Conscious Creation: what is it really?

Conscious Creation: what is it really?

Does your current reality have you seeking deeper engagement and skills to navigate your inner and outer terrains? Does the ‘shape’ of your life no longer fit with the ‘shifts’ happening around you? Are you recognising the pull to prioritise your desires and dreams, but you’re not sure where to start or how to make them a reality? Do you have a feeling, a palpable knowing that there’s so much more to you and the nature of life, that has so far eluded you, but also beckons?

These types of questions are not only common to many of us but are being regularly asked, every day in my private sessions. The impact of the last year (which continues into this one) has everyone, at some level, seeking much deeper meaning and engagement with life; and, the ways we have always approached things just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. 

It is for exactly these reasons that on the March Equinox this year, I am opening up my process of Shape Shifting to anyone who feels drawn. For the last five years, this incredibly self-empowering process has been held in a private community and repeated as a group, as participants have manifested their intended goals, and new horizons have opened up. 

‘Shape Shifting’ is a Shamanic term that explains the process of energising a new reality from ‘the field of possibility’ into our current experience, through creating inner change. The ability to consciously create our experienced reality is taught in most major esoteric frameworks, which propound the importance of expanding the perception of self and life, to work with the vibrational fields of intent, desire and volition and use our intuitive faculties to receive guidance, and interact with the field of possibilities. 

Through shifting our inner perspectives, practices and vibration, we can change the shape of our experienced reality. In fact, we are creating our reality every second. However, for the most part, we are doing so unconsciously, and therefore experiencing less than desirable or ‘mixed’ events and relationships. The process of Shape Shifting makes the unconscious, conscious, and puts us back in the driver’s seat of ourselves and our lives. 

It is a process that I have engaged with for years, and it combines perspectives and practices from the main schools of knowledge that I participate in, those being: Western Hermetic Magic, Shamanism, Yogic philosophy and Taoism. And whilst the process itself requires a goal, and measures to be defined at the start, these are simply to create a frame of reference for engagement. Once the goal manifests, the process remains integral to our operating system and this is the real treasure of Shape Shifting. 

“…Dani and her Shape Shifting course have changed my life! I’ve always believed that you take charge of your own destiny, but Dani took this conscious creation to the next level, that is divine and magical…I love this course! It has integrated my life in ways I’ve not imagined, and for that, I’m grateful for Dani, her wisdom and guidance throughout the process, and the collective wisdom of the tribe that has made this journey even more extraordinary…”

I am enormously grateful for the current Shape Shifting community which has rigorously engaged with each of the six steps, the home practices and within the community over the years. Based in Singapore, UK, USA, The Netherlands, Switzerland, India and Australia, each and every person has added their energy and insights to the process, ripening and guiding its evolution. Thanks to them, there now exists a fabulous library of resources that complement the six audio lessons. And, their experiences have guided me to create new members’ features for the journey, including additional support from coaches, seers and providers, a set of exclusive guided journey and meditation tracks, and a solid program of live check-ins, talks and additional materials, if desired. 

What I have learnt over the years, is that there is a far more efficient way to master the self and life, and that is to view and approach it spiritually, and with our inner abilities of intentional choice, ritual, introspection, intuition and intuitive guidance. With solid ritual, guided introspection and especially belonging to a magical community, change can manifest in measurable ways, with a revitalized sense of personal power. 

“…Magical, otherworldly, essential – Dani’s Shape Shifting course has changed my life in a way I could not have expected. I am fully awake and in control of my own destiny, no longer merely a passenger on life’s bumpy bus. Shape Shifting has injected a dose of magic and purpose into me that will forever course through my veins, and for that, I am in gratitude…”

This experience is not for the faint-hearted or casual dabbler. This process facilitates some huge paradigm shifts that require courage and valour. 

Here are some of the main initial paradigms that are flipped by Shape Shifting:





How do these feel when you try them on? 

Is your system calling ‘YES!’? Excellent! This means you are ready for some tools and perspectives to get going.

Are your senses piqued, but you’d like to understand more? Excellent! Click the links at the end of this article or get in touch

Can you feel resistance? Excellent! This means that you’re touching a paradigm edge that is worth exploring. 

“This course in Shape Shifting is highly powerful and has the transformative potential to completely shift how you perceive and experience yourself and the world. The question is whether we are personally and deeply ready to make the inner changes required to start and maintain this process. The course is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed, but it also comes with immense resources to support the equally immense shift. As a teacher and guide, Dani generously shares her deep knowledge and tools to facilitate and nurture the changes that each individual seeks to create, completely at our own timing and process. She has also carefully curated a community of medicine women who are ever ready to share their expertise, as well as a wider community of Spirit seekers that offer sincere encouragement and friendship for our journey.”

