how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

​​Permission to be Human? Granted!

​​Permission to be Human? Granted!

How the Persistent F*%#@ng Pandemic is changing the way we communicate online

I think I have spotted a highly encouraging trend…the return of humanness online.

It seems to be a perfect storm of authenticity. We quickly recovered from the judder-shock of homestyle self-maintenance during lockdowns, creating clever tricks of the light for our days on zoom.

The industry of ‘Zoom hacks’ that burst onto the airways was testament to a new pandemic-style refocus on how we present. How to look amazing from the waist up, lighting, angles, audio, mute tactics, background dressing, and laptop positioning.

Yet it’s the human bloopers that are always picked up by millions on social media. I still laugh my head off, watching the viral footage of that BBC reporter at home, when the children burst into the room, followed by a cowering babysitter and the most intense stress responses of the journalist. Hilarious. Or the lawyer with the cat face filter on that he couldn’t switch off. Gold!

Just for a bit of fun, I have been sharing pics of my ‘bedheads’ on social media feeds these holidays. First thing, still in PJs, mad curls, no makeup, unleashed. And to my surprise, they have garnered quite the following! It’s an interesting thing. I think people (including myself) respond very positively to any glimpses of ‘humanness’ in life and online, and we all, in our own way, experience ‘bedhead’. It’s a unifier! 

The Bedhead experiment is also an expression of my mission with my book Spirited. There can be such a clichéd representation of meditation, inner transformation and living a modern spiritual life…my mission is to normalise it and keep it real.

I am a meditation teacher, Usui Reiki master, transformational mentor, speaker and author, psychic and medium…yet…as you can see…I do not wake on a bed carved from amethyst crystal, with an eagle feather in my hair, an ethereal glow and ascended masters making me coffee.

As I write this blog, I am on a break, with Covid, in the middle of a forest in the Blue Mountains, in Australia. I flew out of Singapore four days after my first book, Spirited, was released. It’s a strange feeling to be bunkered away in the deep winter and watching as this beautiful buzz is brewing outside of the tree line. Lots of media platforms are running the press release, Amazon Asia sold out in the week, Barnes & Noble and Walmart picked up the book which is wonderful for reaching the US market, podcasts, events, lots of lovely messages…awesomeness. And whilst all of this wonderful activity is spiralling around, I’m having a very interesting experience and insights with Covid, which I share in The Covid Diaries…Catch the instalments at @spiritedbydani.

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

As I’ve been slowing down, pondering, watching, I have come to the conclusion that there are six key dynamics at play in this reach for, and re-emergence of humanness. 

  1. The Ache for Humanness

We’re aching for it. Isolations, lockdown, masks, tracking, systemisation and high regulation plus an overload on world stats and denial of our rituals…have us reaching for humanness; honest, non-augmented, vulnerable humanness. 

  1. The Draw to Unifying Dynamics

That reach is driven by our basic human need for intimacy, witness and story sharing. We are a collective species. It’s how we roll. We are therefore designed to thrive, in community. Some of the most memorable footage on the internet during the first global wave, was seeing that Italian community come out onto their balconies and window sills during a lockdown in a divine medieval town, to listen to and love a solo violinist on his balcony. Or images of the wilderness reclaiming its original territories, tracks and patterns. Dolphins in the Venetian canals, flocks of migrating deer through town centres, birds returning to Rome, whales in shipping lanes and more baby turtles hatching along the once abandoned Australian coastline were all dazzling unifying aspects.

I started a Facebook community in 2020 called Monkey Pot Magic to connect people in lockdown over our shared love of the wild. We celebrated and shared these wild reclamations. The group grew steadily over the first two years of the pandemic to about 600 people, but, at the beginning of 2022, it jumped to nearly 1500 people. People everywhere are seeking connection with others who have shared interests.

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

Bedheads are also unifying. Everyone in some way, shape or form, experiences bedhead. Even if you have no hair, you will have bed face!

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

  1. Baulking at the Augmented Human

Somewhere in the mix too is a maturation of our fascination with the augmented human image. Advertising is welcoming real – shapes, sizes, colours, and heritages. Thank goodness. My jaded mind is questioning whether they are just riding a trend…but it’s wonderful to have humans back, even in the high fashion images. More smiles would be good too!

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

  1. Redefining Ageing

A big part of that return to ‘human’ is also some stunning redefinitions of ageing. Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench, Demi Moore, Kate Blanchett, Kate Moss, the Queen herself and many savvy, wise, and very sexy ‘older peeps’ are filling the devoid space of reality media and fame junkies. They are all defying the white-haired, washed-out stereotype of ageing and pulling off some stunning wise and edgy commentary and influence.

