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A popular way of bringing a unique and deeply meaningful aspect to private group gatherings.

It could be to mark a special occasion, like a baby shower, vow renewal or significant birthday, or to create a deeper bonding within a group, either family, private club or work team.

Bespoke Experiences can be in-person (with group sizes adhering to current restrictions) or via Zoom if some of your guests are located outside of Singapore. Zoom experiences can also be recorded as a beautiful keepsake.

I work with you to understand the intent and desired outcomes of your special gathering and then design an experience that combines energetic connection, modern ceremony/ritual and group sharing. Bespoke Experiences combine energy practices and ritual, participation for all involved, humour, and deep meaning. If you’re looking to depth-charge your gathering in a way that opens minds and moves hearts, please get in touch.

In all traditions there are customs that honour the imminent arrival of a new baby and blessings for the mother to be. Whether this is your first child or an expansion of your tribe, there is something very powerful in being honoured as you enter the birthing process and into a new chapter of motherhood.


I have had the privilege of working with several families who gather periodically to reconnect and explore new aspects of their family connection and themselves through spiritual practices. These can include energy work, shamanic journeying, meditation practices as well as facilitated commitment to new ways of communicating, acknowledging and supporting each other.


Friendships are deepened through shared experiences. Facilitated friendship gatherings are a wonderful way to learn more about each other, share energy and admiration and affirm each other as to why the bond is so important and meaningful. These gatherings include ritual, sharing and energy work.


I have had the privilege to work with several private clubs here in Singapore whose membership brings together like-minded individuals with similar goals and interests. Bespoke Experiences for this clientele can include visioning, fear dissolution and way-finding.


I am co-curating these fabulous walking tours with Jane’s Singapore Tours throughout the year. Each walking tour combines local history and customs, exploration of the origins of traditions and places as well as ritual and paranormal discovery. They are open to the public and can be organised for private groups.


For many couples that don’t subscribe to a religion, there is still a desire for a form of ritual to bring symbolic meaning to their union and to involve their witnesses and guests in meaningful ways. I work with you to draw from any number of world ritualistic practices to design a beautiful experience that brings a sacredness to an otherwise secular solemnization of vows.


In many marriages or committed relationships, there comes a time when the couple desires a recommitment to each other, with a new clarity that their life together has brought. For many this will also involve their children. This highly symbolic step is powerful for the entire family and friendship circle as the choice for each other is decreed and witnessed.


Marking our life journey meaningfully at significant birthdays can often get swept away by party fever. Whether it be a 13th, 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th or 60th for example, for many there’s a desire to gather in smaller groups of close friends and mark the occasion with sharing, ritual and acknowledgement of the attributes and gifts of the one celebrating their birthday. To take pause to acknowledge how far we’ve come, the person we are continually becoming and what we mean to others in our lives, can make these special birthdays important junctures in our lives that we remember.


Divorce and family reformations can be made particularly beautiful through ritual. In this way a new set of choices and commitments are made that work outside the bounds of marriage or living together. Children are included and recognised as always loved and supported by both parents and fear dissolution ritual allows a simple and effective way for everyone to voice their uncertainties and to choose to cast them away in front of their family members. Reformation Rituals help create a new paradigm for the family to move towards in love and excitement.


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Private Workshop in Modern Magic

Following the hugely popular Shield Maiden Workshops in Singapore, and ongoing requests to hold them privately, I am thrilled to now offer them as workshops for private groups.

Workshops cover various magical traditions and origins, essential magical perspectives, meditation and energy practices and spell creation and casting. Suitable for 14-100 year olds.

If you have a group of magically-inclined friends, have always wanted to understand the principles of magic and spellwork, or you have a special occasion coming up and you’d love to celebrate it with friends and a unique shared experience, why not explore a workshop in Modern Magic?

90 mins.

In person. In Singapore, at your residence, or a venue can be arranged. All materials and reference notes provided. $80 per pax (additional venue hire rate if required). Minimum group size of 5. 

Via Zoom. Materials list and soft-copy reference notes provided. $50 per pax. Minimum group size of 5. Please plan ahead when making your booking to allow for coordination of timezones and sourcing of items on materials list.


The Wheel of the Year has been marked for thousands of years with beautiful rituals across many different traditions that help the seeker connect consciously with the immense wild-field of energy that is stirring, and to put it to use.

In this workshop, timed to end of January, early February, we explore the Wheel of the Year and how it is engaged with for Modern Magic.  We will engage in a Spring Elemental meditation and Spell Casting for ourselves and our friends using three of the season’s most loved and widely used spell frameworks: Bay Burning, Brigid’s Knot and Corn Dolls.


May 1st marks the turn of the Wheel of the Year into Beltane, the anglicised name for the Gaelic May Day festival. It is traditionally celebrated on the full moon from April 30th, through to the eve of May 1st, about half-way between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Beltane is said to be the oldest known holiday on the planet and it is loaded with the natural energies of possibility, potential, fertility, fire, passion and celebration.