Alongside the Shape Shifting instructional content – which takes the form of sequenced audio lessons, guided home practices and access to video updates from previous shifts, beautiful guided meditations, shamanic journeys and energy practices – community membership is just as important. Why?

Community is important because transformative inner practice always involves contemplation of inner patterns of behaviour, beliefs and fears which have held our current reality in place. When we desire change, to experience a new reality or goal, our inner landscape must change first, as it is the causal aspect of being. 

To do this effectively, we need to find ways to view ourselves, perspectives and behaviours objectively. The tools within the process of meditation, divination and journaling are enormously useful for this, and equally so, is a bonded community. 

A bonded spiritual community becomes a conduit to the process of each individual therein. Insights, synchronicities and shared experiences are always a feature of the Shape Shifting group. Very often the support, encouragement and alternative perspectives of the group are what’s needed to unlock well-laid patterns and perspectives that keep us small and misaligned with our spiritual power. 

Through sharing and articulating our process with each other, not only is there a beautiful experience of camaraderie and celebration, but an essential felt knowing of Oneness as Spirit moves readily through a group with shared intent.

“The Shape Shifting course has been incredibly transformative for me, allowing me to delve deep into my true and authentic inner hopes, fears and desires under the carefully planned and beautifully authentic and heartfelt spiritual tutelage of the divine Dani. I cannot say enough about the depth of loving-kindness and support that Dani brings to the table, alongside her deep knowledge of spiritual frameworks. The course is really well planned and easy to follow for busy people, with weekly official audio and video tutorials as well as in-person optional check-ins, which I felt were incredibly useful to connect with other shape shifters and as a vehicle to practice in person and discuss progress with Dani. The private and confidential FB group was also a great way to harness the power of group progress and learn from one another. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone seeking to make changes in their life, understand themselves better and grow their spiritual and intuitive practices. Dani goes above and beyond to support her students. Thank you, Dani, from the bottom of my heart!”

And from a few of our 2020 Shape Shifters:

“My Shape Shifting experience was life-changing. I came with a very practical intention of something to manifest, and finished with a massive shift in my confidence. This is something I have been working on for years. The process of Shape Shifting unblocked it in a meaningful and long-lasting way. This was my first Shape Shift, and I am looking forward to starting another in 2021.”

“I was completely new to anything like Shape Shifting and I was not sure if it would be for me. I loved the very practical nature of setting a clear intention, thinking about what I would see, hear, feel if (when!) this happened, and then the invitation to move forward each week with specific clear tasks. I loved thinking about altars and how to set one up, and the meditations that Dani shared. They have made a fundamental change to my daily practices, and how I think and feel about setting intentions and moving towards them. I highly recommend Dani and Shape Shifting, and I can’t wait to start my next one.”

“Shape Shifting was an experience of Great Remembering. It provided the tools, container and support to deeply dive into the realms of my Shadow and Light; into my hidden creations and aspects. It opened the doors to greater empowerment and connection. Truly transformational – not in becoming a different person, but rather a Return to the self. Thank you.”

conscious creation what is it really danielle van de velde

In the window of the 2021 March Equinox, we will together enter the Shape Shifting Journey again, and continue once more with a second Shape Shift on the September Equinox. Will you join us?

Registrations close Monday, March 15th (midnight, Singapore time). Click the link to find out program details, journey planner for your diary and to register. 

Welcome to a seasoned and proven process of Conscious Creation. Now more than ever, it’s time!

If you have any questions or thoughts about Conscious Creation and the process of Shape Shifting, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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2021 the year of unity danielle van de velde

The Maiden Archetype and the Magic of Today’s Young Women

The Season of the Maiden

The Maiden Archetype and the Magic of Today’s Young Women


My mum’s favourite nursery rhyme for me growing up was:

Mary Mary, Quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells,

And so my garden grows.

And it was a great fit for me for several reasons. I was, and still am, quite contrary. My wild curly hair could not – and still can’t be tamed. I questioned everything (still do), which would often get in the way of the schedules of a busy home with four very active children.  

But the nursery rhyme also speaks of an otherworldliness and a connection with nature that I felt deeply. I would spend a lot of time dwelling upon this – whether that be out on the grass, cloud-gazing, or up a tree, away from others or in the quiet safety of my room, drawing, writing, crafting. Every year my school reports from grade one through to high school made some mention of my tendency to daydream. My bedroom shelves were full of shells, feathers, special sticks and stones. I had an irresistible urge for making healing potions out of available honey, herbs, and anything else I could get my hands on. I was indeed a girl of ‘silver bells and cockle shells’. My dreaming was always strong – and what I later found out to be lucid, that is, I was aware that I was dreaming in my dreams and could direct the action and outcomes of the dreams. And the diaries…many many journals over the years! 