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

  1. Keeping Me Real

Publishing a book is a pretty heady business. So much of my own spirit is poured into the pages. It became my constant companion during Covid as I edited on the move. It’s bizarre, surreal, exciting, deeply satisfying and uncertain…all at once. High feels! Yet I have folded in during the book’s first few weeks of being out in the world…in the forest in the Australian Blue Mountains. I’m watching the press articles and saying yes to some beautiful events…yet the land here and posting my bedheads have helped me stay earthed and useful, as well as grateful and humbled by the whole amazing experience.

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de velde

  1. Rewilding

The reason we return to this beautiful wilderness as often as possible is because it allows us to re-wild. And there’s no better barometer of ‘degree of rewilding’ than the curls in my family. My two teenagers and I have masses of wild curls. According to mum, it’s our untamed Celtic ancestry. Freed from the humidity-prison of Singapore, within a day, our curls return with gusto. They refuse to be tamed or restrained in any way. Snapped hair elastics and broken hair clips fill the bathroom bin.

Immersion in the deep, ancient, untouched wilderness that’s being drenched in cleansing land and life-reforming rains with wholesome food, a good heater and my kids, is gold. Covid gave us full permission to go deeper into what we normally do. We’re drawing, writing, reading, chatting, cooking, resting, and creating.

I believe the entire world is in need of some serious wilderness immersion. Stat!

I can’t wait to view Covid in my rear-view mirror, shrinking as we move forward, and this pandemic swiftly fades and dissolves into the realm of retrospect and reminiscing.

how the pandemic is changing the way we communicate online danielle van de veldeBut as Jean Balfour and I discussed (amongst many other cool things) on her recent podcast, Making Sense of Work, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the virus has gone nowhere and is merrily doing what viruses do…adapting and thriving. I think ‘post’ is a little hasty. Persistent Pandemic or Perpetual Pandemic might be more appropriate.

The quest for humanness is more important now than ever. Playful and authentic communication is the keycode. Are we seeing the rise of The Era of the Bedhead? I hope so.

If you are looking to join groups, retreats or circles with like-spirited people, do get in touch or go to for current offerings. You can also explore courses and useful content on the website to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. If you would like to explore more about a spirited life, my book, ‘Spirited – A guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life’, is now available. See stockists here

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The Unsolicited Guru – Part 1

The Unsolicited Guru – Part 1

How to stay empowered when navigating the ‘spiritual industry’

I believe you can tell when socio-economic conditions are tough by the upswings in sketchy activity on the internet. The amount of hacking, ID impersonation, phishing and sketchy-ass emails seems to spike. And with that also comes an upswing in direct contact from self-appointed gurus, seers and mages, touting a direct line to my ancestors, or picking up on some curse, or having a dream about me…and offering relief, a spell or a turn of fate for a fee.

Lately, I have been receiving a few a week and I’m going to say it straight…these people really steam up my cauldron! They usually come with terrible greetings…like ‘Grand rising love my beloved”; who really speaks like that? Or, ‘Greetings from Atlantis Dear One…” and every shade of BS in between. But what really gets me annoyed about these creepy people is that it is also during socio-economic dips or periods of uncertainty, that many people genuinely start searching for meaning and a spiritual path. There’s more need and more vulnerability.

It happens outside of the internet too. I will also get trends in what I call ‘clean up jobs’. These are clients that come in because they have been negatively affected by a session with a self-appointed healer, mystic, ‘shaman’ or some other important sounding label, which they have found appropriate because they burn some sage and maybe, have danced naked at Burning Man once.

Sometimes, the damage is serious. Low energy, depression, illness, psychological confusion and moreover, a choice to jettison all spiritual enquiry…just because of one run-in with an idiot. I also, on occasion, see it with ex-students who have had a wonderful experience in one of my courses and believe that qualifies them to hold circles and mentor others in the finer arts of spirituality. Feel good is not wisdom! And on the few occasions it has happened (that I know of at least) it has been to satiate a deep need to feel special…which is not at all the best energetic disposition for guiding others.

It’s difficult to measure the ‘spiritual industry’ as it is difficult to define and usually gets lumped in with the ‘wellness industry’ metrics. But going by that alone, we’re talking of a global market that has grown in the last few years to beyond $4trillion USD and is showing no sign of slowing down. This is exciting in some ways, as more and more people are choosing to divert greater amounts of their disposable income into self-improvement and wellbeing…however it also attracts the ‘snake oil sellers’. Whilst the fitness and psych worlds are well regulated, insured and licensed, the spiritual end of the scale in energy healing, spiritual mentoring and the psychic arts, is not.

how to stay empowered when navigating the spiritual industry 2 danielle van de velde

So how can we navigate our way through the options in the spiritual industry, without becoming jaded by the self-appointed, unsolicited gurus out there? Here are my top tips that work for me:

  • Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing. If you are being promised an exclusive patented method to enlightenment that is accessible through only one source and can only be drip-fed to you for higher and higher fees, look closely, question everything, and follow your heart.
  • Do the ‘I/me’ count. When you hear someone speak about spirit, notice how many times they refer to themselves, that subtle self-stroking of ego. If they present themselves as being the source of their power and abilities, tread carefully.
  • Trust only a spiritual guide who has earned that title through personal mastery, preferably in a known system. Check out their followers and students. You’ll get an immediate gauge. Is the guide empowered and free, or are they being manipulated? I once went to a talk with a ‘master’ that did an online metaphysical course that allowed him to choose his title. He chose ‘master.’ His students looked as if they were in a group trance when they gathered. He didn’t seem too shiny to me, and he was decidedly sleazy. I obeyed my heart and walked.
  • Be very alert to predictions of accidents, death, injury, bad luck, or illness if you don’t engage the provider. Believe me; it happens. I once met a shamanic teacher who emailed me urgently saying she had a warning dream that I was going to be hit by a car and needed her protection—for a fee, of course. I followed my heart and walked. I am alive and well.
  • Be very wary of anyone who attributes all their sketchy words and behaviours to their ‘guides.’ This is a real red light. I once met a woman who sent me an unsolicited email for some past-life regression treatment that only she could offer for a huge ‘energy exchange’ (a term I can’t stand). When I sent it back saying no thanks and that I felt neither the need nor compulsion for it, she replied saying that her guides were playing with us and they had sent the email. BS!
  • Be aware of unsolicited divinations and readings. You are in control and should always decide what support you need. I received an urgent message once from a woman in Australia who had seen my Facebook profile picture and was very concerned about my blocked upper chakras. Ironically, this was during a time when I was studying the most sublime heart-expanding practices, and I felt the best I had ever felt. I politely replied, thanked her for her concern, pointed out that the profile picture was actually two years old, and told her, ‘No thank you.’ She was very persistent, and if I were a more vulnerable person, I might have listened to her. I explained that I was not in need of, or want of, her help. She then changed the direction and thought she may have been picking up on someone close to me, maybe a family member. Again, I politely said ‘No thanks’ and wished her well. She then came back with ‘Well, I can’t help what I see or for whom I see it…all I know is that you need help’, to which I replied, ‘Well, if you don’t know what you’re seeing or whom you’re seeing it for, then you haven’t quite mastered your art, have you? Leave me alone!’
  • Exorbitant ‘energy exchanges’ can show that your provider is conflicted materially. In my experience, those who are truly connected to spirit are not focused on material gain. They’re looked after materially when they are in true service, and most give a lot of what they earn to the needy. This is not to say that spiritual teachers should give their services for free either. This life, if chosen, is an investment of time, intention, studies, and practice. It should be charged for, but realistically.

how to stay empowered when navigating the spiritual industry danielle van de velde

  • Just because someone exhibits some psychic ability or has dedicated their life to spiritual service does not mean they are a good person or aligned with spirit. We have seen this in all too stark detail with the systematic child abuse in the Church (amongst other institutions). I have seen this with spiritual practitioners—especially those offering tantric services. If it feels hinky, despite how amazing it might seem or what promises are made, just walk. Walking away doesn’t mean you are spiritually blind or ‘unable to accept higher truth’—yes, that one has been used on me too! It means you are discerning; you are listening to your heart, and you hold the power of free will and choice.

In Part 2 of this blog series I will outline what to look for when seeking out a true spiritual guide or healer, and in the meantime, remember this….

You have everything you need within you, within your design. You are spirit manifesting through a human nervous system and form. If you feel you need some guidance or a new perspective as you move along, look around, keep searching, and don’t rush things. Ask spirit to send you the right teacher and content for this time. In my observation, the soul-calls that are made for spiritual truth and enablement are answered swiftly and delightfully, and they make your heart sing. When you make it a priority to build awareness of your spirited self, your intuition is undeniable.

If you are looking to join groups, retreats or circles with like-spirited people, do get in touch or go to and sign up to receive current offerings and updates. You can also explore courses and useful content on the website to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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How The Spirit of Giving Generates Flow

The Spirit of Giving
How the act of Giving generates Flow

I don’t know about you, but this time of year can be quite fraught for me. There’s the end of year whirlwind with work, accounts, school activities, and reminders of all the things I didn’t get to, through the year (gulp!). Then finally, when we make it through the December crush, the preparations (and spend) for time at home, with family and friends and the mad scramble to organise gifts, sets in. In the Season of Giving, we can so easily lose our connection with the Spirit of Giving itself.

The true Spirit of Giving doesn’t require a big budget or lots of preparation time.

The Spirit of Giving is actually a lens through which to view our life and our connection to it, and it is one of the most potent forces we have at our disposal to generate flow.

Flow is when our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits are aligned and connected with our life field, consciously. When we are in a state of flow, we are happy and in my observation, people who operate in flow are well, vital, grateful, successful and fulfilled.  