In this workshop we will cover the principles of engaging with the Wheel of the Year, Beltane mindmap of our inner ground, Beltane correspondences for spell casting and weave a Beltane Pentagram for our altars.


Managing our physical, mental, emotional and energetic fields to ensure we are well and operating magically requires conscious action. We are exposed to a constant stream of vibrational disruptors that affect sleep, immunity, creativity, mood and magical power. 

The ability to detect diminished life force and to take action to ‘seal the energy boundary’ and maintain high resonance in the system is key. 

In this workshop we will cover the usual signs of energetic wobbles and common causes, breathwork techniques to raise spiritual energy, the protective power of gratitude and awe, well known talismans for protection and how to make and use them (including protection crystals), earthing and Blowing Powder techniques.


The practice of smudging dates back to prehistoric times. Traditional herbs and incense are used, combined with intentional meditation and visualisation to clear either physical spaces in preparation for energy work, special objects, or to clear the personal etheric space of imprints and unwanted energies. In this workshop we will cover when and how to smudge, typical and effective smudging herbs, mists and sounds, practices for psychic cleansing, Salt Bathing, why and how to cleanse crystals and power objects, and how to make a herbal smudging stick and smudging mist.


A Zone Rite is a ritualistic creation of a ‘liminal space’ which is protected and clear of unwanted energies, to perform magical workings. The creation of a Zone Rite, alters the awareness into a deep magical state and allows magical workings to enter deeply into the ‘causal grid’  and therefore bring about change. Zone Rites can take many forms, yet also contain similar elements across many magical and shamanic traditions. Examples of Zone Rites are, the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Mandala and the Labyrinth. In this workshop we will cover, why are Zone Rites important and so effective, Zone Rites from various world traditions, the common elements in Zone Rites, Medicine Wheel rites and Wiccan rites.

The term ‘Magic’, by its very nature, invokes a wide range of interpretations. At its very core ‘Magic’ is the spiritual engagement with our everyday reality in creative ways that influences outcomes. This engagement requires certain perceptions, desire, will and energy.

 In this workshop we will break down the key ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ aspects of effective Practical Magic. We will learn two breathwork practices that raise spiritual energy in the body and ‘divine’ and create and activate our very own Soul Symbols.

The Goddess Venus was venerated in the ancient Greco-Roman world as the Goddess of Love & War. Whilst commonly associated with Magic for romantic love, there is a deeper more profound illumination that Venus offers – the Law of Magnetism.   

In this workshop we will explore the beauty and high-magic of the Venusian Mysteries, experience a Core Field Meditation to activate Self-Realisation of our magical-self and create and cast a love spell.


Runes serve both as an alphabet, and also as a series of magical symbols that connect the practitioner with the forces of the wilderness and their own energy body, as powerful allies for magical workings. 

In this workshop we will explore the beautiful framework of Runic Magic, and create and activate our own Bind Rune spell. We will also try our hand at Runic divination.


Mojo bags originate from Hoodoo magic traditions and are also called Mojo Hands, Jomos, Gris-gris bags, Charm Bag, or Toby Hand. They are small magical charm bags, hand-made and filled with a mix of herbs, minerals, curios, talismans and petition papers unique to your desire, designed to bring the desired objective to the person who wears it and ‘feeds’ it. In this workshop we will cover the origins of the Mojo Hand, typical and effective herbs and magical items, assembly  and ‘feeding your Mojo Hand’, usage & ongoing care.

In magical practice, the expression ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is a principle that can be influenced energetically. Magical Mimicry and Glamour Spells are as old as magic itself and are used for manifestation and also to influence how we are perceived by others. Glamour charms were traditionally used not just to look better, but also to project an aura of confidence. They are also extremely useful for bolstering confidence when in public, doing presentations or photoshoots.  

In this workshop we will cover the dynamics of magical mimicry and how to put it to use, Glamour Spells and when to use them, Make-up Glamour Spell, Dew Spellwork and Glamour Baths.

The word ‘Sigil’ means a seal. In ancient times family lineages and power structures were represented by Sigils that were regarded as holding all the power of those they represented. Oaths were sworn on them, and they were treated as if they were a living being. Sigil Magic is a popular and very effective form of spellcasting. It involves enfolding a ‘statement of will’ into symbolic form and then activating it to hold the power of your spirit and United Will.

In this workshop we will cover different forms of Sigil Magick, the United Will & Statement of Will, enfoldments & Activations, Casting & Completion and the Witch’s Sigil Wheel.


Our beautiful Moon is synonymous with magic, mystery, myth and magnetism and She has a major role to play in all magical workings. Associated with the Feminine Mysteries, in particular the Triple Goddess, She governs the female body’s cycles, the waters of the planet and the seeding and germination of the entire living world. Her associations with ‘the Waters’ gives us clues to magical application in our dream space, feminine empowerment and fertility rites, not just physical but also the germination of our visions into reality. In this workshop we will cover: the main Lunar myths and Goddesses, the amplification of astrological influences throughout the month, how to employ Moon Magic in magical workings, Lucid Dreaming & Visioning.


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I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

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