I felt deeply connected to the shifts in the wild field of seasons, storms and moons, the creatures, earth and the sensations within my own body. I knew there was information there, an intelligence. This too has remained with me as an adult.

The drive to create beauty, with meaning, was a constant. Being an artist, my mum generously indulged this, with journals and materials always in full supply. She also encouraged me with time in the holidays and weekends to simply create. She very patiently sat and listened to the recitations of every poem and short story I penned and made sure each new artistic creation occupied a place of pride somewhere in the house for a time. Thank you, mum!

the season of the maiden 2 danielle van de velde

In my teens I had an insatiable appetite for systems and frameworks and world views that could answer my questions about my own nature, the sensations I felt within and in nature itself. 

Perhaps because the answers were not readily available, and very much to deal with my contrary nature, I was moved into excellent and strict education, groomed for a life of business and success, and the behaviours and ‘magical’ leanings were gently dismissed as the whimsical nature of a little girl who ‘needed to grow up in the real world’. But they didn’t go…these leanings, they couldn’t be dismissed as they were intrinsic to my being…they just went deep underground. They were nurtured quietly through my ponderings, reading and experimentation and then later, by wonderful teachers and guides who taught me how to tend to my spiritual garden, prune it, water it, weed out what didn’t serve me, to love it and make it sacred, powerful and prioritised.

Fast track years later, after many years of teaching girls and young women in community workshops and in meditation courses and becoming the mother of a vibrant, creative and magically-inclined teenage girl, I have come to understand two significant realities.

That all girls have these leanings towards the sacred, meaningful creativity, deep ‘felt-sense’ or clairsentience, and, 

that these ‘whimsical leanings’ are not ‘just girly nonsense’. They are the first wild expressions of the dazzling spiritual nature of the Feminine, the archetype of ‘The Maiden’.

the season of the maiden 3 danielle van de velde

The Maiden archetype has been acknowledged around the world in various ways since ancient times. It is in the first of the Celtic Triple Goddess, through the New Moon to First Quarter Moon in Lunar Magic; in the fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White; in Greek mythology’s Persephone, and in the Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana. 

Far from a compliant, virginal wisp, The Maiden represents the burgeoning feminine power, aching for expression, with all the glory and power of the awakened woman enfolded within it, much like a rose is enfolded in the rosebud. No less striking nor impactful, in its promise, beauty and potential.

the season of the maiden 4 danielle van de velde

In the wilderness, The Maiden corresponds with the seasonal turn from Imbolc to Spring Equinox, when there’s a stirring of life within the earth. There’s a subtle and beautiful tilt in light, vibration, and the palpable and highly magical state of potential and promise.  

As we near the first two days of February, we enter the first turn of the Wheel of the Year, a cross-quarter point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere). This is the Feast of Imbolc, the season of The Maiden. 

The sunlight changes in the sky to a brighter and perceivably longer day. Water currents in the oceans and river systems shift, and deep beneath our busy cities and busy lives, the Earth is stirring into spring. Just like young women, the early spring is subtle under the surface. For most northern countries, the land is still veiled in ice and snow, but the signs of the shift become evident at this time. Snow drifts start to shrink and the slight increase in the light stirs seeds into germination and animals from hibernation. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all affected by these shifts, because we come from, and dwell in, the same wild-field which enters into a wholesale ‘gear-up for growth’. 

In my observation and personal experience, young women embody this ‘under the surface’ gear-up for growth, expansion and expression. It comes through us in impulses, like the impulse to write, draw, craft; or to clear out disused clothes and items from cupboards and shelves; the impulse to take new directions, learn new skills, create new habits (or shed old ones). 

As with all the ‘hinges‘ of the Wheel of the Year, this time has been marked for thousands of years with beautiful rituals across many different traditions that help the seeker connect consciously with the immense wild-field of energy that is stirring, and to put it to use. The ancient Celtic festival is known as Imbolc (pronounced EE-molc) which derives from the meaning, ‘in the belly’. Perhaps this is in reference to pregnant or milking sheep of the season. It could also refer to spring, stirring but still remaining within the belly of the Earth and within the heart of The Maiden. In Pagan Europe, this time was closely associated with the pre-Christian goddess Brighid and the three-fold goddess transforming from The Crone (winter) into The Maiden (spring). Festivals to mark this juncture were known as Feast of Torches, Oimelc, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Snowdrop Festival, Feast of the Waxing Light, and no doubt, many others that are now lost in time. 

