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The Unsolicited Guru – Part 1

The Unsolicited Guru – Part 1

How to stay empowered when navigating the ‘spiritual industry’

I believe you can tell when socio-economic conditions are tough by the upswings in sketchy activity on the internet. The amount of hacking, ID impersonation, phishing and sketchy-ass emails seems to spike. And with that also comes an upswing in direct contact from self-appointed gurus, seers and mages, touting a direct line to my ancestors, or picking up on some curse, or having a dream about me…and offering relief, a spell or a turn of fate for a fee.

Lately, I have been receiving a few a week and I’m going to say it straight…these people really steam up my cauldron! They usually come with terrible greetings…like ‘Grand rising love my beloved”; who really speaks like that? Or, ‘Greetings from Atlantis Dear One…” and every shade of BS in between. But what really gets me annoyed about these creepy people is that it is also during socio-economic dips or periods of uncertainty, that many people genuinely start searching for meaning and a spiritual path. There’s more need and more vulnerability.

It happens outside of the internet too. I will also get trends in what I call ‘clean up jobs’. These are clients that come in because they have been negatively affected by a session with a self-appointed healer, mystic, ‘shaman’ or some other important sounding label, which they have found appropriate because they burn some sage and maybe, have danced naked at Burning Man once.

Sometimes, the damage is serious. Low energy, depression, illness, psychological confusion and moreover, a choice to jettison all spiritual enquiry…just because of one run-in with an idiot. I also, on occasion, see it with ex-students who have had a wonderful experience in one of my courses and believe that qualifies them to hold circles and mentor others in the finer arts of spirituality. Feel good is not wisdom! And on the few occasions it has happened (that I know of at least) it has been to satiate a deep need to feel special…which is not at all the best energetic disposition for guiding others.

It’s difficult to measure the ‘spiritual industry’ as it is difficult to define and usually gets lumped in with the ‘wellness industry’ metrics. But going by that alone, we’re talking of a global market that has grown in the last few years to beyond $4trillion USD and is showing no sign of slowing down. This is exciting in some ways, as more and more people are choosing to divert greater amounts of their disposable income into self-improvement and wellbeing…however it also attracts the ‘snake oil sellers’. Whilst the fitness and psych worlds are well regulated, insured and licensed, the spiritual end of the scale in energy healing, spiritual mentoring and the psychic arts, is not.

how to stay empowered when navigating the spiritual industry 2 danielle van de velde

So how can we navigate our way through the options in the spiritual industry, without becoming jaded by the self-appointed, unsolicited gurus out there? Here are my top tips that work for me:

  • Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing. If you are being promised an exclusive patented method to enlightenment that is accessible through only one source and can only be drip-fed to you for higher and higher fees, look closely, question everything, and follow your heart.
  • Do the ‘I/me’ count. When you hear someone speak about spirit, notice how many times they refer to themselves, that subtle self-stroking of ego. If they present themselves as being the source of their power and abilities, tread carefully.
  • Trust only a spiritual guide who has earned that title through personal mastery, preferably in a known system. Check out their followers and students. You’ll get an immediate gauge. Is the guide empowered and free, or are they being manipulated? I once went to a talk with a ‘master’ that did an online metaphysical course that allowed him to choose his title. He chose ‘master.’ His students looked as if they were in a group trance when they gathered. He didn’t seem too shiny to me, and he was decidedly sleazy. I obeyed my heart and walked.
  • Be very alert to predictions of accidents, death, injury, bad luck, or illness if you don’t engage the provider. Believe me; it happens. I once met a shamanic teacher who emailed me urgently saying she had a warning dream that I was going to be hit by a car and needed her protection—for a fee, of course. I followed my heart and walked. I am alive and well.
  • Be very wary of anyone who attributes all their sketchy words and behaviours to their ‘guides.’ This is a real red light. I once met a woman who sent me an unsolicited email for some past-life regression treatment that only she could offer for a huge ‘energy exchange’ (a term I can’t stand). When I sent it back saying no thanks and that I felt neither the need nor compulsion for it, she replied saying that her guides were playing with us and they had sent the email. BS!
  • Be aware of unsolicited divinations and readings. You are in control and should always decide what support you need. I received an urgent message once from a woman in Australia who had seen my Facebook profile picture and was very concerned about my blocked upper chakras. Ironically, this was during a time when I was studying the most sublime heart-expanding practices, and I felt the best I had ever felt. I politely replied, thanked her for her concern, pointed out that the profile picture was actually two years old, and told her, ‘No thank you.’ She was very persistent, and if I were a more vulnerable person, I might have listened to her. I explained that I was not in need of, or want of, her help. She then changed the direction and thought she may have been picking up on someone close to me, maybe a family member. Again, I politely said ‘No thanks’ and wished her well. She then came back with ‘Well, I can’t help what I see or for whom I see it…all I know is that you need help’, to which I replied, ‘Well, if you don’t know what you’re seeing or whom you’re seeing it for, then you haven’t quite mastered your art, have you? Leave me alone!’
  • Exorbitant ‘energy exchanges’ can show that your provider is conflicted materially. In my experience, those who are truly connected to spirit are not focused on material gain. They’re looked after materially when they are in true service, and most give a lot of what they earn to the needy. This is not to say that spiritual teachers should give their services for free either. This life, if chosen, is an investment of time, intention, studies, and practice. It should be charged for, but realistically.