Being in flow doesn’t mean we don’t experience challenges; this is simply the nature of life. But it does mean that we move through them quite differently – with presence and grace. Flow allows a momentum, which steers us into higher possibilities because flow brings the realisation that we, our life field, our relationships and all that we experience, are inextricably linked. Flow also enables greater flow. Just like how a healthy flowing river shapes and widens its banks, flow expands our awareness and capacity and vastly changes our inner landscape and connection with life.

People come to my meditation classes and healing sessions for all sorts of reasons. But if I were to distil those reasons down, I could say that most of them are related to a disconnection with flow. This disconnection may be presenting as a physical illness, or low vitality, or a feeling of lack in love and abundance, or a lack of sense of purpose. These seem to be the big four and when we are out of flow we see these aspects as separate from us, as things to be attained and held on to, as things that we lack. And, we sense our life is blocked or stagnant in some way. When we are disconnected from flow, we are disconnected from life.

the art of giving 2 danielle van de velde

Vitality, love, abundance and fulfilment are aspects of flow and giving them unconditionally and consciously triggers their movement into and through our life experience, and it has a multiplier effect.  

It generates the flow of these energies not only through us, but also through those we engage with, in the Spirit of Giving. When others experience giving, they are more likely to give. Just like how rivers flow, join with other rivers and all converge in the sea.

Here are some simple ways to connect with the Spirit of Giving and generate flow. 

Remember, this is energy work and so it’s not the size or expense of the gift itself, but the conscious expression of the Spirit of Giving that holds all the power. When we view vitality, abundance, love and purpose as fields of energy, rather than states of being, then we can become empowered to bring their influence and presence into our lives, by giving them to others. We are, in essence, generators.

If you are feeling a lack of love or acknowledgment:

  • Send a message or make a call to someone you love when they pop through your mind or when you dream of them.
  • Say ‘I Love you’ to loved ones when they say or do something that stirs your heart. Just say it more anyway.
  • Consciously express gratitude when you are touched by someone else or given a gift. Don’t leave it till too late – return that energy in full.
  • Once a week, do something caring for someone without any reason, fanfare, or expectation of reciprocation.
  • Practice Brahmavihara Cultivation. This is one of the beautiful meditations covered in my online meditation course Return.

If you are feeling a lack of abundance in your life:

  • Nurture gratitude for the things you have and enjoy what’s around you. A gratitude journal is great for this.
  • Be generous whenever you can. Shout your friend that coffee. Invite friends to share a meal at your table.
  • Recycle unused items in your home. Even if it is your favourite dress, but you haven’t worn it in two years, give it to someone who will.
  • Regularly encourage your children to do the same with outgrown toys and books.
  • Volunteer your time to people in need. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but the action itself will trigger the flow of abundance. Just try it and see!
  • Practice heart-centered meditations like gratitude contemplation, for example. Gratitude Cultivation is covered in my online meditation course Discovery. And eight beautiful heart-centered meditations are coming your way soon in my next online meditation series Heart Light. 

If you are feeling a lack of vitality or illness in your life:

  • Give your body the rest, nutrients and sunshine it needs.
  • Give your sound-scape positive energy. Stop complaining and use the mantra: “I am healthy and vital by design and sovereign right.”
  • Nurture a positive attitude towards your body and your body will start to express it.
  • Recognize the health and vitality in others around you and express it to them.
  • Gift your home with symbols of vitality. Bring in fresh flowers, herbs and fruits.
  • Make one small change to your daily habit that improves the health of the Earth. Recycle, take your cloth bags for grocery shopping, switch from plastics to biodegradables where possible. Our vitality is linked directly to the vitality of the Earth.
  • Give vitality-related gifts to your friends. Bake an organic cake. If you see some beautiful mangoes at the market, buy an extra for your work colleague.
  • Practice body-based meditations like Yoga Nidra. See my online meditation course Return for this.

If you are feeling a lack of purpose

  • Give yourself time to pursue activities that make your heart sing; that you love. The clues to your soul-purpose lie in what inspires you and makes you vibrate.
  • Practice meditation to draw into presence and to know yourself and your design and talents. This is what Discovery is all about.
  • Give your attention to other purpose-led people around you and acknowledge that aspect in them.

the ripples of the heart are endless danielle van de velde

And remember, when you choose any one of my offerings, you are contributing to a much larger river of goodwill that supports many others and the environment. You can find out more about my goodwill focus here, which is an essential energetic aspect of my business and personal life, which I know generates flow. I wrote about giving and business in my blog post How Cultivating a Spirit of Giving is Good for Business.

These small simple expressions of the Spirit of Giving generate flow and engage us consciously with life and others.

Let the Season of Giving begin!