Later, Imbolc was celebrated by Christians as St Brigid’s feast day (the pagan goddess and Christian saint sharing many attributes and features). The vibration of this time also refracts through the festivals of Candlemas and Groundhog Day. 

What is beautiful about the many evolutions of the rituals that connect us with the early vibration of spring, is that over the ages, certain archetypal symbols and rituals have repeated over and over again across traditions. It is these threads that intrigue me and that I put to use in my own practice. These symbols and traditions link us to the wider field of energy that is available, because they have been charged with the awareness of many, many people before us through time, just as our churches, temples, sacred sites and the wilderness are energetic bridges too. It is their role in the human story. They are gateways. 

the season of the maiden 5 danielle van de velde

I’m grateful that my teenage years were spared from the pressures of the Internet, social media, augmented representations of the female body, attributes and messaging, that our girls today need to navigate. Now more than ever before, our young women require inner stability and strength, and access to their truth and voice, a deeply rooted inner garden. 

Of all the world’s refractions of The Maiden archetype, it’s the Nordic Shield Maiden that appeals to me the most, as a useful archetype for our modern young women. 

The ‘Shield Maiden’ in ancient Nordic cultures was a highly revered and respected member of the tribe. She was a warrior who wielded extraordinary power, strength, presence and magical ability. She held her place in the armies of men. She was young, unwed and schooled by the tribal Mages. She had the power and blessings of the Valkyries at her command. She stood for the archetype of ‘The Maiden’ in her full power.

Her shield represented her Spirit, not one of attack or defence, but rather a protector, counsel and tactical adept. She had the lore of magic at her disposal and was consulted by the great councils. She advised on strategic direction and she and her sisters unleashed precise and effective victories. It was not her physical strength that gained her a place in the Halls of Valhalla, as impressive as that was, but her alignment to and embodiment of spiritual power. 

In our modern times, the days of physical battles and raids dwell within myth and legend. However, now more than ever, the attributes of the Shield Maiden are calling and stirring in young women. Modern pop culture, music and images, peer and societal pressure, augmented stereotypes and media have our modern maidens seeking answers and reconnection to their inner ground and their magic which is deeply felt and a source of great strength.

Since my daughter arrived 13 years ago I have pondered how I can offer support for the reclamation and reconnection for girls and young women with their innate spiritual garden bed. Recently, after receiving the 13th request from the mother of a maiden to support her daughter’s spiritual leanings, I have finally done something about it.

I am delighted to open up the Shield Maiden series this Imbolc, January 31st. It is a series of workshops to enable that reconnection and equip young women with the wisdom, practical know-how and spiritual life-skills that Modern Magic offers. Each workshop includes guidance and instruction, materials, meditation techniques, creative magic, spell casting and downloadable reminder notes.

the season of the maiden 6 danielle van de velde

Welcome to The Season of the Maiden, in 2021. And if you have a maiden in your home who has these beautiful energies emerging through her, and you’re based in Singapore, you can check out the Shield Maiden series details here. To generate some inner stillness and connect with your own inner garden, meditation and self-enquiry are proven to open this space up and enable you to come to know yourself more deeply. You can find my online meditation resources here.

Blessed Imbolc, everyone!

If you have any questions or thoughts about the Maiden Archetype and the Shield Maiden series, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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2021 the year of unity danielle van de velde

2021: The Year of Unity

2021: The Year of Unity

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to a brand-new, squeaky-clean year!

I like to think of a whole new zipped-up year that’s before us, as one big swirling living field of POTENTIAL. All possibilities exist in there. And what brings them to bear within our experienced reality is…US! Yes, it’s what we intend, what we desire and what we choose.

Intent, Desire and Choice are our three biggest spiritual superpowers. The energy from each ripples out from our largest emanating centres of the energy body, and when those emanating vibrations are in accord, unified, and felt vibrantly, we create realities. This is the vision, magnetism and raw fuel of our spiritual design. We are Creatives! When we are unified within, we heal. When we are unified with life and each other, we live magically.

In my usual process over the last month, I dipped into ‘the field’ to intuit the direction for me, my family and my offerings for my community going forward. It’s a beautiful process, which involves deep gratitude for the unexpected blessings of – let’s face it – the weirdest and most challenging year to date, settling into deep stillness, and watching my inner ground and outer experiences for the direction.

Part of this process for me is to pull up from detailed planning and look at the synchronous themes, the ones that keep repeating. Within a day of setting up our Christmas tree at home, a sweet little spider wove its web just under the top angel’s feet. On the Solstice, another little spider had moved into my sacred space. Every day when I went to meditate and light my candles, it would pop out to say hello from a crystal, seashell or flower. This beautiful ‘spider-medicine’ was inviting me to get weaving. So first, I gathered the threads I was to work with.

