2021 the year of unity danielle van de velde

2021: The Year of Unity

2021: The Year of Unity

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to a brand-new, squeaky-clean year!

I like to think of a whole new zipped-up year that’s before us, as one big swirling living field of POTENTIAL. All possibilities exist in there. And what brings them to bear within our experienced reality is…US! Yes, it’s what we intend, what we desire and what we choose.

Intent, Desire and Choice are our three biggest spiritual superpowers. The energy from each ripples out from our largest emanating centres of the energy body, and when those emanating vibrations are in accord, unified, and felt vibrantly, we create realities. This is the vision, magnetism and raw fuel of our spiritual design. We are Creatives! When we are unified within, we heal. When we are unified with life and each other, we live magically.

In my usual process over the last month, I dipped into ‘the field’ to intuit the direction for me, my family and my offerings for my community going forward. It’s a beautiful process, which involves deep gratitude for the unexpected blessings of – let’s face it – the weirdest and most challenging year to date, settling into deep stillness, and watching my inner ground and outer experiences for the direction.

Part of this process for me is to pull up from detailed planning and look at the synchronous themes, the ones that keep repeating. Within a day of setting up our Christmas tree at home, a sweet little spider wove its web just under the top angel’s feet. On the Solstice, another little spider had moved into my sacred space. Every day when I went to meditate and light my candles, it would pop out to say hello from a crystal, seashell or flower. This beautiful ‘spider-medicine’ was inviting me to get weaving. So first, I gathered the threads I was to work with.

It was in the writings I published throughout 2020, the themes within my private sessions and my own inner enquiry that held them.   

From the start of the year, I have written consistently around the knowing that every twist and turn of 2020, from the Australian fires to the dynamics of the pandemic, to BLM, to politics, and everything in between has been,


“a simulation in Oneness Consciousness.” 


So, what does that mean?

2020 didn’t operate along the lines of ‘separation’ like the human race does. It didn’t discriminate. It had us gagged (AKA masked), separated from contact, touch, rituals that mark our lives, loved ones, and travel. It radically and equally affected the kings and queens and the poor and vulnerable. We were forced ‘in’. We all realised, to some degree, how important the freedom of breath, the spoken word, face to face contact, touch, family and tribe and community are, to our wellbeing and our spirits.

It is abundantly clear that the countries that have a positive bias toward community responsibility, clear and regular communications, collusion between leaders and trusting communities, flattened their pandemic curves faster and established a degree of stability. It was and is the ‘united fronts’ that are faring the best.

The BLM movement revealed the ugliness of systemic racism in the United States and it rippled around the world, waking many of us up to white privilege, and the insidious acculturation of racism, within our language, expressions, street names, product branding and pop culture. And it led many of us to make very different choices. There’s so much more to be done around police brutality, and equal access to opportunity and care for everyone. However, in the scheme of the year, and certainly for me, BLM shifted my compass to zero-tolerance for discrimination of any kind, and it did so by showing me my blind spots to it. The political turbulence globally invited all of us to choose what it is we personally stand for, and to put that choice into action.

In my day-to-day, it has been the requests and feedback from my community, which has also illuminated the same theme of UNITY. Calls for in-person meditation circles again, calls from parents asking for guidance in connecting their children to modern spiritual arts, calls for connection to and expression of life purpose, calls for deeper diving into spiritual frameworks, calls for healing, calls for empowerment.

I scanned my library of debrief recordings from healing sessions and realised that I had delivered just shy of a thousand intuitive healing sessions in 2020, a jump in numbers by hundreds. Partly because my annual pilgrimages didn’t happen, I had around two months more than usual in the healing rooms, but mostly due to the crucible of 2020 waking people up…via dissonance, illness, anxiety, depression, cancer, relationship splits, and a whole raft of uncomfortable, unignorable, kick-in-the-pants messaging. And all of the healing happened through connecting with healing energy and connecting with perspectives of Oneness…with the self, with life, with purpose, with Spirit.

oneness conciousness daniellevandevelde

‘Oneness Consciousness’ is not a thought. It’s an embodied, felt, mode of operation, outlook and perception. We all have experienced snippets of ‘felt unity’. Usually, for me, through the wilderness, but also through a random act of kindness, a dream of someone and then through contact received from that person afterwards, or the palpable joy felt by everyone I know as 2020 drew to a close and we passed into this new year, for example.

We all have had flashes of the feeling that we are interconnected in far more mysterious and invisible ways than we logically understand. It’s not a thought. It’s not a concept or abstraction. It’s not the stuff of social media. It’s a knowing. It’s a felt, lived, vibrational, non-personal, empowered, ‘place-taking in the hologram of life’. Oneness consciousness is an experienced reality. It is freedom. Freedom from need, fear or shame. This freedom comes from an expanded perspective of self and life and recontextualization of intense sensation. In other words, a spiritual enquiry.

So back to my process of ‘leaning into…welcoming…uniting with…2021’. How can I weave these threads into offerings of the highest support to UNITY?

To enable and empower UNITY we need re-connection and re-membering between the parts of us that have been dis-membered, between ourselves and the Earth, between our magical and mundane and between each other. And this is what I’m focussing on for 2021 – courses, workshops and experiences that create connection, enable remembering and empower UNITY.

In this weave, it feels fitting that the first new online meditation experience to open this year is Heart Light. Heart Light is a series of eight beautiful meditations that are specifically engaged with to serve others. Each comes with a mini audio lesson that explains the origins and dynamics of the meditation and a beautiful unique guided track. The intent for Heart Light is to help us raise our focus to the collective, and in doing so, expand our hearts in service and love, and in their capacity to generate and hold spiritual energy.

In addition, in the first few months of 2021, some fabulous new offerings will open alongside the favourites. The focus is on:

–  Uniting with self-healing and intuitive abilities

–  Connecting with deeper esoteric processes and other practitioners of Magical Arts

–  Connecting minds and hearts, with some of the world’s greatest teachers and spiritual writing

–  Uniting with the wilderness and our next generation of spirit-seekers

–  Connecting wealth and abundance to those without

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I am hoping, willing, with all of my might, to head off on pilgrimage later this year and also to cycle back to Oz for some time on my land and with family. But like you, I am playing the wait-and-see game. So, all of my focus is on providing unique, inspirational and life-changing experiences in the first half of the year, and then we’ll see.

Welcome to 2021. Let’s do this together!

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