If you have any questions or thoughts about the spirit of giving and how it can benefit your life, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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Five effective ways to transmute Fear into Possibility

Creative Fear

Five effective ways to transmute Fear into Possibility

2020 has started in epic proportions, as large-scale collective rebalancing takes place. The Australian bushfires, increase in widespread volcanic and seismic activity and now the CoronaVirus spreading at speed throughout Asia and further afield, is enough in itself for many to retreat from community and connection and lay very low. I won’t even touch on the additional anxiety that the global political environment is adding to this heady mix! People are afraid and that fear is fuelled by distrust in media reporting, leadership and the true underlying causes for these incredible world events. There’s an apocalyptic-feel to them and the images in the news are the stuff of nightmares.

By the first week in January my private energy and mentoring sessions were booked through to March. I get it! Without a spiritual framework, these events can be overwhelming for many. In the last few days I have seen twelve clients and many of them are spiralling down into ‘what ifs’, for some, to the point of obsession and generating fear-fuelled sickness in the body. Of course, from one perspective this is very understandable, especially for people whose livelihoods depends on travel and interactions with large groups. I am also needing to rethink my larger gatherings. The New Moon Lodge on Feb 23rd, The Alpha Male, in Singapore, has attracted a huge response with close to forty people registered already, which has taken us over the definition of a ‘large gathering’ and if the Singapore Govt raises the warning code from ‘yellow’ to ‘orange’ which is quite possible in coming days, I will also be looking to deliver my first virtual Lodges via the internet. The meditation courses and talks also planned for this month are ‘on watch’ too. And I have had to cancel two business trips to Shanghai recently.

From a spiritual perspective all highly-charged repeated thoughts loops are generative, that is, they influence out experienced reality, they are creative. Fear-based thought patterns are no exception. Fear has an intense psychic-weight. It is contracting to the body and energetic field and when it is expressed through repeated worry, talk, thought-loops it becomes an organising pattern. The old idiom, ‘you attract what you fear’ is not without an energetic basis. However, conversely, highly-charged positive thought loops have the same generative effect. The emotional voltage of gratitude, awe and wonder, loving kindness and compassion for example have long been universally recognised as powerful vibratory states that heal, release psychic entanglements and manifest outcomes and this is the energetic basis of creative visualisation, visioning, prayer and spell-casting.

As intense as the start to this decade is for all of us, it is also an invitation to mastery. To ride it through with some elegance and grace, here is a summary of some my top-tips for transmuting fear and fear-based thinking, into positive life-ward patterns. These are inner-energy practices, that shift the vibration of your inner state, and as our inner state and outer experienced reality are actually one self-organising system, when you consciously engage in the directorship of what vibrations and thoughts you are entertaining within, you are able to influence your life experience. These of course do not replace the sensible precautions advised by the health authorities in light of the Coronavirus, however they absolutely play a huge role in how we experience this extreme start to the year and they are  accessible energy practices for both the novice and seasoned practitioner.


Our bodies respond to a fearful thought in the same way that they respond to an actual threat. The body doesn’t know the difference. Perspective is key.

Perspective can act as either a cage or a key-code to expansion.

One exercise I have been giving clients is to audit and affirm their current reality each evening before slipping off into sleep. Each night simply run through the current reality of your state and softly repeat aspects as statements of truth. ‘I am well’, ‘I am strong’, ‘my home is safe’, ‘my family is well and happy’, ‘my body feels good’, ‘my mind is calm’. Hearing statements of truth stated with clarity and presence in your own voice has an enormous evocative effect on the psyche, that shifts the inner state into truth and out of conjecture. This is an excellent circuit-breaker to habitual fear loops and can also be done throughout the day when you catch yourself freaking out.


Thought-loops carve tracks in the mind that we mindlessly follow when not present. They become habitual and constantly flood the body with stress hormones and tighten the muscles of the body, all the while contributing to a sense of dis-ease and vibrating chaotic patterns into our fields. And all habits can be reprogrammed. The first step is to consciously break the habit. Keeping it real is one way. Another beautiful circuit-breaker I use is again with a statement of command. When I catch myself spiralling to the worst possible scenario, usually about my children, I stop the thought-track and simply say to myself….’that’s a story that doesn’t have to happen!’. This is again a statement of truth. In reality anything and everything is possible. The experience field gathers, organises and collects around the energetic patterns we emanate…morphing from potentiality, to possibility into probability, the stronger and more repeated the emanation pattern.

Another slightly stronger circuit-breaker is the Buddhist Fire Mudra, which is quite simply raising the right hand in a ‘stop’ sign. This Mudra is associated with protection from low-vibe patterns and transmutation of their energy into higher states within. Again, it simply involves catching yourself in the downward thought/emotional spiral, raising the right hand upwards, outstretched arm, left hand on the heart or resting palm facing up and state with authority…’Enough! This pattern does not belong within me!’ These circuit-breakers make for a few classic scenes in the workplace or at the book club meets, but they work. To amp the effect even more, you can slip away into a bathroom and make the decree to your reflection in the mirror. The feeling of empowerment and central personal will is palpable and puts you right back into the driver’s seat of your life.

