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Master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and inspire your spirit with Dani

Cultivating our spiritual-self transforms our experience of life from reactive to responsive and into expansive and creative living. Living a spirited-life enables wellbeing, purpose, intuition and joy.

1:1 Sessions

Meditation Courses


Group Development

Events & Community

I'm Danielle Van de Velde, a meditation teacher, healer, transformative leader & coach

I help others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. I am a popular keynote speaker, a published author, podcaster and music producer and I hold regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

Spirited: a guide to your innate spiritual design to transform your life

Dani reframes meditation as an intentional practice to transform from reactive, to responsive, to expansive, and ultimately to creative living. She helps you remember who and what you really are, to live in active cohesion and cocreation with life and to operate creatively and intuitively in a state of flow. To remember this, is when we heal and come back to our true nature and design. This is being spirited.

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A deeper personalised and intuitively guided experience: Energy Healing, Coaching and Mediumship.


A key enabler to healing and personal transformation.

Corporate & SCHOOLS

Research-based, entertaining and experiential workshops and talks.

Spiritual Development for Groups

Group meditations, drop-ins and workshops. In-person & online.

Events and Community

Connect with like-spirited people and experts for inspiration and community.

The Spirited Living Membership is coming your way

How can I better support your spirited living?
This year I am launching a beautiful membership offering to support you to live a full, magical, spirited life.

1:1 Sessions

Here you will find online and in-person:

  • Healing
  • Coaching
  • Mediumship

My private sessions are a safe space where you can experience healing and find direction along your journey. You will deepen your understanding of your transformative capabilities and gain new tools and perspectives.

Meditation Courses

My online meditation courses are designed to dispel misconceptions surrounding meditation, and explain the principles and techniques in clear, accessible ways, drawing from current scientific research, ancient wisdom and my personal practice.

I provide a good range of varied practices which are supported by guided meditation recordings, so that you can understand the rich choice within the world of ‘meditation’ and find practices that work for you.

Corporate & Schools

The changing landscape of talent and capital markets, modes of operation and workplaces, is requiring new ways to collaborate, innovate and deliver. The ‘human’ aspect of leadership and employee enrichment programs is an essential element of organisational wellness, loyalty and performance. 

Self-agency, greater choice and flexibility to explore wellness are the main requirements for attracting and retaining the best talent and peak performance. When teams, leaders and students are empowered with knowledge and practices, performance and a positive culture can grow.

Spiritual Development for Groups

An important aspect of living a spirited life, is connection and group-practice with others who share the intention for exploration and wisdom. Feeling a sense of belonging and shared story can bring clarity, revelation, support, new perspectives, great joy and heightened energy. 

Attend public and private group workshops, rituals and drop-ins to find your tribe, explore, and develop your Spirit Senses. In-Person & Online.

  • Meditation Drop-ins
  • Psychic Development Circle
  • Shield Maiden workshops
  • Practitioner Training in Intuitive Healing

Events & Community

When we actively seek diverse perspectives, stories and beliefs we are able to access deeper wisdom and intuit the highest choices for our wellbeing and purpose. Engagement in inspiring content, experiences and altruism, activate and fuel your spiritual expansion and mastery. 

In-person and online community events, talks and free resources that raise awareness of modern spirituality, garner a dynamic and engaged community and support the vulnerable and the environment through charitable donations.

  • New Moon Lodges events
  • Talks
  • Retreats
  • Dawn Dreaming
  • Monkey Pot Magic Facebook group
  • Goodwill

Mindful breathing to help you start your journey

I hope you enjoy this simple meditation to help calm your system and bring you into presence.

What my clients are saying…

Master your Spirit Skills

Inspire your Spirit

Heal and Transform

Be part of an inspiring community to support you along the journey

Learn about new courses, empowering content and events.

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1:1 Healing Session

Meditation Course

Spiritual Development for Groups

Events & Community

Work with me

A deeper personalised and intuitively guided experience.

A key enabler to healing and personal transformation.

Research-based, entertaining and experiential workshops and talks.

Group meditations, drop-ins and workshops. In-person & online.

Connect with like-spirited people and experts for inspiration and community.

Support for all stages of your spiritual journey

Whether you are starting out with basic meditation skills, or seeking healing, or you are a more seasoned explorer wanting to deepen your spiritual experiences and practices; whether you prefer self-guided courses, online communities or in-person groups, you will find it all here.