It was in the writings I published throughout 2020, the themes within my private sessions and my own inner enquiry that held them.   

From the start of the year, I have written consistently around the knowing that every twist and turn of 2020, from the Australian fires to the dynamics of the pandemic, to BLM, to politics, and everything in between has been,


“a simulation in Oneness Consciousness.” 


So, what does that mean?

2020 didn’t operate along the lines of ‘separation’ like the human race does. It didn’t discriminate. It had us gagged (AKA masked), separated from contact, touch, rituals that mark our lives, loved ones, and travel. It radically and equally affected the kings and queens and the poor and vulnerable. We were forced ‘in’. We all realised, to some degree, how important the freedom of breath, the spoken word, face to face contact, touch, family and tribe and community are, to our wellbeing and our spirits.

It is abundantly clear that the countries that have a positive bias toward community responsibility, clear and regular communications, collusion between leaders and trusting communities, flattened their pandemic curves faster and established a degree of stability. It was and is the ‘united fronts’ that are faring the best.

The BLM movement revealed the ugliness of systemic racism in the United States and it rippled around the world, waking many of us up to white privilege, and the insidious acculturation of racism, within our language, expressions, street names, product branding and pop culture. And it led many of us to make very different choices. There’s so much more to be done around police brutality, and equal access to opportunity and care for everyone. However, in the scheme of the year, and certainly for me, BLM shifted my compass to zero-tolerance for discrimination of any kind, and it did so by showing me my blind spots to it. The political turbulence globally invited all of us to choose what it is we personally stand for, and to put that choice into action.

In my day-to-day, it has been the requests and feedback from my community, which has also illuminated the same theme of UNITY. Calls for in-person meditation circles again, calls from parents asking for guidance in connecting their children to modern spiritual arts, calls for connection to and expression of life purpose, calls for deeper diving into spiritual frameworks, calls for healing, calls for empowerment.

I scanned my library of debrief recordings from healing sessions and realised that I had delivered just shy of a thousand intuitive healing sessions in 2020, a jump in numbers by hundreds. Partly because my annual pilgrimages didn’t happen, I had around two months more than usual in the healing rooms, but mostly due to the crucible of 2020 waking people up…via dissonance, illness, anxiety, depression, cancer, relationship splits, and a whole raft of uncomfortable, unignorable, kick-in-the-pants messaging. And all of the healing happened through connecting with healing energy and connecting with perspectives of Oneness…with the self, with life, with purpose, with Spirit.

oneness conciousness daniellevandevelde

‘Oneness Consciousness’ is not a thought. It’s an embodied, felt, mode of operation, outlook and perception. We all have experienced snippets of ‘felt unity’. Usually, for me, through the wilderness, but also through a random act of kindness, a dream of someone and then through contact received from that person afterwards, or the palpable joy felt by everyone I know as 2020 drew to a close and we passed into this new year, for example.

We all have had flashes of the feeling that we are interconnected in far more mysterious and invisible ways than we logically understand. It’s not a thought. It’s not a concept or abstraction. It’s not the stuff of social media. It’s a knowing. It’s a felt, lived, vibrational, non-personal, empowered, ‘place-taking in the hologram of life’. Oneness consciousness is an experienced reality. It is freedom. Freedom from need, fear or shame. This freedom comes from an expanded perspective of self and life and recontextualization of intense sensation. In other words, a spiritual enquiry.

So back to my process of ‘leaning into…welcoming…uniting with…2021’. How can I weave these threads into offerings of the highest support to UNITY?

To enable and empower UNITY we need re-connection and re-membering between the parts of us that have been dis-membered, between ourselves and the Earth, between our magical and mundane and between each other. And this is what I’m focussing on for 2021 – courses, workshops and experiences that create connection, enable remembering and empower UNITY.

In this weave, it feels fitting that the first new online meditation experience to open this year is Heart Light. Heart Light is a series of eight beautiful meditations that are specifically engaged with to serve others. Each comes with a mini audio lesson that explains the origins and dynamics of the meditation and a beautiful unique guided track. The intent for Heart Light is to help us raise our focus to the collective, and in doing so, expand our hearts in service and love, and in their capacity to generate and hold spiritual energy.

In addition, in the first few months of 2021, some fabulous new offerings will open alongside the favourites. The focus is on:

–  Uniting with self-healing and intuitive abilities

–  Connecting with deeper esoteric processes and other practitioners of Magical Arts

–  Connecting minds and hearts, with some of the world’s greatest teachers and spiritual writing

–  Uniting with the wilderness and our next generation of spirit-seekers

–  Connecting wealth and abundance to those without

For regular updates on all 2021 programs and registration windows, please subscribe at

My January newsletter is out next week with some fabulous new offerings.