how to stay empowered when navigating the spiritual industry danielle van de velde

  • Just because someone exhibits some psychic ability or has dedicated their life to spiritual service does not mean they are a good person or aligned with spirit. We have seen this in all too stark detail with the systematic child abuse in the Church (amongst other institutions). I have seen this with spiritual practitioners—especially those offering tantric services. If it feels hinky, despite how amazing it might seem or what promises are made, just walk. Walking away doesn’t mean you are spiritually blind or ‘unable to accept higher truth’—yes, that one has been used on me too! It means you are discerning; you are listening to your heart, and you hold the power of free will and choice.

In Part 2 of this blog series I will outline what to look for when seeking out a true spiritual guide or healer, and in the meantime, remember this….

You have everything you need within you, within your design. You are spirit manifesting through a human nervous system and form. If you feel you need some guidance or a new perspective as you move along, look around, keep searching, and don’t rush things. Ask spirit to send you the right teacher and content for this time. In my observation, the soul-calls that are made for spiritual truth and enablement are answered swiftly and delightfully, and they make your heart sing. When you make it a priority to build awareness of your spirited self, your intuition is undeniable.

If you are looking to join groups, retreats or circles with like-spirited people, do get in touch or go to and sign up to receive current offerings and updates. You can also explore courses and useful content on the website to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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What the Wild Whispered

What the Wild Whispered

Key messages for 2022

Mid January, I waved goodbye to my hubby and two teenage kids. They flew back to our home in Singapore, and I returned to my mountain cottage, in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains, for two weeks of creative time. This is my time to go within and create as much inner space as possible for my Spirit to express itself, and my direction for the year.

For me, there is no better partner for this annual process than the wilderness itself. Solitude, silence and dwelling outside create an incredible container for direct revelation and guidance. Specific, beautiful wild encounters and the patterns in the atmosphere serve both to reaffirm something that I already knew was rising, or in beautiful ways, open my system to new ideas and energies. The dialogue is always on and always sublimely poetic.

My desire for clear and strong intent and priorities for the coming year is the GPS setting for the dialogue. It’s not a search-and-find game, it’s more a dwell-in-awe-and-it-will-come game. The messaging can come from a clover leaf, a spider, or an epic incoming storm. When there’s a connection between the wild, my mind and my energy body…the dialogue and the revelations are felt, in every cell.

I’m so grateful to have access to ancient, untouched and protected wilderness. In these places, the interchange is always stronger and undeniable. And I respond to each message with a heartfelt promise and great gratitude.

Here are seven clear messages that came from the wilderness at the start of 2022…and the promises I made. I have adopted these themes into my personal development plans for this year, and also into my offerings for my community. I hope they inspire.

22nd December: A reminder of the sentience and presence of nature as an ally

what the wilde wisper nature image 1 danielle van de velde


There are the obvious ways that life on the planet, as we know it, depends on trees for its existence. Oxygen, wood, food, temperature regulation, soil maintenance, medicine, resins, perfumes, eco-systems, and the water cycle are only a few of the many essential ways we depend on our planet’s forests. And, underneath these obvious ways, there are more subtle energetic affinities…transmutation of energy to matter, relationship with light, ascending and descending energy circuits, non-audio communications.

