Ostara’s Crowning

The undeniable invitation of the
2020 Spring Equinox
and how to respond!

On this 2020 Spring Equinox, the word Crown (Corona) is the most widely sounded word on the planet. And it is abundantly apparent, that the natural world is reclaiming its sovereignty in one almighty spiral.

The Spring Equinox has arrived, this Friday 20th March in Northern Hemisphere. It is the changeover point between the dark and light halves of the year when the Earth rotates towards growth and renewal and for centuries has been celebrated as a powerful time for renewal and a move into action in spiritual practice.

This year, the wilderness Herself is now speaking directly with us through a global event. And despite our modern lives telling us that we are separate from it, we are in fact part of the wild field. It runs through us. It sustains us. It is in us. It’s what brings us to bear and it is this paradigm of separation which is being corrected in no uncertain terms.

Of course, this dialogue has been happening forever, however, like all good mothers know, when the kids are too little, naïve to understand or stuck in destructive habits, and are ignoring your guidance, action is required!

This Spring Equinox is an invitation of unprecedented and undeniable clarity to reframe our relationship with the planet and Ostara’s ‘Crowning’ is showing us exactly how.

The Wild Field, just like our intuition, speaks in metaphor and symbols. This is an ancient language which shamans, indigenous peoples and witches have known and used for millennia. It doesn’t require studies to speak it. It is innate in our own design. It just requires using a lens of symbolic sight.

Ostara's crowning

The intelligence within Ostara’s Crowning is dazzling. It’s affecting humans only. It unleashed just before the lunar new year and the largest mass migration of people on the planet, in the heart of the country that engages with this custom of the Chinese New year, ensuring maximum spread. It is destabilising industry, stock markets, and power-based leadership. It is turning awareness specifically to over-population, over-consumption, and more poignantly to our most vulnerable – the elderly, very young, sick and underprivileged.

It has called out the mistruths of leaders and media. It is silencing us with masks, asking us to be quiet and listen. It is forcing us to assess the necessary from the unnecessary as supply chains are faltering. It is cleaning the atmosphere through factory closures, empty streets and polluting. No one can question that it is our collective arrogance towards the natural world that is being challenged. No matter how fancy our arguments have been to date, that deny climate change and the damage the human collective has inflicted on the planet through over-production fuelled by commerce and profits, felling of forest, augmenting of food chains and natural genomes, disrespect of animals, these words and snazzy graphs amount to zip in the face to the might of The Wild. In a matter of weeks the trade mechanisms and the smooth talking that has underpinned our arrogance towards the planet have been destabilised. For many people around the world the immediate reaction has been FEAR! Not helped of course by the sensationalism and fear-mongering that governs the media reports and click-bait headlines online. World anxiety can tip an already anxious person over the edge and it can raise to the surface unprocessed fear and anxiety from personal past events or overloaded nervous systems, generally.

I am seeing this every day in my healing sessions. There is some wonderful guidance circulating from our psychologists and counsellors on social media, offering real effective ways to counter the tail-spin of fear. Here’s my recent article Creative Fear, on ways to transmute the energy of fear which I wrote six weeks ago when the fear wave hit Singapore for the first time. What I am seeing in the main, is a fear born from a sense of disempowerment and helplessness. And in my experience, one of the most powerful ways to transmute this, is by stopping, reframing perspectives and then acting to generate a counter-field to fear within the mind/body system.

So, what are the details of Ostara’s invitation as prescribed by Her, and how do we engage?
Here are six themes and actions to take immediately.

Go within and cultivate inner space.

Our amazing medical minds around the world have determined that to save lives, we all must take responsibility to curb the spread. This has resulted in isolation, social distancing, grounded travel, masks and border closures. Ostara’s Crowning has moved us back into our homes. It’s a rotation inwards, away from the distractions of modern life; a window to reassess…everything, to pay attention. It is an enforced call to mindfulness.

The main mechanism of transferal of Corona is infected hands touching the face. When we‘re not paying attention, the average person touches their face between two to four thousand times a day, or three to
five times a minute! Surprised?

It’s a human thing and makes for an excellent mindfulness practice in itself. Stop. Choose. Act. Make face-touching your mindfulness focus. Notice when you do it. Catch yourself and choose an alternative action. Just by doing this alone you start to cultivate presence, which both helps curb viral spread (aside from hand hygiene of course). And we know that dwelling in present awareness boosts immune function.

