is the physiology of ‘gut-feel’? Why do so many people feel disconnected to it? How can meditation reconnect you to your inner wisdom and nurture love for your tummy? This workshop explores the intelligence of the Enteric Nervous System and why it is so responsive to meditation techniques.

This workshop explores the physiological and psychological impact of prolonged stress, signs to look for and how mindfulness meditation can create effective circuit-breakers to the overload/stress/override cycle. Participants will be led through two mindfulness practices aimed at calming and balancing brainwave activity, synchronising the nervous system and calming the stress response.

What is consciousness and conscious leadership? This workshop explores the latest commentary from world experts on how fostering the techniques of mindfulness within organisational leadership enables workplaces to tap their collective capability, intuitive intelligence and lateral problem-solving abilities through greater presence, observation and working with ‘the third space’.

When we meditate the brain functions in different ways. Regular meditators are more able to switch from their left-brain and right-brain depending on the task at hand. In other words meditation brings together the intuitive and logical minds. In this workshop we will look at the changes in brain activity during meditation that enable greater creativity, lateral thinking and problem solving, and how this can carry over into day-to-day life.

There are specific meditation techniques that are proven to provide numerous benefits to athletes including reduced stress and anxiety before performance, enhanced motor reflexes, increase motor control, increased exercise tolerance and sharpened perceptions and concentration. Studies show that meditators have a maximal cardiac workload as compared to non-meditators. In this workshop we will look at the specific meditation techniques that have a direct impact on your fitness and your game.

We hear the term ‘mind over matter’ often – but what is the relationship between what we think and believe and our physical form? This workshop draws from the latest research in epigenetics and cellular-biology to present a very different view of the mind/body system and how we can engage with it through meditative intention.

If you’re looking for a specific topic or tailored workshop, please contact Dani.


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The cognitive, emotional and physiological benefits that meditation and mindful living bring, are powerful enablers for the student. Regular meditation is proven to enhance recall and memory, our ability to accept new paradigms and concepts, solve problems, bring coherence to intuitive and logical aspects of the mind, aid sleep and restoration.

Meditation is a proven enabler in underprivileged schools and for troubled students around the world and is now accepted as a key practice in building resilience in children and teens.

More and more meditation and mindfulness practices are being incorporated into home room and student enhancement activities.

I have had the privilege of delivering talks, workshops and courses to some of Singapore’s most progressive International schools and tertiary institutions. My focus is on mid to senior level students who require self-mastery skills to navigate the heightened pressure of senior level studies, performance, making life choices and broadening relational fields in their lives.

I also focus on teacher and school administration team programs to assist the ‘school mechanism’ to operate in responsive and expansive ways to the needs of their communities; and to empower teachers to lead meditation and mindfulness activities with their students.

All programs are focussed on easy accessible practices that are proven to be effective for the teenage system and for students new to meditation practice and backed by current research and statistics. They are experiential and notes can be provided. Practices include simple breathwork techniques, EFT and somatic meditations, as well as creative visualisation techniques to envisage and feel into success.

Stress triggers of today’s teenage students; how they present and when is it time to act? Techniques to circuit-break prolonged stress responses

Mindfulness and relationships. A new way to view the teenage/school relational field. Typical signs of emotional stress and how to work with them.

Some lesser well known facts about the brain, study, information retention and problem solving. The importance of sleep, diet, exercise and non-activity windows as lifeward habits to cultivate for maximum performance.

The science of sleep. How much is optimal for healthy body and mind? What are some clever hacks to improve ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Simple meditations to cultivate healthy sleep patterns. How to interpret dreams.

Teachers as a key organisational ‘asset class’. Current statistics on teacher burnout and reasons why. Meditation techniques to mitigate burn-out and improve community relationships between school structure, families, other teachers and students.

If you’re looking for a specific topic or tailored workshop, please contact Dani.


Topics of meditation, mindfulness and inner enquiry make for wonderful keynote talks and ice-breakers for functions. I have delivered talks and webinars for numerous industry events that range from wellbeing festivals, to luxury travel symposiums, to product launches.

If you would like to bring a unique experience to your industry event, get in touch.


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Get to know Dani

I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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A deeper personalised and intuitively guided experience.

A key enabler to healing and personal transformation.

Group meditations, drop-ins, workshops and events. In-person & online.

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