A message for the Birthers

I am sending this message to the women in the world who are preparing to birth. It is a culmination of words I have given to many in my field, nearing the birth of their children and feeling dissonance.

The Noble Quest

Let’s face it…the world has tipped into a reality of mythic proportions. If we pop our ‘Game of Thrones’ lens on, a quick audit will confirm the undeniable hallmarks…

Monday Meditation Evening Drop In

FORTNIGHTLY MEDITATION DROP-INS – Now via Zoom and recordings. Join a supportive fortnightly group and have a real experience of the wonderful benefits meditation…

Monkey Pot Magic

Movement, sunshine and connection with nature are key to staying well and happy. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the break I will host a beautiful outdoor experience for you and your teenagers.

Ostara’s Crowning

On this 2020 Spring Equinox, the word Crown (Corona) is the most widely sounded word on the planet. And it is abundantly apparent, that the natural world is reclaiming its sovereignty…