the intuitive prompts to engage danielle van de velde

The Unsolicited Guru – Part 2

The Unsolicited Guru – Part 2

The intuitive prompts to engage

Recently, I published the first part of this blog post ‘The Unsolicited Guru – How to stay empowered when navigating the spiritual industry’. I wrote it in response to a significant increase in online approaches by so-called ‘masters’, ‘seers’ and ‘psychics’, promising a direct line to my ancestors who had a special message for me, or to unblock something that I wasn’t personally aware was blocked. In a growing industry estimated to be worth USD 4trillion, combined with challenging times and a greater search for meaning, the scene is ripe for manipulation and fraud. It’s appalling behaviour and I believe it’s one of the main reasons why many people jettison spiritual enquiry and never understand their full potential and dazzling gifts.

Yet, in the mix are some amazing, wise and incredible teachers and sages. And along my journey, I have observed that Spirit can touch our hearts through a multitude of channels, be they books, the breeze, a course, a random act of kindness, or a conversation with a child.

So how do you know when it’s the real deal? When should you prick up your ears, buy that book, enrol in that course, or pursue that friendship?

This is not exclusive, but I have listed some of the main ways it can flash into one’s awareness here.

Sometimes, a teacher, a lesson or some content arrives when you aren’t reaching for it, often when you least expect it. You may have called for it in your heart, but its arrival will catch your attention. Spirit uses the element of surprise a lot.

When you draw close to it, you feel a true sense of expectation, gentle excitement, delight, and joy in your heart. These feelings are spontaneous, and they can start as a little tinkle or a flutter and then grow the more you consider the idea, thing, or person.

You may also feel it in your body, as the heart’s truth is communicated in several different ways into every part of your body. Truth is visceral.

Sometimes, the seed content is laid in your life but its season comes later. Often, I have been given a book or item that has sat in my bedside drawer or on my altar for weeks or even months, and then, without much thought, but with a strong heart compulsion, I will pick it up one day and it will be perfect for the current themes and perspectives I am focusing on at that time. Spirit plays in and out of time.

the intuitive prompts to engage danielle van de velde

If there is a practitioner you are drawn to, take a look at their other students and clients and their life generally, and don’t rely solely on written testimonials. Testimonials are sometimes engineered by the unscrupulous, and sometimes, the vulnerable are forced to write them as a sign of loyalty. This sounds medieval, I know, but I have experienced attempted cajoling for testimonials. I walked.

If a spiritual teacher has a history of broken relationships, chaos, conflict, and persistent illness, I usually take this as a sign that there is inner chaos and conflict. As within, so without.

Look at the flow of the practitioner’s service and offering. When a spiritual practitioner is aligned with Spirit and in flow, their offering and reputation grow swiftly. They are respected and loved, and there seems to be a lack of chaos, obstacles, and setbacks. This is true of all of us when walking in Spirit.

There’s a joy and vitality about spirited people. Sure, they have their bad days, but they don’t see them as bad days, because their hearts are reading a bigger pattern. There is a glow, a light, and a lightness about them. You know that you can trust them and that they will honour you. They come with a feeling of safety. Very often they feel quite familiar to you, but you may not be able to explain why logically.

You have everything you need within you, within your design. You are spirit manifesting through a human nervous system and form. If you feel you need some guidance or a new perspective as you move along, look around, keep searching, and don’t rush things. Ask Spirit to send you the right teacher and content for this time. In my observation, the soul-calls that are made for spiritual truth and enablement are answered swiftly and delightfully, and they make your heart sing. When you make it a priority to build awareness of your spirited self, your intuition is undeniable and the teachings come readily.

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