We all have an affinity with trees. On my land here in the Blue Mountains, I have relationships with certain trees that are extraordinary. For over twenty years I have visited them, left them offerings, meditated near them, loved them. Trees, like all things, have an organising, sentient field of energy that brings them to bear. In Shamanism it’s simply called ‘a spirit’. And it’s the spirit of the tree and my spirit that blend when we’re close. There’s a recognition, a communication.

Sometimes, that blending breaches the ordinary perception and the spirit will make itself known in a way that I can relate to, in my ordinary senses.

This happened on the Solstice…can you see ‘Her’?

My Promise:

  • Continue to grow my personal connection with the wild Spirits of Singapore
  • Continue to offer outdoor nature meditation circles
  • Grow our reforestation and conservation efforts and increase my community’s carbon offset through tree planting

rosemary pine and lavender from the garden to decorate the christmas table and balneology danielle van de velde

Rosemary, Pine and Lavender from the garden to decorate the Christmas table and Balneology

A few weeks later I took these photos from my back deck for the Monkey Pot Magic group. These funny faces became Instagram stars for about 24 hours. Hilarious. And I was thrilled to see so many comments from members saying that they also have ‘spirit faces’ in their stone and wooden floors.

24th December: 2022 will require fluidity and adaptability

This was a gorgeous misty morning. It felt autumnal. But then we got scorched, then some hail and thunder rolled in, then a dry wind, then a bright blue sunny sky, then some more mist!

It’s impossible to predict this gorgeous mountain weather…you’ve just got to roll with it. There’s beauty in every expression, just as there’s beauty in every expression in life. I don’t say, “This horrible fairy tale mist. I hate the way it cloaks the garden and leaves mist drops on the spider webs. This mist is awful.’ Quite the opposite. I am transfixed by it.

So why judge some of the shifts and changes in my life so readily? Why not see the beauty in their expression and welcome them in with great interest, the way that I do the mist? This is how I stay agile, especially when I am unable to see too far ahead. 

My entire time here was marked by long misty days and nights. Mist was a message from the wild. Without a doubt, Omironc has created a thick mist and reduced planning back to the very short term for now. As it also forces the world into accepting the virus and its continual variations as ‘endemic’, I need to find inner ways to roll with it more smoothly. 

My Promise:

  • To view all swings and roundabouts this year as necessary pauses and redirections
  • To intentionally work with my words, and replace words like ‘obstacle’ or ‘block’ to ‘challenge’ and ‘sign for deeper thinking’

what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde

what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde


25th December: Hope and Inspiration are the vibrational Super Powers for 2022

This beautiful symbol of hope was on my trail early Christmas morning. A Christmas kiss from the wild! The early morning sun struck the fresh feather, lighting up the pure pristine white against the rust of a rotting tree trunk. It was as if it was spot-lit just as I walked past.

Feathers are commonly recognised as divine signs. They come from creatures that have mastered flight and air currents, and that are known for their song. Air is the element correspondent with the heart chakra and the agent of the throat chakra. In reference to my chakra system, this feather is messaging a call for higher perspectives and a heart-led voice, to express my truth this year.

I found this wild whisper not just strikingly beautiful, but also an affirmation of hope and giving voice to my truth.

In the days that followed, I was joined here by Sam Joole, the co-creator of the music tracks, guided meditations and the podcast theme music. In three very fun days, we recorded and did postproduction on eight fantastic new tracks. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but a whole new vibe and sound emerged. I started using my voice in different ways – tones, trembles, song, intoning. A total delight. All of the tracks are for Chakra Shuddhi Sequence which opens in April. The feather signalled the power of allowing the heart voice. 

My Promise:

  • To intentionally manage downward spirals of doubt or frustration, with wider perspectives that enable hope and creativity
  • To create new spaces for my community to gather, share and express our own truths and visions
  • To continue to create inspiring content through books, blogs, music, meditations and podcasts

27th December: Our Life Field supports our heart-led choices – get aligned in 2022

I love the time between Christmas and the New Year…that gorgeous and weird ‘in-between’. There is silence after the Christmas feasting. Sleep, curling-in, grey palette-filled days. I lose track of what day it is…and it’s funny how much I don’t care.

During these days this year, my garden shifted too. Bright blue warm days and afternoon electrical storms gave way to all-day mist and soft rain. The men in our family left for a week in the outback, leaving my daughter and me in this misty wonderland. We had time, to laugh and craft and cook and plug into our female circles.