I am hoping, willing, with all of my might, to head off on pilgrimage later this year and also to cycle back to Oz for some time on my land and with family. But like you, I am playing the wait-and-see game. So, all of my focus is on providing unique, inspirational and life-changing experiences in the first half of the year, and then we’ll see.

Welcome to 2021. Let’s do this together!

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The Power of Journaling

Five reasons why journaling is a spiritual power-move

Oh, the delight in opening the cover of a fresh new journal! The smell of the paper, the thrill of the first touch of the pen tip, the movement of thoughts taking form, the sublime possibility of empty pages aching to be filled…Yes, it’s no secret that I hold journaling as one of my most loved and powerful spiritual activities. It is, in fact, an integral aspect of all my courses and mentoring work.

For those who are new to the art of journaling, the idea of meditating and writing what bubbles up from the deep mind can seem a little foreign. Many of us hardly put pen to paper these days as touchscreens, keyboards, voice and video have overtaken our communication styles. Also, the pace of our lives can exclude time for deeper contemplation and self-inquiry. This is why the art of journaling is so powerful.  

There is something highly evocative to the entire system when we make time to dialogue with our spirit, to find our deep truth and to allow it to stream from heart, through mind, through hand, to page. A flow is created which washes over the critical mind and its judgements and reservations and allows a true, revealing and transmuting experience to take place.

Here are five reasons why journaling for self-enquiry is so healing and powerful.

1. Journaling turns the subjective to objective

We experience all of life through a subjective lens. Everything we experience, all relationships, events, even how we see ourselves, is filtered through an interpretive lens, unique to each of us. This lens is formed through beliefs, perspectives and paradigms that are part of our subconscious operating systems. It is formed from childhood via the familial culture in which we grew up, our life experiences, the influence of significant others and memories of events. 

Meditation creates the inner space to observe this lens, to clean it up, to see life, ourselves, and experiences as they truly are, and to then choose how we respond to them. So rather than being governed by an unseen operating system, we consciously choose our lens and moreover, our response to life. However, navigating our subjective terrain through our subjective lens requires tools to make the subjective, objective, so we can truly see it and work with it. This is the power of journaling. 

Journaling brings up the insights gained through introspective processes out onto the page, in front of us, creating a means to examine them.

2. Journaling is a safe ground for vulnerability

One of the essential paradigm shifts in spiritual expansion and healing, is a shift from the sense that life is ‘happening to us’ to life is ‘happening for us and is issuing from us’. In other words, for us to take full responsibility for our life experiences and how we engage with them. For many of us, this can take some work. If we have well-laid thought and behavioural tracks of blame, defence, attack, victimhood or withdrawal, that essential move into complete vulnerability and honesty requires safe ground in which to work.

Journaling is an excellent process to make that shift. The act of carving time with the self, the private safety of the pages, making the space for journaling sacred with silence, candles and scents, and the use of well-crafted prompts for self-enquiry into the areas you are exploring, allows a gentle move into deep honesty and vulnerability with the self. It can be hugely healing and generate profound release.

3. Journaling cultivates self-witnessing and acknowledgment

Another essential shift for spiritual expansion and healing is the move from reacting to our life experiences to responding to them. Meditation enables a shift from reactive to responsive living and this shift has an enormously healing effect on our physical bodies, our emotional state, our mental wellbeing and our field of life, including relationships with self and others, creative expression and alignment with purpose. With physiological and psychological reactive responses calmed, an inner space opens to allow a greater witnessing mode to establish.

With journaling, we are then able to identify and track the events and situations that trigger high emotion responses and we are better able to see objectively, what edges we are holding that trip the trigger. With compassionate acknowledgment, we can reframe these edges and through journaling, start to rewrite new scripts for our lives. 

4. Journaling is a Manifestation Ritual in its own right

 Everything we experience starts with a thought form, everything. Sometimes those thought-forms are unconscious, created through fears or certain beliefs about lack or inevitability, and charged with reactive emotion. Yet, we have the capacity to consciously generate our experiences through creating and positively charging thought-forms with the certainty that is born when Will, Desire, and Intent are aligned. This is where a personal practice of journaling takes on a whole new dimension.

The creative journaling of possibilities, in enough detail to invoke an emotional vibration of excitement and a felt sense of those possibilities, is highly magical. It’s a way to generate strongly charged thought forms that start to influence our experienced reality. This beautiful form of journaling draws our awareness from looping doubt or disappointment and opens up worlds of potential. Journaling the stories of our desired realities is a form of spellcasting. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the verb ‘to spell’? 