Touching your face - Corona
Dwell in nature

Dwell in nature

Poetically, it has become apparent that one of the safest places to dwell, aside from our own homes, is in nature itself! The virus is averse to sunshine and open moving fresh air and it is proven that direct contact with nature, living wild fields, rebalances our nervous system, lowers blood pressure, detoxes the lungs and boosts immune function. The general disconnect with nature in our modern, built-up environments has long-been known as a key factor in escalating rates of depression, social disfunction and illness. Regardless of where we live, we all have access to some form of nature – in the dawn, the moons, patches of green, the seas. If you’re grounded from travel and work, get outside into nature. The wilder the better. The clear message is to reconnect with the Earth.

Another proven health-booster is found in bringing nature to you, into your home.
The February trade winds here in Singapore were particularly wild this year and a number of my large balcony potted plants blew over and smashed. Last weekend I had new pots and soil delivered and set about repotting the plants. It was a very satisfying experience to get hands in soil, trim roots and dead leaves and re-establish the plants to thrive. I approached it as a spiritual exercise in deeper connection with nature. Children are particularly responsive to gardening and growing plants too. Get the kids involved and allow them direct access to the knowledge of cultivating life-ward systems.

My condo apartment is full of luscious indoor plants. These also got a trim, leaf-wipe and fertiliser boost. We know that indoor plants clean and oxygenate the air. They are beautiful and colourful and in esoteric practice have long been regarded as energetically protective of home spaces. Medicine for the body and spirit!

Spring Clean

The panic-buying of toilet paper around the world has produced some of the funniest memes I have seen, bringing some cheeky humour to a world that is quite literally shitting itself. Uncertainty due to destabilised supply chains is forcing all of us to recycle, reuse, reduce waste and with limited indoor space and an unclear duration of lock-downs, it has become necessary for us to assess what’s necessary and what’s not.

The dawning of Spring triggers in many of us the impulse to Spring clean anyway, but this year we have a starker focus. Ostara’s Crowning is making us very aware of how much we hoard and the people who go without in our communities.

They are the first to lose their jobs as business falters. They have limited access to health care nor insurance to cover it. Stop. Choose. Act. Put what is not in use in your home, back into use by donating it to those who are going without. Turn the Spring clean into a meaningful ritual that represents the clearing out of old beliefs and blindness towards the Earth. Recycle single use plastics. The home is a spatial metaphor for the spirit.

Reinvigorate your home, clean it out, smudge it and release the build-up of un-used and planet-polluting stuff. Open the windows and doors and allow fresh air through…and do it with the spiritual intent, that you are cleaning your heart of greed, lack-paradigms and opening to abundance, flow and generosity.

Change up your food diet

The Crowning was triggered by inter-species transfer. Someone ate an animal in a Wuhan market and the wave started. Initially thought to be a bat, it is now widely accepted that animal-to-human transfer was in fact, via a Pangolin.

Believed to hold curative properties, the Pangolin’s scales are actually made of keratin, the same material that makes up our hair and nails and they have zero medicinal benefit. Pangolins are the most endangered and brutally treated wild animal on the planet.

They are caught and smuggled alive to their destinations and then descaled whilst still alive. They are innocent, non-aggressive and shy.

With symbolic sight, there’s no coincidence that the trigger point of this entire pandemic came from an animal that has suffered the most from our arrogant needs and false beliefs and has become the poster-creature for conservationists. Yes, I acknowledge the cultural significance of a traditional medicine, however it is also significant that the felt curative effects of it are generated from the belief in it rather than the actual medicine itself.

As provocative as this may be to many, what we believe to be best for our bodies, needs addressing. Many of us similarly hold the belief that we need meat and animal products like cow’s milk in our diets to be well. This underlying belief is the main driver for mass meat and dairy farming, felling forests to supply it, which vastly reduces the planet’s ability to clean the atmosphere, recycle carbons, maintain sustainable earth and sea temperatures and keep contagions in check. And it is the main cause of indescribable animal suffering.

Growing research into vegetarian and vegan diets is proving the opposite. Our bodies operate better on less and lighter botanical-based diets. This is the true and proven medicine for the human system. Stop. Choose. Act.