The first morning of our girly week together, my garden had bloomed into a field of clover (Yoni herb) and water in all its forms – mist, soft rain, full ponds, running waterfalls. It was a living symphony of the feminine, enveloping my daughter and me as we reconnected with our own wild inner places as women, as mother, and as daughter.

We had needed softness, uninterrupted time, collusion on chores, own time, silence, conversation, sharing and adventure, and importantly, reconnection with our other women circles…and the wild provided the necessary shift in gear for a nourishing, fun and meaningful week with the womenfolk.

My Promise:

  • To plug into the wilderness each 
  • To nurture and cultivate the new seeds planted in the shared garden soil with my daughter. More shared experiences, more time together in the wilderness, more exercise together, more cooking lessons, more laughter
  • To expand offerings to mothers and daughters and spiritual practice for young women
what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde
what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde

Simple New Moon offerings at my favourite waterfall called The Pool of Siloam

3rdJanuary: What I intentionally dream, creates

I shared a step on my front porch with this beautiful being this morning. We sat side by side as we both warmed up in the early morning sun. The presence of the lizard felt significant. Through a Shamanic lens, it was clear ‘Animal Medicine’ – that is, when guidance arrives through the wilderness.

It was an unusually large lizard with beautiful golden flecks and it was very happy to stay alongside me as I slurped my tea, face to the sun. It transfixed me. Spirit stirred.

This was day three of my annual Vision Quest (well, my version of it). Nine days of stillness, wilderness and dreaming.

In Native American Lore, Lizard brings this exact Medicine – the importance of Dreaming. Lizard demonstrates that Stillness, Patience, Allowance, Light, Meditation, and Contact with Earth are all keys to enabling clear Dreaming.

Dreaming or Visioning is a spiritual act to establish a space within you for your Dream to make its home. We can so quickly jump to the ‘hows’, the action plan, the logistics.

I think some of us doubt what’s possible, due to the extended disempowerment the pandemic has brought. I know many of us have disconnected from our Dream or at least not given it our awareness.

Yet we all know that it’s the Dream which is the Spirit of any endeavour. With it established, all endeavours work with magic. Thank you for this powerful reminder, little Lizard.

My Promise: 

  • To create more space and time for my own Dreaming throughout the year
  • To fuel my Dreaming with more creative expression

4th January: 2022 will require agility in perspectives

what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde

Ideas for a new, beautiful online course began to rise and I started to write them down. At one point, it felt too small, undercooked, unripe. I needed a better view. I dropped tools, grabbed my phone and walking boots…and found this! Experiencing the shift in my physical perspective also shifted my perspectives of what the new course could be. I went home from my adventure and finished writing the course, in an entirely new direction.

It’s a two-way dynamic with the Wild. It can reaffirm and illuminate meaning or open awareness to new meaning. It’s all in the relationship and how we engage. And that engagement has to be intentional.




My Promise:

  • To intentionally seek different perspectives within all personal lines of enquiry
  • To intentionally seek different perspectives within creative projects

10th January: Taking ‘wishing’ seriously in 2022

what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde

After days of thundery downpours, the sun broke through on this day. And with that, my garden exploded into a sea of dandelions.

I can’t walk past a dandelion flower without stopping and making a wish! (I blame my mum for that!). I wish very intentionally too.

There’s so much in our childhood spellcasting of wishing upon a dandelion:

the pause, the distilling and clarifying of the wish
the importance of the breath and presence
the generating of the wish into the life field
working with the air currents to carry the wish far and wide, to find fertile ground

You could say that the elements of our childhood dandelion spells are fabulous metaphors for setting and activating intentions for the year!  Air is often associated with communication, connection, language, articulation, patterns, thought.

It was a beautiful signal from this sea of dandelions yesterday, that 2022 will require more than ever, clear communications, collaborations, connections, networks and contacts. It also signaled that it was now time to communicate my intentions and offerings for 2022 to my community.

what the wild wisper nature image danielle van de velde

My Promise:

  • I will use my childhood-dandelion-wishing wisdom to pause, distil, breathe, arrive, and generate regularly throughout 2022

If you have any questions about upcoming courses, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore other useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living.