Journaling records our spiritual journey

Finally, the fifth of so many more wonderful reasons why journaling is a spiritual power move, is quite simple, but also very useful. Journaling naturally records our spiritual journey. Retrospect is an incredible gift. When we have generated a wholesale shift in our reality, our memories fade of the paradigms we have expanded from. Yet to have a record of our spiritual approach, our old triggers, our new scripts, our dreams from the past, which are now a lived reality, we hone our spiritual skills and confidence. Our journey reveals just how far we have come, what is possible, how powerful we really are as creators of our lives. This discovery and realisation are perhaps the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, all from the humble pages of our spirit journal.

Stay tuned for my new online course Discovery, which combines spiritual perspectives, simple and effective journaling exercises for self-enquiry, and eleven beautiful guided meditations to enable deep levels of self-discovery and spirited living. 

If you have any questions about the power of journaling in self-enquiry, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore useful content to guide you along your journey to healing and self-discovery. You can learn more about my Discovery online course, that combines perspectives, meditation instruction, guidance and introspective tools to enable a shift into mindful living.

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What is Intuitive Healing?

What is Intuitive Healing?

How does it work and why is it so effective?

There are many varied reasons why people book me for a private session. For some, it is to lift them from depression or anxiety, low vitality, or lack of mental clarity. For others, it is to find ways to bring love and joy into their relationships and family dynamics. Many clients use the sessions to treat all manner of physical complaints, from autoimmune disorders and unexplained physical pain to low immune function, digestive issues or cancer. Or, to navigate through a particularly intense life experience like divorce, grief, trauma, or preparation for death. I support a lot of women to conceive and journey into motherhood. Many others book in whenever they feel like a lift and expanded perspective, even though life is going smoothly and they are well. 

The biggest shift my new clients make, in their healing journeys, is into the realisation that nothing is ‘wrong’ or ‘blocked’ – even when they present with physical conditions or mental unrest, or difficult and repetitive life experiences that are challenging. I often say that perspectives alone act as either ‘cages’ that keep us in a current unwanted reality or ‘keycodes’ that unlock new possibilities.

The basic premise that I work with and teach in these sessions is that every single, experienced event and situation is generated from us, is happening for us and has an energetic cause. It is this shift in perspective that unlocks the momentum to becoming whole, and keeps us moving forward. 

To get there, it helps to have an alternative understanding of what healing actually is. Our modern view of healing and illness is largely formed by scientific materialism and serious conditioning towards synthetic medication. What this means is that our accepted paradigms of health and healing go something like this:

  • We view health and healing from the perspective of the physical and mental system only. Treatment is either focused on symptoms, or causes that can only be scientifically observed and measured. 
  • ‘Illness’ indicates that something, somehow is broken or wrong with the human system and needs to be fixed, and this creates a fear of illness and intolerance of discomfort.. 
  • Healing of the mind and the body is done so in a mechanistic way.

However, in the world of energy healing, almost the opposite understanding applies. With energy healing we see the human system as an individuated expression of consciousness that has aspects which cannot currently be observed or measured by modern medical or psychological sciences. We see the human system having finer layers of existence, beyond the body and mind, including energetic and spiritual dimensions. We view illness as an expression of a proper functioning system that is signalling a misalignment in a state of consciousness. We see the human system as self-organising and constantly reaching for harmony and alignment. We see and accept that the human system comes from, is animated by, maintains wellness and harmony, and is held within vital life force. And we see that human beings, at their core nature, are creative, that is, rather than the experience of illness happening to us, it is being created by us and for us.

At the most basic level, all disease – which is made up of two words ‘dis – ease’ – is the product of separation consciousness. What that means is that we are believing in and operating from a paradigm:

  • that we and our experienced reality are separate
  • that we and our bodies, minds, feelings and spirits are separate
  • that disease and healing are separate, when in fact they are poles on the same continuum – disease is part of the process of becoming whole and well.

Dis-ease or dissonance triggers or signals when a person holds beliefs or paradigms of separation which go against our true divine nature of oneness. Separation causes a feeling of dissonance, resistance, contraction, hardening, chaos, interrupted flow, and stagnation, in varying degrees. It does this to catch our attention; to signal that something is off or something is out within our view of life and self. This can present as pain, defined illnesses, mental disquiet, anxiety or depression, or simply strong urges for greater, wider understanding.