The more often we circuit-break the pattern, the weaker it gets.


Our ability to ‘keep it real’ and ‘circuit-break’ unhelpful emanation patterns, depends largely on our state of presence and inner observation. Without a cultivated ability to dwell in present awareness we can spend up to 42% of our waking day running our mental tracks, and the psychologists conclude we tend to run the not so happy tracks. Meditation, in whatever form you choose cultivates an inner space between our interface with experienced reality and our response to it. It shifts us from reactive living to responsive and ultimately creative living. It keeps us well and vital, which naturally engenders a greater sense of wellbeing and stability. Breath meditation and pranayama techniques have an additional effect of cleansing the front brain, synchronising the central nervous system and running higher levels of vital life force through the energy body, which in turn bolsters immune function, enables higher vibratory states and intuition. The stronger Pranayamas of Kapalbhati and Bastrika Breath are excellent for transmuting fear. Heart-centred meditations like Gratitude Contemplation, Metta and Tonglen, to name a few of my favourites, are proven to boost immune function and transmute dense lower vibrations into high harmonious emanations. (Refs at the end of this article).


The ancient act of smudging is known for its cleansing and protective qualities. Certain botanicals when burnt emit anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties into the environment. Perhaps the best known of these is sage. In esoteric practice, smoke is a liminal substance, that is, it plays both a physical and spiritual cleansing role. It works on both sides of ‘the veil’ – the mundane and the spiritual, the particle and the wave, the inner and the outer. The act of smudging is often associate with cleansing of spaces and objects, yet in my experience it is a powerful transformer of inner-states too. Our home space particularly is a powerful metaphor and extension of our inner state. We all instinctively know this, by how we experience inner shifts with the annual Spring clean-out, or introducing new colour threads through our space, or introduce scent, plants and order.

The home, is quite literally, where the heart is; and the heart is the seat of our Spirits. Of course, just with any magical workings, if it’s done from a state of fear and panic, it does nothing more than consolidate the unhelpful inner state. However, when it is done as a sacred act from a place of sovereign command, it vastly alters everything. It harmonises chaos patterns which so often present in the home space in sickness, turbulent sleep, low depressive moods, unsettled children and what we might perceive as ‘bad luck’. (Downloadable smudging guidelines at the end of this article).


I have enormous respect for the clients that recognise they need some help to transmute fear patterns and book-in for a session. Intuitive Healing and Mentoring with a solid practitioner can have an immediate effect. The energy work circuit-breaks and resets emanation patterns and the intuitive read and mentoring can help to establish a new paradigm based on spiritual principles that raises the inner state and vibration into a life-ward force. Very often our fear-patterns are based in belief systems that we have inherited from our tribal culture and early experiences and observations. Once the root of the fear tendency is brought to light in the session, our awareness alone can be enough to dissolve it and replace it with an expanded belief based in knowledge and if necessary I always suggest a simple home ritual to ‘close the loop’ on the shift and establish it as a new foundation.

Beautiful, sacred, powerful…just as we are designed to operate.

2020 is calling us to raise our game, to choose what we stand for and believe in and to come into as fuller lived understanding of our true nature. It’s a lot like an intense tutorial in Spirit-school! We have the choice, always. I’m choosing mastery…are you in?

For more information on anything mentioned in this article, mentoring, meditation guidance and Intuitive Healing, remote and on-site, or more effective ways transmuting fear into possibility, get in touch at

Download my Smudging guidelines here

Spirit Biz

Spirit Biz

Six surprising synergies between spiritual practice and successful business

Within the range of clients that engage me privately and attend my esoteric courses, there’s a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. These are people who are seeking to work with the energetic dynamics that create success in their business endeavours. It’s a form of engagement that I call ‘Generative Magic’. 

The word ‘Magic’ has all sorts of connotations and misconceptions surrounding it. For many, there is very little in common between what they perceive magical practice to be, and hard-nosed, on the ground, measurable ‘business’. However, the dynamics of business and magic have a lot more in common than what may be understood and it’s a growing area of interest in my world and offering that yields incredible results.

So what am I talking about when I say ‘Magic’? The understanding of ‘Magic’ is so often skewed by its trappings, the rituals, the objects, the famous characters and the encoded language that has developed to keep its secrets safe from persecution. However, at its heart, ‘Magic’ is a state of being and a way to engage from an expanded perspective on what the human system actually is and the true energetic nature of life. There’s a third aspect to the human physical/psyche system, which is the spiritual aspect, and the disruption of 2020 has more and more people seeking to connect with it.   

When we operate from our full, integrated self in our personal lives and also in business, a whole new program uploads where we consciously create our experiences. All forms of ‘Magic’, at their core, hold a process of ‘inner alchemy’, an alignment between all aspects of the self – the mental/emotional field, the body and actions, and the energy/spirit field. When this inner alignment is achieved and applied to a given goal, change is generated.