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2021 the year of unity danielle van de velde

A Date with Death

A Date with Death

How contemplating Death is a doorway to gratitude and awe

I was recently treated to a tour of the Mexican Embassy’s 2021 installation of ‘The Altar of the Dead’ at the National Museum of Singapore, with my friend Katya, the Mexican Ambassador’s wife. It was a symphony of colour, celebration and gratitude for pre-Colombian forebears, ancestors, the harvest and Death itself. It was refreshingly uplifting and incredibly beautiful. Día de los Muertos and the Pagan origins of Halloween in the feast of Samhain have captivated me since I was little. Why? Aside from the full-scale celebration, beauty and feasting of these ancient customs, it is because Death is not only celebrated, but reframed in beauty and reverence, and this attitude is enormously liberating.

A date with Death is the destined experience for us all, yet despite its inevitability, and especially in western culture, it remains feared and ignored, demonised with labels like the ‘Grim Reaper’, unspoken about and unexplored, until that is, the day comes when our date is knocking on our door.

This fear of Death has been amplified in the last couple of years of the pandemic too. We have all been reminded, constantly, of the fragility and impermanence of life and we have seen so many die in an ongoing and daily tally from every country on the planet. As long as Death, our destined date, remains hidden, hated and feared, the bright pandemic spotlight on global death rates is creating some serious dissonance in some.

I have seen in my healing sessions, especially this year, a growing tendency to ‘catastrophize’ what might otherwise be dismissed as innocuous symptoms or sensations in the body. A small patch of eczema, for example, has turned into definite skin cancer in the client’s mind, or not conceiving in a cycle has turned into wholesale infertility etc. There has been enough catastrophizing for me to witness a trend. Otherwise logical, smart people are being affected by the collective fear of dying and are jumping to worst-case scenarios in a millisecond. 

In general, I believe it’s the fear of Death that lies beneath many of our serious dysfunctions as a collective…our obsession with eternal youth, overconsumption and accumulation of resources to stay secure and to elongate life.

When observing the beautiful customs of our ancestors, it seems that a very different view of Death served them in life – the cultivation of a relationship. Furthermore, there’s no better way to disarm a hidden, feared perception of annihilation than to honour it, dance with it, invite it to the feast and make it beautiful, to court it, to consciously engage with it. And in my books, the Celtic Pagans and Mexicans have got this gig down! They romance Death on an annual epic date!

winner of the 2020 catrina body paint contest in mexico city danielle van de velde

Winner of the 2020 Catrina Body Paint Contest in Mexico City

Contemplating Death is also a Buddhist practice that is used to help identify and release attachments to people, things and experiences. Last Day Contemplation is a contemplative meditation on the inevitability of Death. It falls into the category of Stoic Meditation, as it boldly focuses the awareness onto something we perceive as being ‘bad’ or feared. It is also a diagnostic meditation to help raise into awareness, our attachments to the things or relationships that we deem as defining us and bringing meaning to life. 

The first time I experienced this with a Buddhist Monk here in Singapore, I experienced a massive attachment to ‘leaving my children’ through Death and realised how much I was defining myself through my story of ‘motherhood’. It rose in me during the meditation in an emotion of anger and a heated discussion with the visiting monk afterwards. I will always be so grateful for his patience and wider frame that guided me into a deeper understanding of how much of my identity I had pinned onto ‘motherhood’. This event, many years ago, triggered a wholesale change in my approach to mothering and allowing my children to claim their own journey, which in turn ushered in a beautiful new freedom for everyone in my home. It brought a deeper, more joyful experience of mothering and gave me a licence to develop my offerings beyond being a mum.  

It took repeated practice and deep witnessing and then I found it – the invitation to gratitude, presence and an appreciation of the uniqueness of every moment. This meditation is not advised if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. It is powerful, and requires stable ground to work with it, and it is worth it!

with permission by natasha allegri danielle van de velde

With permission by Natasha Allegri

Another field that has opened up significantly for me over the last few years is mediumship. The irony I have found in dating Death is the realisation that we don’t die (or at least in the final, extinguished, puff of smoke annihilation way that we so fear). The consciousness prevails as a living mind! This will be a topic of upcoming writing.

In the meantime, you can start to work with my version of Last Day Contemplation, recently released on the InsightTimer app. I would love to hear about your revelations and experiences with the track.

All of us will be dating Death at some point, and whether you believe this will be the end, the beginning, or a return home, looking at your relationship with Death whilst you are alive is an incredible pursuit that helps you live more fully in the now, in gratitude and deep appreciation of the wonder and beauty of life.

