The Search for Self Awareness During the Pandemic - Danielle Van de Velde

The search for self-awareness during the pandemic

How the pandemic has fueled the search for the missing piece of self

A new meaning beyond the mind/body awareness

It is a fascinating time in the human story to be alive. It’s also increasingly disconcerting. There’s a quickening afoot, and unless you have been living under a rock in recent years, you can’t deny it. As the world seems to be wobbling with increasing uncertainty, at the same time, there appears to be a mass awakening taking place.

More and more of us are starting to really question this state of modern living. The continued focus and relentless mass content around material gain and accumulation, fame and celebrity, body image, time and ageing, just to name a few, are soul-numbing. And in 2020, the overlay of a global pandemic which has forced us back into our homes, ceased the relentless pace of work and life, and engendered a serious distrust of our governing systems and media content, has increased this desire for meaning even further.  

The Search for Self Awareness During the Pandemic - Danielle Van de Velde

The state of our ‘modern’ world is triggering a deep, unavoidable desire to regain central balance within the hearts of many. Every single day we are being challenged with the questions: Who am I within this current world? What is it that I stand for? What is my purpose within it all? More and more of us are seeking to understand our true nature, our purpose, and to embody that truth. Perhaps most importantly, there’s a growing sense that something is missing, and the search for answers is taking us within.

I am one of these people and I teach and mentor thousands of others like me. The people I work with are strong, clever, successful, and very able. Some have a natural leaning towards the spiritual side of things, others don’t. All of them have a deep instinct that there’s more to themselves and life itself. Many have chosen to reject the structured religion of their childhood yet yearn for spiritual knowledge and expression; many have returned to the religious structures that they know and are engaging with them in new ways. Nearly all the people in my community, more than anything, yearn for spiritual empowerment.

The purpose of my offerings is not necessarily to fix something that’s broken, nor to heal something that’s injured, although the energy sessions, talks, and courses here will sort these requirements out if that’s what is needed. My offerings are for anyone who has the instinct and the desire to make some sense of it all; to find that missing piece in their quest for self-awareness. They are for those who are ready to claim their own natural spirituality.

Inner practice is enjoying an unprecedented resurgence, in particular, practices that keep the centre of command firmly in the hands of the practitioner and not a third party or agent. We are living in a time when we have open access to wisdom, techniques, knowledge, and experience from other teachers, guides, and traditions from all over the planet and from our ancient past. The learning, revelation, and practices are available, all the time, now.

Our ability to observe and measure the invisible processes in the body when we engage in inner practice, and the explorations into quantum mechanics are getting sharper and deeper. In the mind/body arena, science and inner practice are starting to tango in delicious ways and the mind/body connection is now measurable and largely understood.

What is the Spirit?

The Search for Self Awareness During the Pandemic - Danielle Van de Velde

There is, however, a third aspect to the human being and life that cannot be measured or formulated. Because of this, it remains by and large on the fringes of mainstream scientific exploration. It is our core sovereign state, our nucleus. It is our Spirit.

When we access and embody Spirit, we tap the causal aspect that determines what we are experiencing on the outside, out there, in our bodies, our lives, our relationships, our families, our jobs, our experienced reality. Being Spirited takes us to the place where we can find the revelation and energy patterns to consciously operate within our full energetic form, within that causal aspect. When we operate in this way, we connect our awareness to the field of intelligence and energy within existence, the motherboard of life, and beautifully come to the realisation, and sheer awe, that we are in fact, powerful creators. We are naturally designed for it. It’s how we are supposed to be operating, and it can only be mainlined directly, through awareness.

Until we reclaim this part of us we remain in a state of separation, and in the paradigm that our life experience is somehow ‘outside of us’ or ‘being done to us’.

How do you enter the gates of Spirit?

To do this, we need a new perspective on who and what we really are as human beings and on the nature of life. Also, we need to put our inner practice into an expanded context, beyond simply the wellbeing of mind and body.

Meditation is largely understood to be a way to find the still eye at the centre of the hurricane of modern life, moving us from a reactive to responsive engagement with life, into mindful living. This, in itself, is a wonderful shift but it’s not the end game.

‘Responsive living’ continues to ‘respond’ to ourselves and life as separate, rather than consciously creating it within one unified field of information, intelligence and energy.  Meditation can take us much further than the mind/body arena. It can take us directly into our spiritual centre if we know the way. With expanded perspectives, a certain inner metamorphosis is enabled – from reactive to responsive, continuing into expansive and then creative. As we move through these stages we become physically healthier, mentally sharper and emotionally happier. The experience of life itself becomes synchronistic, fluid and magical. It’s like this anyway, it’s just that we change the way we connect with it and start to work with it, consciously, intuitively and creatively.

The Search for Self Awareness During the Pandemic - Danielle Van de Velde

Inner work is a living art, that is, the magic is realized in the experience. The goal is to embody it, to live it. The invitation to you now is to take these ideas and practices and make them your own. Our design, our minds, bodies, hearts, and the living universe around us is Spirit. Be playful. Be creative. Be Spirited. And why? Because it’s time.

If you wish to learn more about achieving self-awareness, especially during this ongoing pandemic, or have any questions, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore useful content to guide you along your journey to healing, self-discovery and mindful living. I offer courses, private sessions, mentoring, retreats, talks and writings that enable Spirited Living and more.

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