This happens because the magical perspective on self and life is that our inner terrain and our experienced terrain are actually one self-organising system. The well-known axiom ‘as above, so below, as within so without, as the universe so the soul’ is worked with as a literal set-up. Understanding this, changes the rules of engagement completely. And, rather than experiencing life, relationships, business, events, opportunities as ‘happening to us’, instead we are put right back in the driver’s seat and work with experience as ‘issuing from us’ and ‘happening for us’. 

Magic is about consciously aligning the engine of self – Intent, Desire and Will, and from that central state, generating patterns that our outer experience then rhymes with or reflects back to us. It’s the only way to roll! It requires work and taking full responsibility for everything…but Magic or not, isn’t that the truth of each of our lives?

So how does magical practice work in a business context? Here are six key synergies (of many) that can help illuminate the dynamic.

Business Vision AKA Field of Intent

In typical business practice, the translation of Vision to Action is largely a linear one. The founding team will gather and define the vision for the business, which then translates to the strategic plan, which translates to the business plan, which translates to the action plan, measures, accountabilities, and KPIs. Yet within the linear translation, so often, the passion for the original vision can get diluted and become somewhat disconnected to the activity, until the next team away day when the vision is resurrected and redefined.

The requirement for a vision is key in any magical working, however, with one major difference. The vision is generated as a living Field of Intent. That is, it is activated energetically and becomes a governing field of influence over every thought, feeling, word, action, and choice. Rather than a linear process, the Field of Intent sets up the hologram of activity and energy that influences all activity and brings the result to bear. It is the end result, in etheric form.

Alignment AKA Core Intent Discovery

Finding and connecting with the key motivational force of the vision in business is fundamental, and often misaligned. This step is in the arena of what Simon Sinek beautifully teaches, about ‘finding your why’. The ‘why’ is where the passion engine resides. And I often see entrepreneurs state their ‘whys’ according to what they feel might be acceptable or in line with the latest buzz thinking in their sectors. But the ‘why’ is deeply personal to the founders of the business or practitioner. It’s not how it appears that’s important, it’s how it feels and whether it is tapping the key motivational force for all activity. It’s the lifeline that keeps the energy moving through the company and the working.

When working with business clients, I give them the license to state their truth in this area. For some, their start-up is all about giving back, making a difference, changing the world. If there’s a strong 100% voltage in this, they’re ready to roll. However, so often when this wonderful altruistic-sounding ‘why’ feels misaligned, I will guide them through a process called Core Intent Discovery. Very often they will find that what they thought was their key motivation is actually one of several measures of their success, and their Core Intent is far more basic and raw, like, to make a six-figure turnover within the first year of operation, or to dominate the sector for their offering, or to satisfy a long-held desire to personally succeed. 

Our inner dimensions of Intent, Desire and Will are a lot like different teams within a business. If the visionaries, passionate creatives and action-oriented doers are out of alignment, productivity falters and conflict arises. It is the same with our minds, hearts and wills internally. These require alignment, collusion and mutual space and respect to fire on all energetic cylinders.

Whatever the individual core intent for the vision is, it has to be honest and on the mark. When it is found, the Field of Intent is connected with its power source and this generates movement towards the goal.

Accountability AKA Uniting the Will

Accepting full responsibility for all experienced events, whether they be personal or in business, is perhaps the area of Spirit Biz that requires the most introspection and work. In businesses, accountability is mandated through linking KPIs and performance reviews to reward; a kind of carrot and stick approach. In spiritual practice, a ‘United Will’ is the only state through which generative patterns can be strongly emanated to affect change. This process, in esoteric practice, is known as Metanoia – to ‘reverse the flow’. It is a form of inner alignment and transmutation of beliefs and fears in relation to the experience of our goal that has inhibited its realisation to date.

We may have a well-crafted vision of bringing a new and unique offering to the market. However, if somewhere within our system we are buying into a belief that we may not have the ability to do so, or we may not be ‘that unique’ or perhaps we hold a fear that success will expose us to the public or disrupt our lives, then the pattern we emanate into the Field of Intent is dysmorphic and will yield less than optimal results. Metanoia requires the practitioner to jettison stories of ‘why’ their desired field has not manifested, to jettison blame or victimhood, and accept fully their ultimate creative capacity, even if they have been creating less desirable results to date. 

This process creates an inner alignment and recentering into the power of the self and the Field of Intent. When Intent, Desire and Will are working in collusion, in equal measure and emanation, a highly magnetic force is generated which shifts reality. 

Networks of Influence AKA Fields of Influence

When starting any new business venture or start-up, networking and associations with like-minded, successful commentators, operators and influencers in the related field and markets of the business, are essential. All savvy entrepreneurs know and do this. A very similar synergy is worked with in spiritual business practice, in the external relational networks, but also, and more importantly, with energetic Fields of Influence.