You don’t have to convert to a full-blown vegan diet overnight, but at least make a choice to reduce meat consumption, only buy it from local sustainable organic or wild-caught sources and allow some space for a botanical diet to work its magic in your body and your life. Adopt a zero tolerance to the vile trophy hunting that still exists and any product that is tested on animals. There are divine botanical-based alternatives. Vote with your spending.

All immune-supportive vitamins and minerals come from plants.

Change up your mind diet

The content we ingest can be powerful medicine or poison. It informs our perspectives and beliefs and therefore our choices. We can see the impact of this in The Crowning.

bullshit 24 7

Initial media addresses from several world leaders were highly crafted and ill-informed, and down-played the initial response to the virus’s spread and impact. Within days this rubbish was proven totally erroneous and fuelled the virus into a global pandemic, panic buying of food, yes toilet paper and disturbingly in the US, guns.

Now the tweeting has turned to words of ‘war’, ‘invisible enemies’ and ‘victory’; exactly the paradigm and language that separates us from our wellspring of life and abundance. She’s not an invisible enemy, She’s our pissed-off Mother, who is very clearly telling us how to restore harmony and abundance, with Her, not despite of Her!

What is fed to us through the mainstream media channels is crafted and edited to sensationalism and fear generally. This creates a strong grip on the unmindful, an addictive consumption, which enables advertising revenues. Look at the leaders of the media. Examine their allegiances and funding and who in turn they fund and support.

Take a break from the mainstream commentary. Feel into what you know to be true. Subscribe to local community and World Health Organisation, non-affiliated channels for updates and community service announcements and find uplifting, inspiring content to replace the fear-based drone. Go deep, not wide, to focus and feed your mind.

Use this lock-down period to emerge empowered with knowledge for actioned choice.

Cultivate altruism

The common elements of the ancient vernal festivals and rituals, and indeed the very nature of the Earth Herself is altruistic, abundant, generous and celebratory. Altruism and kindness are proven medicines for depression and fear. I just love this new term that has emerged from our Canadian folk – ‘caremongering’. This describes the beautiful reconnection communities are making to care for those who are isolated, alone, or without means to source food or necessities. It’s happening here in Singapore too and actively encouraged by the government’s SGUnited initiatives and communications.

In every community there are people who need help and especially in times like this. Search up community groups who are sharing shopping trips. Reach out to elderly or vulnerable neighbours. And if you really want to get into the Ostara spirit…start cooking!

Family celebrations

All ancient festivals just aren’t complete without seasonal foods and feasting! But maybe this year, cook meals and treats and deliver them to the doors of the needy or to the hospitals where our amazing medical warriors are working flat-out to support our communities. A friend recently directed me the to this divine offering, GatherVictoria with loads of Vernal Equinox ideas and recipes and some beautiful wisdom on magical cookery and seasonal feasting. Delish! Get cooking! Get giving!

Seasonal foods are perfectly suited to our body’s requirements and boost immune function. Buy local and fresh. Support the sustainable small (and if possible) organic farmers and markets. Grow your own herbs and vegetables if you can. Honour the Earth, by feasting on Her bounty in joy and love. This is how our ancestors rolled after the long winter months and they did so with the spiritual intent that we have lost and are now finding anew.

Ostara, the spring goddess, oversees the budding plants and burgeoning fertility of the earth. She signals a move into action; to take germinating ideas and inspirations and bring them into the light of day through creative action.


All mothers also identify with the stage of ‘Crowning’ when birthing. It is often felt as the edgiest and most painful moment. It requires total focus, applied action and paradoxically, surrender, as her body switches gear to allow the baby into the world.


Ostara, the planet’s Seasonal Spirit, is birthing a new understanding of Her worth, Her sovereignty, Her might. The Equinox energies support us making some moves; actioning our spiritual priorities and responding to Her invitation.


The actions in this article may seem small in comparison to world events currently, however it’s what they represent and the collective shifts they can generate that are ultimately powerful. Let’s heed the call of Ostara’s Crowning and take action to love Her again.

Ostara's Crowning

Blessed Spring Equinox! May the growing Light bring you freedom,
celebration and a shift into a new and dazzling relationship
with the Wild Field.



Here’s a link to last year’s Spring Equinox article with more ideas on how to engage in the Spirit of the Season

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