If you have any questions or thoughts on Death and how its contemplation can lead to feelings of gratitude and awe, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living.

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Making Magic

Making Magic

Ah! The beautiful, evocative, mysterious word, ‘Magic’. Its meaning and interpretation are as varied as us human beings. For some, the word invokes images of rabbits being pulled from hats; for others, teenage girls in the forest chanting ‘so mote it be’; for still others, the dark arts and something to be feared and swerved from at all costs.

Professor Chris Gosden, in his spectacular book ‘The History of Magic’ describes ‘the three great strands of practice and belief that run through human history – science, religion and magic.’ And although each strand has sought to dominate human enquiry through different eras, usually by denigrating and attempting to debunk the other, these three forms of enquiry have endured throughout time. I love this ‘triple helix’ of human enquiry as we, as a species, seek to understand, master and measure the dimensions of our natural and supernatural domains, as well as the visible and invisible aspects of ourselves. ‘Magic preceded religion and science, and it has been with us from the ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish Magic, to the Shamanistic traditions of Eurasia, indigenous America and Africa, the alchemy of the Renaissance’, and re-emerging today through quantum physics, ‘where magic and science converge’.

The word “magic” derives from the Latin, the Greek, the Old Persian, and, ultimately, the Proto-Indo-European magh, “to help, to be able, to be powerful.” (Psychology Today). Now more than ever, with disillusionment in many of the dogmatic religious structures of the world, and distrust in the commercial agendas behind science, a curiosity and draw to Magic is on the rise.

75 percent of the adult population of the Western world holds some belief in Magic. And whilst there are many forms and expressions of Magic, at its very essence it accepts that we have a connection with the Universe, and that the Universe responds.

making magic danielle van de velde

With the growing understanding and practice of meditation, energy healing and the energetic nature of the human system within the chakras and nadis, the existence and effects of which can now be measured by Western science, the idea that we are inextricably linked and participate within the hologram of vibrating energy and information, that is our universe, is starting to make a lot of sense, to a lot of people.

And, certainly for me and my community of energy healers and magic makers, the empowerment that comes with this knowledge and the results that are yielded when we dare to engage from this paradigm are undeniable. To know and operate with self-determination and oneness, rather than feel separate from everything and passively take the hits from some unseen force that may or may not have your back, yields incredible effects on the system and life.

The former enables consciously living from a state of Love. The latter entraps us in a constant unconscious state of Fear. And our inner state influences our phenomenal experiences. There’s a kind of funnelling that happens as we see evidence of the state we hold and therefore take it as ‘real’ and happening ‘to us’, forgetting that we are and always have been causal to it. Yep – the old Magic Mirror of life. So, to move into collusion with universal forces, we need a serious paradigm flip, and that’s what Shape Shifting – An Experience of Conscious Creation is all about.

It’s a stepped journey to enable that ‘flip’; to understand ways to bring collusion within, between intention, desire and choice, mind and heart, energy and matter, conscious and subconscious. And when this alignment is achieved, we emanate a coordinated, collusive vibrational pattern into the field of life, which by its very nature, mirrors it back through experiences.

When the first Shape Shift for the year opened on the March Equinox, many joined who have been Shape Shifting for several years, and we were also joined by many who were feeling this curiosity, this draw to understand the third thread of their triple helix, Magic. They worked at it, with the support of the materials, member support team and community and especially their will to change their lives, and the results have been both spectacular and a privilege to witness.

There are too many testimonials to add to this blog post, but here are a few excerpts from our March Magic Makers to give a taste of the possibilities when we reclaim our magic:


“With the benefit of the beautiful guidance and tools Dani provided and the support of the Shape Shifting community she has gathered together, my life has turned 180 degrees. I was able to face challenges that have haunted and controlled me for years. In doing so, I have travelled through layers of my self, my past, my future and come to a much greater understanding of my place as a creator of this life.

I have found “home” for the first time in my life, a physical house to call my own, a loving home within my authentic self, and a sense of belonging with others, ‘a tribe’. I now taste a magical richness in each day and have connected with many like-minded beautiful souls around the world.

Big hugs and sincere thanks for Dani and the Shape Shift community, my heart is full.”

