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Conscious Creation: what is it really?

Conscious Creation: what is it really?

Does your current reality have you seeking deeper engagement and skills to navigate your inner and outer terrains? Does the ‘shape’ of your life no longer fit with the ‘shifts’ happening around you? Are you recognising the pull to prioritise your desires and dreams, but you’re not sure where to start or how to make them a reality? Do you have a feeling, a palpable knowing that there’s so much more to you and the nature of life, that has so far eluded you, but also beckons?

These types of questions are not only common to many of us but are being regularly asked, every day in my private sessions. The impact of the last year (which continues into this one) has everyone, at some level, seeking much deeper meaning and engagement with life; and, the ways we have always approached things just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. 

It is for exactly these reasons that on the March Equinox this year, I am opening up my process of Shape Shifting to anyone who feels drawn. For the last five years, this incredibly self-empowering process has been held in a private community and repeated as a group, as participants have manifested their intended goals, and new horizons have opened up. 

‘Shape Shifting’ is a Shamanic term that explains the process of energising a new reality from ‘the field of possibility’ into our current experience, through creating inner change. The ability to consciously create our experienced reality is taught in most major esoteric frameworks, which propound the importance of expanding the perception of self and life, to work with the vibrational fields of intent, desire and volition and use our intuitive faculties to receive guidance, and interact with the field of possibilities. 

Through shifting our inner perspectives, practices and vibration, we can change the shape of our experienced reality. In fact, we are creating our reality every second. However, for the most part, we are doing so unconsciously, and therefore experiencing less than desirable or ‘mixed’ events and relationships. The process of Shape Shifting makes the unconscious, conscious, and puts us back in the driver’s seat of ourselves and our lives. 

It is a process that I have engaged with for years, and it combines perspectives and practices from the main schools of knowledge that I participate in, those being: Western Hermetic Magic, Shamanism, Yogic philosophy and Taoism. And whilst the process itself requires a goal, and measures to be defined at the start, these are simply to create a frame of reference for engagement. Once the goal manifests, the process remains integral to our operating system and this is the real treasure of Shape Shifting. 

“…Dani and her Shape Shifting course have changed my life! I’ve always believed that you take charge of your own destiny, but Dani took this conscious creation to the next level, that is divine and magical…I love this course! It has integrated my life in ways I’ve not imagined, and for that, I’m grateful for Dani, her wisdom and guidance throughout the process, and the collective wisdom of the tribe that has made this journey even more extraordinary…”

I am enormously grateful for the current Shape Shifting community which has rigorously engaged with each of the six steps, the home practices and within the community over the years. Based in Singapore, UK, USA, The Netherlands, Switzerland, India and Australia, each and every person has added their energy and insights to the process, ripening and guiding its evolution. Thanks to them, there now exists a fabulous library of resources that complement the six audio lessons. And, their experiences have guided me to create new members’ features for the journey, including additional support from coaches, seers and providers, a set of exclusive guided journey and meditation tracks, and a solid program of live check-ins, talks and additional materials, if desired. 

What I have learnt over the years, is that there is a far more efficient way to master the self and life, and that is to view and approach it spiritually, and with our inner abilities of intentional choice, ritual, introspection, intuition and intuitive guidance. With solid ritual, guided introspection and especially belonging to a magical community, change can manifest in measurable ways, with a revitalized sense of personal power. 

“…Magical, otherworldly, essential – Dani’s Shape Shifting course has changed my life in a way I could not have expected. I am fully awake and in control of my own destiny, no longer merely a passenger on life’s bumpy bus. Shape Shifting has injected a dose of magic and purpose into me that will forever course through my veins, and for that, I am in gratitude…”

This experience is not for the faint-hearted or casual dabbler. This process facilitates some huge paradigm shifts that require courage and valour. 

Here are some of the main initial paradigms that are flipped by Shape Shifting:





How do these feel when you try them on? 

Is your system calling ‘YES!’? Excellent! This means you are ready for some tools and perspectives to get going.

Are your senses piqued, but you’d like to understand more? Excellent! Click the links at the end of this article or get in touch

Can you feel resistance? Excellent! This means that you’re touching a paradigm edge that is worth exploring. 

