why believing in luck can be bad for business daniellevandevelde

Why believing in ‘LUCK’ can be bad for business

The family that lived across the street from me when growing up in Sydney, Australia, was highly prosperous. From a Greek immigrant father, they were hardworking, industrious entrepreneurs. They owned several booming businesses, were a tight-knit family, and everyone in the home contributed in their own way to the family’s success. And even though their kids were older than me and my siblings, we’d often enjoy meals together. 

I remember even at a young age, the father grinning and telling us how yet another person had called him ‘lucky’. Lucky to have such great fortune in business; lucky to have a closely-bonded family; just lucky. This was his running joke. Every time he heard this from a well-meaning observer, he had the same response: 

“Yep…the harder I work, the ‘luckier’ I get!”

I have been remembering this amazing, happy and highly successful man recently, as I have also heard the same observations made of me and my business this year. It’s true it has been a tricky year for any form of planning or growth, and for me it has required a big step out of my comfort zone and into the world of online courses, digital content development and optimisation, and intellectual property, to name a few. But as the year is now rounding out, I am looking back and feel so satisfied with what I have achieved. 

For a girl who had never even heard of ‘Zoom’ or had a clue about ‘SEO’, ‘mechanical and performance rights’ or ‘website plugs-ins’ at the beginning of the year, I am now confidently operating in these fields and have some very simple but effective processes in place to navigate this new brave world. I have worked hard. 

So, when I hear the well-meaning comment ‘You’re so lucky” or when I hear a mentoring client say ‘It’s easy for you because you’re lucky…’, I call it! I call it because believing in ‘luck’ is one of the most disempowering tickets to bypassing personal responsibility there is. And without complete personal responsibility for everything we experience, we are out of alignment with our innate creative power.

‘Luck’ by definition means, ‘success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. A force that causes good or bad things to happen.’ When we believe in luck, we are firmly establishing our awareness in the paradigm that life and experiences are happening ‘to us’. This is counter to a spiritually-oriented perspective, that is, that life and experience is happening for us and issuing from us

I don’t believe in ‘luck’. What I know to be true is that what generates events that appear ‘lucky’ is a felt and known certainty in my creative power to generate opportunities, pathways and experiences that align with my intention.

So how do we find that certainty in our creative power? 

The first and most essential step is to get crystal clear on our intention for the business activity and to align fully with it. While this may seem pretty obvious to most, it’s often the first item to tackle with my mentoring clients. With high uncertainty and the ‘pressure to pivot’ business focus and activities, a lot of people have found themselves chasing what they hope might be the best repositioning ‘out there’, rather than turning attention ‘in here’, back to what they’re good at, what they’re passionate about, their uniqueness. And it’s these aspects that hold the voltage, the energy that creates. I have written about this in more detail in my blog post, Spirit Biz

Certainty in our creative power is highly magnetic too. It is what potential clients sense on initial contact, it is what is felt in content and communications, it is what draws in potential collaborators and enablers. When the business environment is highly uncertain, an inner certainty becomes a high-value attribute that others are drawn to. 

This clever little graphic pretty much describes what most of us have been through this year, either personally or in our businesses…and at warp speed! The big enablers for me in moving from a highly comfortable zone, to a high growth zone, (yes highest growth in my business has been this year of all years), have been:

embracing change as a possibility daniellevandevelde

Embracing change as a possibility

At the outset of the year, I had my game plan all set. The first retreats for the year were fully booked, my monthly spiritual networking events, the New Moon Lodges had a full year of fabulous speakers booked, courses and private sessions were in train early. 

When COVID hit, I had to release all attachment to the plans, change my mind and planning, and embrace it. In effect, the disruption required me to take my second horizon ideas, and make them immediate priorities. To do that well and smoothly I had to change my perspective from disappointment to excitement for the new opportunities and accelerated change of my business model.

Regular meditation practice is key for our ability to change our minds and outlook; to choose positive emotional engagement. I have written about this in more detail in my blog post, Five ways meditation can help ease emotional stress. With positive emotional engagement comes a sense of possibility, and this is far more conducive to creativity. Your system needs to feel it’s possible, to generate the ideas to make it possible. 

Investing in clever assistance from aligned providers

Another major shift in my approach this year has been to ask for help. I like running my business solo. I prefer it this way. Yet, to shift quickly into the Learning Zone, I needed to access some smarts, especially in digital marketing, IP and website functionality. I put the word out in the online business forums here in Singapore and reviewed all suggested providers in these areas. Once I had the most highly recommended list, I spoke with each provider. The ones I went with were those who asked me A LOT of questions about my business and were able to explain my purpose, goals and values back to me with clarity. I went with the people who got me, what I was trying to achieve, my purpose. They weren’t necessarily the cheapest, but I was determined to build a family of aligned collaborators, rather than delegate activities to a disparate group of providers. 

For many small businesses like mine, the decision to invest in professional help can be a difficult one when revenues are small. That tricky decision of investing in growth platforms for the business can see a lot of us deferring, or worse still, cobbling together inferior solutions that cannot withstand serious growth surges down the track.

In some ways, the uncertainty and massive disruption in the year made this decision a bit easier for me. My revenue streams were diverse enough, small, but consistent. I took on a ‘now or never’ attitude, defined very clear budgetary limits, got very clear on the briefs and regular communications, and my goodness has it paid off!

Maintaining a rock-solid work ethic

In my observation of the clever businesses in my field that have thrived this year, the other stand-out characteristic of the operators is a solid work ethic. What I mean by work ethic is that they stick to what they have committed to until completion. They tactically and fluidly move with redirections to achieve the goal. They do what they say they’re going to do. They have fabulous business etiquette. They treat every interaction as a seed of possibility. These are the people I am following on social media and these are the types of leaders who have inspired me this year. Call it old school, but work ethic is a key stand-out feature that claims success back from ‘luck’.

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life, and you will call it fate.”

— Carl Jung

Following the fabulous dialogue in this year’s 2020 online Spectacular Business Symposium amongst some very savvy female entrepreneurs, and a substantial increase in enquiries for spiritual business coaching, I am developing a Generative Magic MasterClass for 2021. A step-by-step collusive process to employ the empowering mindset and esoteric principles to super-charge business success.

No luck. No chance. No fate. Let’s make 2021 the year for self-mastery in business!

If you would like to be notified of the masterclass enrolment window in 2021, get in touch here.

If you have any questions or thoughts about business success in these trying times or about luck in business, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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