“Having just completed my third Shape Shift since 2019 I would like to thank you, Dani, for your generous guidance and sharing of knowledge. I have always believed that it is important to learn from a Master until I can fly on my own and lately, I have felt my wings growing in ways that are most unexpected. The Shape Shift content is dynamic, highly creative, fun and super interesting. In addition to the weekly video and audio lessons, I have loved learning about runes, sigils, planetary deities, crystal and plant energies. The meditations, breath work and musical tracks created for the community are incredible. I now understand how I create my reality and can Shape Shift whatever I desire using the tools I have learnt. I can now sense that my major goals have landed, I am less anxious, healthier, my relationships have improved and I am able to maintain an open heart. The ongoing support between shifts, including our wonderful private Facebook page are the icing on the cake. I cannot recommend this life-changing course highly enough. Namaste.”

“…During my shift I found that opportunities came fluttering towards me like butterflies. Beautiful beings walked straight up to me, offering me chances to heal and to lift myself up out of the cloud I felt I was in. I took them all, feeling ready and empowered by my experiences in the meditations and rituals and my life has altered itself. We always have a choice, I realised, and when we don’t know what to choose, there is always a voice to answer when you ask. SS taught me to listen to it. As for the knowledge, it is highly magical and extremely sacred. I felt my jaw drop at the realisation that I had access to such phenomena as zone rights and medicine wheels and that it was all there for me to grasp.”

“…I encourage everyone from any walk of life to join this Shape Shifting journey, especially during these ever-changing turbulent times. This opportunity came at exactly the right time for me. It was time to shed my stagnant self-limiting beliefs, conditioned thinking, release trauma and start living life to the full…no longer placing my life on hold, often dictated by circumstances within or out of my control. It has been a true realisation that each day I have choices as to how I react or respond to life and the people I choose to spend time with.

I have emerged from this Shape Shifting journey with a much greater sense of compassion, more meaningful and loving relationships, clarity, purpose, creativity, uninhibited authenticity and self love. I have a true appreciation for each day and the beauty and abundance in nature, a passion for rituals and a more peaceful and contented heart. My heartfelt gratitude, Dani…”


If you’re drawn to rediscovering your magical self, this beautiful ancient art, your intuition and self-empowerment, join us for the September Shape Shift. Registrations are now open and close on September 14th. The journey commences on the Equinox, September 21st.

If you have any questions or thoughts about Magic and the Shape Shifting experience, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living.

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why believing in luck can be bad for business daniellevandevelde

Why believing in ‘LUCK’ can be bad for business

The family that lived across the street from me when growing up in Sydney, Australia, was highly prosperous. From a Greek immigrant father, they were hardworking, industrious entrepreneurs. They owned several booming businesses, were a tight-knit family, and everyone in the home contributed in their own way to the family’s success. And even though their kids were older than me and my siblings, we’d often enjoy meals together. 

I remember even at a young age, the father grinning and telling us how yet another person had called him ‘lucky’. Lucky to have such great fortune in business; lucky to have a closely-bonded family; just lucky. This was his running joke. Every time he heard this from a well-meaning observer, he had the same response: 

“Yep…the harder I work, the ‘luckier’ I get!”

I have been remembering this amazing, happy and highly successful man recently, as I have also heard the same observations made of me and my business this year. It’s true it has been a tricky year for any form of planning or growth, and for me it has required a big step out of my comfort zone and into the world of online courses, digital content development and optimisation, and intellectual property, to name a few. But as the year is now rounding out, I am looking back and feel so satisfied with what I have achieved. 

For a girl who had never even heard of ‘Zoom’ or had a clue about ‘SEO’, ‘mechanical and performance rights’ or ‘website plugs-ins’ at the beginning of the year, I am now confidently operating in these fields and have some very simple but effective processes in place to navigate this new brave world. I have worked hard. 

So, when I hear the well-meaning comment ‘You’re so lucky” or when I hear a mentoring client say ‘It’s easy for you because you’re lucky…’, I call it! I call it because believing in ‘luck’ is one of the most disempowering tickets to bypassing personal responsibility there is. And without complete personal responsibility for everything we experience, we are out of alignment with our innate creative power.

‘Luck’ by definition means, ‘success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. A force that causes good or bad things to happen.’ When we believe in luck, we are firmly establishing our awareness in the paradigm that life and experiences are happening ‘to us’. This is counter to a spiritually-oriented perspective, that is, that life and experience is happening for us and issuing from us

I don’t believe in ‘luck’. What I know to be true is that what generates events that appear ‘lucky’ is a felt and known certainty in my creative power to generate opportunities, pathways and experiences that align with my intention.