“This course in Shape Shifting is highly powerful and has the transformative potential to completely shift how you perceive and experience yourself and the world. The question is whether we are personally and deeply ready to make the inner changes required to start and maintain this process. The course is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed, but it also comes with immense resources to support the equally immense shift. As a teacher and guide, Dani generously shares her deep knowledge and tools to facilitate and nurture the changes that each individual seeks to create, completely at our own timing and process. She has also carefully curated a community of medicine women who are ever ready to share their expertise, as well as a wider community of Spirit seekers that offer sincere encouragement and friendship for our journey.”

Alongside the Shape Shifting instructional content – which takes the form of sequenced audio lessons, guided home practices and access to video updates from previous shifts, beautiful guided meditations, shamanic journeys and energy practices – community membership is just as important. Why?

Community is important because transformative inner practice always involves contemplation of inner patterns of behaviour, beliefs and fears which have held our current reality in place. When we desire change, to experience a new reality or goal, our inner landscape must change first, as it is the causal aspect of being. 

To do this effectively, we need to find ways to view ourselves, perspectives and behaviours objectively. The tools within the process of meditation, divination and journaling are enormously useful for this, and equally so, is a bonded community. 

A bonded spiritual community becomes a conduit to the process of each individual therein. Insights, synchronicities and shared experiences are always a feature of the Shape Shifting group. Very often the support, encouragement and alternative perspectives of the group are what’s needed to unlock well-laid patterns and perspectives that keep us small and misaligned with our spiritual power. 

Through sharing and articulating our process with each other, not only is there a beautiful experience of camaraderie and celebration, but an essential felt knowing of Oneness as Spirit moves readily through a group with shared intent.

“The Shape Shifting course has been incredibly transformative for me, allowing me to delve deep into my true and authentic inner hopes, fears and desires under the carefully planned and beautifully authentic and heartfelt spiritual tutelage of the divine Dani. I cannot say enough about the depth of loving-kindness and support that Dani brings to the table, alongside her deep knowledge of spiritual frameworks. The course is really well planned and easy to follow for busy people, with weekly official audio and video tutorials as well as in-person optional check-ins, which I felt were incredibly useful to connect with other shape shifters and as a vehicle to practice in person and discuss progress with Dani. The private and confidential FB group was also a great way to harness the power of group progress and learn from one another. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone seeking to make changes in their life, understand themselves better and grow their spiritual and intuitive practices. Dani goes above and beyond to support her students. Thank you, Dani, from the bottom of my heart!”

And from a few of our 2020 Shape Shifters:

“My Shape Shifting experience was life-changing. I came with a very practical intention of something to manifest, and finished with a massive shift in my confidence. This is something I have been working on for years. The process of Shape Shifting unblocked it in a meaningful and long-lasting way. This was my first Shape Shift, and I am looking forward to starting another in 2021.”

“I was completely new to anything like Shape Shifting and I was not sure if it would be for me. I loved the very practical nature of setting a clear intention, thinking about what I would see, hear, feel if (when!) this happened, and then the invitation to move forward each week with specific clear tasks. I loved thinking about altars and how to set one up, and the meditations that Dani shared. They have made a fundamental change to my daily practices, and how I think and feel about setting intentions and moving towards them. I highly recommend Dani and Shape Shifting, and I can’t wait to start my next one.”

“Shape Shifting was an experience of Great Remembering. It provided the tools, container and support to deeply dive into the realms of my Shadow and Light; into my hidden creations and aspects. It opened the doors to greater empowerment and connection. Truly transformational – not in becoming a different person, but rather a Return to the self. Thank you.”

conscious creation what is it really danielle van de velde

In the window of the 2021 March Equinox, we will together enter the Shape Shifting Journey again, and continue once more with a second Shape Shift on the September Equinox. Will you join us?

Registrations close Monday, March 15th (midnight, Singapore time). Click the link to find out program details, journey planner for your diary and to register. 

Welcome to a seasoned and proven process of Conscious Creation. Now more than ever, it’s time!

If you have any questions or thoughts about Conscious Creation and the process of Shape Shifting, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore courses and useful content to guide you on your path to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. 

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