The existence of large energetic morphic Fields of Influence is acknowledged in most spiritual frameworks. In Shamanism, they are acknowledged through the elemental and animal medicines. In religions, they are represented through pantheons of gods and goddesses, saints and prophets. In Western Magic traditions, they present in planetary deities and nature spirits; in Eastern traditions, they appear in Core Fields, avatars and spirit guides.

Fields of Influence are like living repositories of expertise that can be connected with, for guidance and influence of affairs. They are accessed within, through the deep mind in certain forms of meditative practice. Some examples of Fields of Influence I have personally worked with to reinvent my business offering during 2020 have been: Creativity, Expansion and Reach, Enablement, Activated Communications, Deals and Contracts. Working with Fields of Influence wakes up latent expertise within and can vastly affect connections, collaborations and the emergence of new pathways.

Logo AKA Sigil/Seal

The development of the symbolic representation of any business is, for me, one of the most enjoyable processes of any new venture. Brand architecture and the resultant logo design is in itself a wonderfully clarifying process and there are some incredible brand outfits who have mastered the art.

At the outset of a new business venture, it is often an outlay that requires a commitment of faith before revenues can justify the spend. And for this reason, the symbolic representation of the vision can so often get short-changed. However, in the world of Spirit Biz, the logo takes on a whole new dynamic. 

The word ‘sigil’ is an old English word that derives from its Latin root ‘sigillum’ which means sign or seal. Sigils marked the banners, wax seals and castles of the ancient world and not only represented lineages and tribal cultures, but held within them the power of the sovereigns that owned them. They are regarded as activated representations of the power of their originators, a force within themselves. They are evident in every spiritual framework around the world. Hieroglyphs, yantras, runes, planetary symbols, religious symbols, even our alphabet and symbolic art are all forms of Sigils. 

In spiritual practice, Sigils are creative enfoldments of intent, energy and correspondences which, when activated, generate energetic shifts in our lives. They are one of my favourite tools for creating change and magnetising outcomes, especially in business. When a logo is understood in a spiritual context, it gives a whole new impetus to branding.

Responsiveness and adaptability AKA Flow

If 2020 has taught the business world anything, it has been that agility and adaptability in strategy, direction and momentum are paramount for success. All of us, in many ways, have had to assess what elements of our business needed rerouting or changed formats to keep operating and retain existing client bases and perhaps access new ones. 

For my business, it has meant shifting offerings on-line, into new creative formats and across varied platforms. It has also required a massive and swift upscaling of my website, content, rankings and social media presence. All of which, I engaged with through Generative Magic.

In a year that has seen the sad demise or shelving of many new businesses, my small business has gone online, gone global, jumped in rankings, nearly tripled its client base and managed an increase in revenues. And this is despite the larger paying work of in-house corporate and school programs, retreats and large group gatherings being suspended for the most part of the year. My offerings are now listed on Spotify and InsightTimer app and I was approached and signed by one of the biggest spiritual trade publishers in the world for a four-book deal recently. 

In periods of high uncertainty, Spirit Biz works best, because from a magical perspective, when everything is uncertain, everything is possible. The energy of wholesale disruption can be leveraged and directed with greater power. The key to working with this dynamic is to remain entirely in energetic flow. And to do this, a perspective of command and ultimate trust in the axioms of Magic must be embodied. It takes some work, as very often it’s a deconditioning of well-carved reactive patterns as to what we previously would have perceived as ‘a dead end’, ‘a block’, ‘an obstacle’.  Once the process is imbued with Spirit, every single event is within the process, even if it appears to counter it. Our ability to maintain positive energy, to welcome all events, to perceive changes in direction as necessary new pathways, ‘obstacles’ as necessary redirections, and deadends as invitations to choose alternatives that are in line with the vision, helps us maintain a strong energetic field that holds the manifestation potential of the goal.

Another tried and true spiritual aspect of successful business flow is in active altruism. The spiritual perspective on giving also takes on a whole new dynamic when we engage in giving as an aligning, abundance-generating activity. I have written more about how this works here.

If you are a female entrepreneur, embarking on a new business venture, or reinventing an existing one, and you’re drawn to understand how to spiritually engage in the dynamics, you can join me and a suite of incredible speakers at this year’s Online Spectacular Business Symposium 2020 from the 10th-12th November, hosted by The Daisy Chain Group. I will be talking more in depth about Generative Magic and I am in great company with speakers from around the world who will impart:

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  • understanding legacy and purpose
  • how to shift your money mindset to wealth and growth
  • How to achieve and build an engaged community that trusts your brand; all whilst following you.
  • the 8 traits of successful women!

If you have any questions about the synergies between Spiritual Practice and Successful Business, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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