The system is working perfectly fine with dissonance, as it is signalling a misalignment or a limited perspective for us to place our awareness onto. There are many reasons for the presentation of dissonance. These can be for example, past trauma, familial beliefs, held fear, shame, or guilt, and in some cases karmic. The causal root of the dissonance is always reliably communicated through the client’s physical body and energy system. It’s just that we are no longer taught how to read this signalling for ourselves. Having said that, when the guidance is relayed to the client at the end of the session, more often than not, the information is not at all a surprise, and with the connections made,  the focus then turns to what can be done to shift the pattern. 

A major aspect of my offering is working with individuals to read this messaging and expand their perspective to allow healing to occur. My private energy sessions create the space and focus so people can not only experience the healing capabilities of their system, but also be enabled to work with them on their own. 

My private sessions allow a deeper, personalised and intuitively guided experience to understand the energetic and karmic patterns at play within the client’s current life experiences, sense of wellbeing and body. The sessions also provide specific bespoke meditations, rituals, introspection tools and perspective shifts to lift, heal, resolve and expand. I call this ‘Spirit Homework’.  Many of my clients around the world prefer this more personalised approach to their transformative inner work through private Intuitive Healing and Mentoring sessions.

I combine the modalities of Usui Reiki energy flow and intuitive reading. During the sessions, the client will draw Reiki energy through their system to ease dissonance, and useful information – both thematic and practical, will be received from their etheric field. This is then relayed in a recording with suggested meditations and inner practices to generate self-healing.

Healing happens in four key ways, through:

  • an increased flow of life force
  • the vibratory presence of the healer and the space
  • the perspective, desire and choice of the one seeking healing 
  • expanded paradigms, beliefs and actions of the seeker

Usui Reiki is one of the many finely-tuned proven modalities to increase the vibratory flow of life force. It works on dissonance in amazing, measurable and felt ways. Also, the increase in flow enables clear guidance to understand the underlying separation paradigm, and release it, therefore releasing the requirement for the system to signal dissonance in the first place.

So, both the modality of Reiki and Intuitive Guidance are equally important for healing. I also collaborate with a small but excellent group of alternative practitioners who I can recommend if other approaches may support the healing process more fully, like psychotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, and movement and sound experts.

If the client is ready and has been on a journey of inner enquiry, the dissonance heals during the session or in the days following. There is a clear relationship between inner enquiry and our ability to heal. Which is why I teach these tools in my other courses and sessions. And for these clients, often, a mentoring session is all that is required to adjust perspective and be coached in alternative energy practices to unlock the situation they are experiencing.

Very often I will intuitively read events that are yet to be experienced, which gives the appearance of the sessions being predictive or psychic. I admit, I love getting the feedback from clients when something ‘seen’ in the session, which was at the time outside of their own boundary of awareness, comes to pass. However, in my view, nothing is fixed. Nothing is fated or predestined. Everything, all the time is vibrating and moving and we determine what we experience.

We live in a giant animated field of potential, and it is what we give energy to, whether unconsciously or consciously that collects and arrives into our experience-field. Often, what I will perceive arriving for the client is that field of potentiality being moved and arranged into possibility and then probability, given what lifeforce they are feeding it. And this is where the Spirit Homework comes in. To change the resultant experience, we must first change the emanating patterns from what we think, intend, feel and choose. When the client applies the tools and activities given to them, a different reality is experienced, whether that be relief from pain, conception of a longed-for child, a house sale or new job offer, or a return from anxiety to presence and joy. If the probable experience arriving is what is desired and intended, then we work on methods and practices to bring it through with grace and ease.

Nearly every new client asks when they can come back and experience another session. These are of course the words I love to hear. However, with everyone, my suggestion is that they let the energy integrate, listen back to the guidance, make the changes suggested and notice the shifts they are able to generate. Then, once they have started to generate change, and they would like to keep moving or feel they need further support, to come back in.

The biggest delight for me is when regular clients make the shift from needing a session, to booking-in for excited and motivated spiritual exploration. This is when I know they are back in their own power and these sessions are great fun. 

The reality is that we are designed to be well, thriving, fulfilled, loving and abundant. It is our sovereign right and our entire mind/body/energy system is able to create these states. Yet sadly, due to our modern state of non-presence, stress, and conditioned beliefs around abundance, worth, limited supply and life as something to be feared, we disrupt the natural rhythm and harmony of our systems and life experience. A good intuitive healer can illuminate where and why this is happening and give you the tools to bring it about. 

If you would like to learn the art of Intuitive Healing you can start with the Intuitive Healing Level 1 course. However, if you would like to experience Intuitive Healing you can book a one-to-one session here. For Singapore-based clients, you have the option to attend private, in-person sessions on a Monday or Thursday. If you are based outside of Singapore, and want a mentoring session, these are available on Wednesdays via remote sessions.

If you have any questions about Intuitive Healing and Meditation, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore other courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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