So how do we find that certainty in our creative power? 

The first and most essential step is to get crystal clear on our intention for the business activity and to align fully with it. While this may seem pretty obvious to most, it’s often the first item to tackle with my mentoring clients. With high uncertainty and the ‘pressure to pivot’ business focus and activities, a lot of people have found themselves chasing what they hope might be the best repositioning ‘out there’, rather than turning attention ‘in here’, back to what they’re good at, what they’re passionate about, their uniqueness. And it’s these aspects that hold the voltage, the energy that creates. I have written about this in more detail in my blog post, Spirit Biz

Certainty in our creative power is highly magnetic too. It is what potential clients sense on initial contact, it is what is felt in content and communications, it is what draws in potential collaborators and enablers. When the business environment is highly uncertain, an inner certainty becomes a high-value attribute that others are drawn to. 

This clever little graphic pretty much describes what most of us have been through this year, either personally or in our businesses…and at warp speed! The big enablers for me in moving from a highly comfortable zone, to a high growth zone, (yes highest growth in my business has been this year of all years), have been:

embracing change as a possibility daniellevandevelde

Embracing change as a possibility

At the outset of the year, I had my game plan all set. The first retreats for the year were fully booked, my monthly spiritual networking events, the New Moon Lodges had a full year of fabulous speakers booked, courses and private sessions were in train early. 

When COVID hit, I had to release all attachment to the plans, change my mind and planning, and embrace it. In effect, the disruption required me to take my second horizon ideas, and make them immediate priorities. To do that well and smoothly I had to change my perspective from disappointment to excitement for the new opportunities and accelerated change of my business model.

Regular meditation practice is key for our ability to change our minds and outlook; to choose positive emotional engagement. I have written about this in more detail in my blog post, Five ways meditation can help ease emotional stress. With positive emotional engagement comes a sense of possibility, and this is far more conducive to creativity. Your system needs to feel it’s possible, to generate the ideas to make it possible. 

Investing in clever assistance from aligned providers

Another major shift in my approach this year has been to ask for help. I like running my business solo. I prefer it this way. Yet, to shift quickly into the Learning Zone, I needed to access some smarts, especially in digital marketing, IP and website functionality. I put the word out in the online business forums here in Singapore and reviewed all suggested providers in these areas. Once I had the most highly recommended list, I spoke with each provider. The ones I went with were those who asked me A LOT of questions about my business and were able to explain my purpose, goals and values back to me with clarity. I went with the people who got me, what I was trying to achieve, my purpose. They weren’t necessarily the cheapest, but I was determined to build a family of aligned collaborators, rather than delegate activities to a disparate group of providers. 

For many small businesses like mine, the decision to invest in professional help can be a difficult one when revenues are small. That tricky decision of investing in growth platforms for the business can see a lot of us deferring, or worse still, cobbling together inferior solutions that cannot withstand serious growth surges down the track.

In some ways, the uncertainty and massive disruption in the year made this decision a bit easier for me. My revenue streams were diverse enough, small, but consistent. I took on a ‘now or never’ attitude, defined very clear budgetary limits, got very clear on the briefs and regular communications, and my goodness has it paid off!

Maintaining a rock-solid work ethic

In my observation of the clever businesses in my field that have thrived this year, the other stand-out characteristic of the operators is a solid work ethic. What I mean by work ethic is that they stick to what they have committed to until completion. They tactically and fluidly move with redirections to achieve the goal. They do what they say they’re going to do. They have fabulous business etiquette. They treat every interaction as a seed of possibility. These are the people I am following on social media and these are the types of leaders who have inspired me this year. Call it old school, but work ethic is a key stand-out feature that claims success back from ‘luck’.

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life, and you will call it fate.”

— Carl Jung

Following the fabulous dialogue in this year’s 2020 online Spectacular Business Symposium amongst some very savvy female entrepreneurs, and a substantial increase in enquiries for spiritual business coaching, I am developing a Generative Magic MasterClass for 2021. A step-by-step collusive process to employ the empowering mindset and esoteric principles to super-charge business success.

No luck. No chance. No fate. Let’s make 2021 the year for self-mastery in business!

If you would like to be notified of the masterclass enrolment window in 2021, get in touch here.

If you have any questions or thoughts about business success in these trying times or about luck in business, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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