clarity and connection for business success danielle van de velde

The C-Word Series: Clarity & Connection A new take on the ‘C-Word’ in business!

The C-Word Series: Clarity & Connection

A new take on the ‘C-Word’ in business!

The BIG C-WORD that has dominated global language for the last 18 months is changing business landscapes, in how we work, how we ‘pivot’ and grow, and the rush to online offerings. And within all this change, one interesting observation is the rise in innovative small businesses, especially in my space of coaching, holistic and alternative health and wellbeing. It appears that the combination of corporate downsizing and reorganisation, and a pandemic-enforced search for meaning, has released onto the scene a wave of talent, clever ideas, and with it, greater competition for loyal customers. 

My mentoring sessions are more and more steering towards small business coaching for individuals who have chosen to turn their long-held passions and side hustles into income-generating businesses. It’s super exciting to be a part of and it is certainly shaking things up.

I have watched different businesses in my ‘sector’ flash, dazzle then fade, and others plateau after rapid growth, while some have continued to successfully evolve and grow beautifully in the time that I formally started my own meditation and healing business, seven years ago. And in the last 18 months, this activity has accelerated. 

What makes the difference between the ‘flash, dazzle and fade’ attempts, and the small businesses that gain traction and loyalty and continue to grow, even through a global pandemic? 

After much market observation and trend tracking, I am confident in saying that the answer, my friends, is that the winners always and consistently apply the ‘C-word’ in their businesses and dealings…eight variations of it, in fact!

And whilst the ‘C-word’ for some may seem out of date, old school, even obsolete, it is the lack of it in business which is why so many small businesses and solopreneurs get left in the dust. 

This C-word Series explores each, in no particular rank. They are all essential to small business success.

clarity and connection for business success danielle van de velde


Clarity of intent, clarity of motivation, clarity of market, clarity of measures, clarity of mind! Clarity can and must be cultivated. It may seem obvious for some, but I am continually amazed by the extent of blurry vision I encounter when engaged for mentoring to help people convert a fantastic idea into an income-generating offering.  

Admittedly, the BIG C-word is holding our longer-term vision to ransom still, however, short to medium-term clarity is ours if we claim it. 

From an energetic point of view, a clear aligned intent is not a simple statement at the top of a business plan. It is a powerful organising field of energy that influences perspectives, decisions and action. 

Our ability to ‘be clear’ needs to be maintained primarily in our inner-terrain, through daily simple meditation and energy practices. Breathwork, contemplative meditations, and journaling are all proven to carve out greater psychic space, therefore honing our ability to envisage our desired outcomes, to describe them and feel into them. Clarity of our business intent, our vision and goals require honing. For some, it is simple and clear. For others, it requires many iterations to get a clear concise intent defined in a way that can be articulated easily and clearly to anyone, especially the self. 

Perhaps, most importantly, a clear inner terrain allows us to read the intuitive prompts that are continually being given through an activated intent. As soon as we’re clear internally on our business goal, that goal starts to communicate to our deeper senses. Promptings for action, new directions, people to contact, and people not to contact, come flooding in, and without a clear inner terrain, we miss them. 

There also needs to be a clear wholesale alignment with the self and the intent. I guide my clients through a process called ‘Core Intent Discovery’, an introspective exercise through journaling that drills down to the key motivational drivers for engaging in the business in the first place, and tests alignment with it. Without full alignment, there is a diluted authenticity in your content and ‘voice’, which potential clients and collaborators can sense.


Any good business coach will ask at the outset of planning a business idea, “Who else is doing this currently?”, “Who’s doing it well?”, and “Who has tried and failed?” and “WHY?”

Market research not only allows an understanding of the appetite and trends in your desired field, but it is also key in defining the positioning of the potential offering and the unique differences in your own. 

And with all the C-words, as we’ll discover in this series, there is a powerful energetic dynamic at play with connection too. Through market research, keen observation, following the popular ‘voices’ in your field and absorbing the commentaries, it deepens the thought-form of the business idea. Better still, is to make contact with the winners in your field of interest and start dialogues with them, lend your opinions to their commentaries on social media, and/or join related forums. 

Everything that we generate and experience exists first as a thought-form and what we focus on, we become. 

clarity and connection for business success danielle van de velde

By steeping our awareness into ‘the field’ of the idea we want to bring to bear, we energise its birthing. Researching similar offerings elsewhere, reading about how people engage with the offering, the language of the sector, the commentaries, and the voices behind them are both interesting and important energetically and will feed the creative impetus behind your own idea. 

In my own experience, it has been the connections made during the creative planning windows of my offerings which have often yielded fabulous referrals and collaborations down the track. And if you are a sole operator like me, connecting with like-minded communities can make a massive difference to what otherwise can feel like a solitary slog. Not everyone needs to be viewed as a competitor. Converting ‘competitors’ into ‘connections’ smooths the playing field considerably.  

Read our next instalment of the C-word Series for a look at Courtesy, Containers and Content!

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