The Power of Journaling

The Power of Journaling

Five reasons why journaling is a spiritual power-move

Oh, the delight in opening the cover of a fresh new journal! The smell of the paper, the thrill of the first touch of the pen tip, the movement of thoughts taking form, the sublime possibility of empty pages aching to be filled…Yes, it’s no secret that I hold journaling as one of my most loved and powerful spiritual activities. It is, in fact, an integral aspect of all my courses and mentoring work.

For those who are new to the art of journaling, the idea of meditating and writing what bubbles up from the deep mind can seem a little foreign. Many of us hardly put pen to paper these days as touchscreens, keyboards, voice and video have overtaken our communication styles. Also, the pace of our lives can exclude time for deeper contemplation and self-inquiry. This is why the art of journaling is so powerful.  

There is something highly evocative to the entire system when we make time to dialogue with our spirit, to find our deep truth and to allow it to stream from heart, through mind, through hand, to page. A flow is created which washes over the critical mind and its judgements and reservations and allows a true, revealing and transmuting experience to take place.

Here are five reasons why journaling for self-enquiry is so healing and powerful.

1. Journaling turns the subjective to objective

We experience all of life through a subjective lens. Everything we experience, all relationships, events, even how we see ourselves, is filtered through an interpretive lens, unique to each of us. This lens is formed through beliefs, perspectives and paradigms that are part of our subconscious operating systems. It is formed from childhood via the familial culture in which we grew up, our life experiences, the influence of significant others and memories of events. 

Meditation creates the inner space to observe this lens, to clean it up, to see life, ourselves, and experiences as they truly are, and to then choose how we respond to them. So rather than being governed by an unseen operating system, we consciously choose our lens and moreover, our response to life. However, navigating our subjective terrain through our subjective lens requires tools to make the subjective, objective, so we can truly see it and work with it. This is the power of journaling. 

Journaling brings up the insights gained through introspective processes out onto the page, in front of us, creating a means to examine them.

2. Journaling is a safe ground for vulnerability

One of the essential paradigm shifts in spiritual expansion and healing, is a shift from the sense that life is ‘happening to us’ to life is ‘happening for us and is issuing from us’. In other words, for us to take full responsibility for our life experiences and how we engage with them. For many of us, this can take some work. If we have well-laid thought and behavioural tracks of blame, defence, attack, victimhood or withdrawal, that essential move into complete vulnerability and honesty requires safe ground in which to work.

Journaling is an excellent process to make that shift. The act of carving time with the self, the private safety of the pages, making the space for journaling sacred with silence, candles and scents, and the use of well-crafted prompts for self-enquiry into the areas you are exploring, allows a gentle move into deep honesty and vulnerability with the self. It can be hugely healing and generate profound release.

3. Journaling cultivates self-witnessing and acknowledgment

Another essential shift for spiritual expansion and healing is the move from reacting to our life experiences to responding to them. Meditation enables a shift from reactive to responsive living and this shift has an enormously healing effect on our physical bodies, our emotional state, our mental wellbeing and our field of life, including relationships with self and others, creative expression and alignment with purpose. With physiological and psychological reactive responses calmed, an inner space opens to allow a greater witnessing mode to establish.

With journaling, we are then able to identify and track the events and situations that trigger high emotion responses and we are better able to see objectively, what edges we are holding that trip the trigger. With compassionate acknowledgment, we can reframe these edges and through journaling, start to rewrite new scripts for our lives. 

4. Journaling is a Manifestation Ritual in its own right

 Everything we experience starts with a thought form, everything. Sometimes those thought-forms are unconscious, created through fears or certain beliefs about lack or inevitability, and charged with reactive emotion. Yet, we have the capacity to consciously generate our experiences through creating and positively charging thought-forms with the certainty that is born when Will, Desire, and Intent are aligned. This is where a personal practice of journaling takes on a whole new dimension.

The creative journaling of possibilities, in enough detail to invoke an emotional vibration of excitement and a felt sense of those possibilities, is highly magical. It’s a way to generate strongly charged thought forms that start to influence our experienced reality. This beautiful form of journaling draws our awareness from looping doubt or disappointment and opens up worlds of potential. Journaling the stories of our desired realities is a form of spellcasting. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the verb ‘to spell’? 

Journaling records our spiritual journey

Finally, the fifth of so many more wonderful reasons why journaling is a spiritual power move, is quite simple, but also very useful. Journaling naturally records our spiritual journey. Retrospect is an incredible gift. When we have generated a wholesale shift in our reality, our memories fade of the paradigms we have expanded from. Yet to have a record of our spiritual approach, our old triggers, our new scripts, our dreams from the past, which are now a lived reality, we hone our spiritual skills and confidence. Our journey reveals just how far we have come, what is possible, how powerful we really are as creators of our lives. This discovery and realisation are perhaps the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, all from the humble pages of our spirit journal.

Stay tuned for my new online course Discovery, which combines spiritual perspectives, simple and effective journaling exercises for self-enquiry, and eleven beautiful guided meditations to enable deep levels of self-discovery and spirited living. 

If you have any questions about the power of journaling in self-enquiry, do get in touch. You can also visit my website to explore useful content to guide you along your journey to healing and self-discovery. You can learn more about my Discovery online course, that combines perspectives, meditation instruction, guidance and introspective tools to enable a shift into mindful living.

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